Ghosts and Hauntings/shadow people or not?


QUESTION: My mother has had some odd experiences in her life and I am looking for answers - I think they bother me more than they bother her.

experience #1:
It has two parts. One day her and I were watching tv and all of a sudden this entity SWOOPED (an apt description) down between us from what we both think was the corner of the room, and swooped upwards and flew out of sight, all in the blink of an eye - so fast neither of us could definitively have said we saw it, except that we BOTH saw it, and both knew what it looked like.  She said to me when it happened, as we both looked awestruck and silent, "did you just, um, NOT see what I just didn't see?" and I replied, "you mean the thing that looked like the shadow of a manta-ray just swoop down? No I didn't see it. " I joked.  She immediately said, "YES! it did look just that that - or maybe a triangle-ish shape!"  It was indeed like a shadow, but the size and shape of a manta ray.  We both felt uncomfortable but ignored it. Then weeks later my mom claims she woke up and saw it, but much smaller this time, sitting in the corner of her bedroom at the ceiling.  It apparently flew down and into her eye. She couldn't blink until it was all the way in, she claims.  That was years ago and nothing has happened since - she's been fine and normal, and the only incidence was once after it had been there for years she saw it come back out, almost as though it were looking around, and she says she can't tell if it went back in or got out entirely.  I looked online and to my shock I saw another post of a 14 year old boy who claimed he was having an out of body experience and saw a shadow-like thing fly into the mouth of his body - which was on the bed under him. He claims at that moment he woke up, gasping for air.  That post led me to shadow people, but somehow this shadow people doesn't quite fit - does it? In my mom's case I saw it, and it was most definitely a a little creature of some sort.  

and question #2.  
in my grandmother's house both my mom and my cousin at separate times saw on numerous occasions a red glowing skeleton. he only saw the glowing hand, and she saw the whole thing several times, the skull on one occasion and the hand many times. He said the hand sat beside his bed and didn't move. she said it typically would fly towards her and disappear, and once when she was laying down the skull appeared on the bookshelf above her and fell on her - but of course never hit her, and seemed to disappear right before it hit. I can't find ANY lore about this on the net. any ideas?

any suggestions about my mom's other encounter?

ANSWER: Hello Teg,

It is nice to hear from you and a fellow Canadian.

Quick answer to subject... probably not... possibly something all together different.

I need to ask you a few questions to get better grounded on this.

1- What part of Ontario did the first "manta ray" entity event occur?
2- What is your mother's ethnic back ground?

3- In reference to the "Red Skeleton" (the event, not the comedian), when did this occur? And what where the ages of your mom and her cousin at the time?

I look forward to your answers in a follow up.

Ciao for now,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My mother has always lived in K-W. Her ethnic background is ...well, she's white, lol, but her background is Scottish, German and English.  

(Red Skeleton is a comedian? lol) my mom never specified her age, but due to other details she's provided I got the sense she was either in her teens or twenties. But it happened over several years, I know, until she moved out of that house.  My cousin was 8 years old when he saw it.  I was eleven and we were sleeping over at my grandmothers house. The next morning he came running into my room totally freaked out complaining that Gram and Gram didn't believe him and told him to go back to bed. I asked him to tell me what happened and he told me the story of the red skeleton hand beside the bed. He said he jumped over it and ran into their room and they sent him back to bed. He apparently crawled up the foot of the bed and hid under the covers, and by morning it was gone. I thought he was lying, being 8, but when I told my mom the story she literally turned ash white and looked frightened and said, "Oh my God." Then she refused to talk about it for a few hours but I kept pestering her ans that's when she confided in me that she'd seen the same thing, but that since none of her other 5 brothers or sisters saw it she assumed maybe she was just crazy.  The postulated what might make *certain* people see it and not others.  

Now, I don't know if nay of these other details are relevant, but I might as well include them:
-my grandmother's house was highly active spiritually.  The kids could table tilt, at night they ALL heard footsteps up from the basement, down the hall (it was a bungalow) and they would stop at the first bedroom door...(happened to be my mom's bedroom).  Cups were knocked off tables, my cousin and I always sensed something in the basement, doors would close or open that had been latched shut, and once when him and I were playing we were hiding in the dark from my grandfather, who we could SEE sneaking around. I remember it like yesterday. We got scared and ran upstairs only to find all the adult up there. when we asked who was with us scaring us we were told nobody was there, it was in our heads. I asked my mom later to tell me the truth about who was down there and she confirmed it was nobody. she said all the adults were wondering what was up with us screaming and yelling and laughing for so long without any entertainment. To this day even as an adult she claims nobody was with us that time, and I believe her.
-My mom (and I) have have both had the ability from time to time to *know* stuff that was going to happen, or to get into people's heads and know their thoughts. (I palm read with a good degree of accuracy, though I have no IDEA how to do it, how to control it or when it's going to work, or why).  and in general she's had an OBE at least once, and did some dream work, such as working with a guy to try to dream the same thing. they concentrated on the subject "where will man go when the earth is no longer safe?" and that night they both dreamed of the earth's core, and had very similar characteristics to their dream. (as well her and I dream often of the same you might call it. The same town with a mall, and certain houses with certain evil or haunted rooms. we talk about it and she literally describes places I've seen in my dreams. She'll be like, "ok, and this house has the stairway to the left, but if you go to the back of the house you'll find another few stairs up to a door, right?" and she'll be right. But she claims it's because she dreamed the same place, NOT because she's reading my mind. she and I, as far as I know, cant read mind quite like THAT, lol)
-My mom had also seen from time to time a pirate.  in home, out of home, at the mall, she's seen a full-out old-time clad pirate standing before her and he disappears. (according to her, not making this up)
-and lastly the home we did live in my whole life had a ton of activity that I experienced, too.  My two faves were he time I was in my room and heard the bathroom blind going up and down, I ran into the hall just as my mom came around the corner downstairs and looked up, and she said, "stop playing with the blinds, you'll break them!" and I said, "I wasn't, I thought you were!" and I ran into the bathroom to find the blinds up and askew, and the window CLOSED (it had been a hot summer day and the window was open) and the wood that had been holding the window up was INSIDE between the screen and the window, lined up perfectly flat and nice, upright against the side of the window. 100% sure the window had been open and there is NO WAY the wind or the window falling on it's own could have done that.  That and the bathroom door closed once and locked itself from the inside right in front of me, and the toilet paper roll would unfold itself right in front of me. it would literally unravel a whole roll, just keep going and going. Though that one has followed me everywhere I personally have lived and my husband thinks it's ME doing does my mom apparently, so who knows... And as well as footsteps, cold spots and other oddities like I've already described happening at my mom's house that I grew up in there was the most convincing one of all that she missed when she was in Dominican.  I was on my way to bed, alone for the first time overnight, and frightened, and I had just gone around and checked the whole house for intruders. I also propped up chairs against the doors on the main floor.  I then went into my room (I was in my 20's at the time)and propped the chair against my closed door under the handle and sat down on the bed to take off my socks and all of a sudden the door handle turned and the door BURST open, (but hit the chair so it couldn't go anywhere) and closed back up, and then something started pounding on the door so hard it shook, and pounded for about a half hour non-stop. I know it sounds odd that I didn't call the police, but you have to understand that I truly suspected this was the work of a ghost or something, as I'd just been through the whole house, and never in my life had we had an intruder.  I waited it out with the phone in my hand, and had that door opened I'd have dialed 911 immediately if I saw a man there, but nothing came of it. In the morning I finally had enough courage to open the door, and I check the house to see if there was any evidence of a break in or someone HUMAN having been there, and there was none. doors and windows were shut and locked. chairs were still up. and nobody was there. The following night I called a friend to stay with me. I am a Freddy Kruger fan so we decided to watch the movies, and I happen to have a Freddy Doll I kept on my bedside dresser.  When we were watching all of a sudden we heard and awful thunk upstairs and ran up to see. The doll was ACROSS the room on the floor almost at the doorway.  It had flown like 10 feet. no way it just "fell" off.  
-one more thing: as odd as anything: a doll in that house recently ...this sounds silly....looks different.  My mom called me over one day and said she knows it sounds silly but I have to come to her room and look at something. I walked in and without her saying a word I saw the doll and got instantly creeped out - it was as if she was ...for lack of a better description - hurt.  Sad.  lost.  Her EYES where what was different - it looked as though she'd just been through a terribly tragic event.  the mouth *almost* seemed to be pouting.  I jumped a foot back from the doll in surprise when I noticed it and turned to my mom (still not knowing that's why she called me up there) and she just said, "OK, so I'm not crazy. you see it, too." since then she's put a cross on the doll but we realized after my daughter grabbed it to play with it that after she got held by my kid she seemed happier.  I know we sound like morons. and I have no idea if any of this extra details matter in regards to my first questions, but I thought since this sort of thing often happens to people more open to it I might include the history as well. One other thing to note is that most of the activity in the house stopped when my *thing* entered my mom's eye. It also coincided with me moving out for the first time a few months later. (and activity in the house was by no me and necessarily months or daily, so it's hard to say which incident, if nay of them, made a difference.)Though in years to follow there came footsteps up the basement stairs randomly that we'd never heard in all our 20 years there prior, that I heard, too. So who knows?  Thanks you for your input.


 Sorry that it took so long for me to get back to you. Occupational hazard - I do a lot of my work at night, often staying up for days at a time and then crashing. Your e-mail came during a crash. I also needed to research Native American tribes in Ontario as the shadow that you and your mom experienced sounded familiar, like that of a Manitou. In brief, a manitou is a spirit. The idea is a major part of many aboriginal beliefs, so much so in fact that we have a province named after them, Manitoba. Living in Canada, a country rich with Native folklore and mythology, much of which by today's standards fall into the category of paranormal and psychical phenomena, we can assume that at least some of the spirits that they encountered exist. The phenomena is not specific to aboriginal people alone - it simply "is", and if it simply "is" then it is open and available to all regardless of their background.

 I am not going to state that the shadow was a ghost of a human or a "demon"  as I honestly do not feel that it was. Most ghosts don't fly from upper corners to lower levels. It is not that ghosts couldn't fly if they wanted to as there is no reason that they can't. It is just that people, living or dead, remain creatures of habit. Therefore, unless the specific ghost had a specific reason (to frighten someone for example), it would likely appear with both feet on the ground and approach in a more familiar, conventional manner. That leads me to the idea that this was an animal spirit or perhaps what is known as an elemental. I'm placing my money on an animal spirit. Therefore, what was witnessed may have been the semi visible apparition of a large bird. The short duration of your encounter and the proximity of the form likely distorted it's shape. Animals do in fact have ghosts, especially if they are of a higher intellect level. Birds fall into that category and enjoy an afterlife. Thankfully mosquitoes don't!

 However, I also would be willing to put a little more emphasis on the exact nature of this spirit. We all have guardians and astral beings of a higher realm ( beings of the light) that are associated with us. It is common for a guardian spirit to be an animal. Again, if we look at North American Native culture as a reference, many tribes have guardian totems, or spirits. These can include bears, eagles, and other animals. A tribes guardian totem is sacred. Often times a spirit quest is an attempt to find one's guardian spirit. The idea of humans having animal guardian spirits is not exclusive to aboriginal people alone. St. John Bosco may have had a large dog as a guardian. If I remember correctly, this spectral dog saved his life at least once.

 From what you have related to me, it is safe to assume that there is a natural gift in your family. (I use the common term "gift". However, the term is relative. Some people enjoy the ability and others would rather "return to sender") Psychic abilities seem to flourish in some more than others, and this ability is often found in family histories. I believe that such is your case. Yes, there is a psychic connection and there is probably 'esp', or rather 'super-esp' happening between family members (as well as others). When you say you do not read minds... that is really splitting hairs. There is obviously telepathy occurring, it is just that you are not donning a turban and robes and placing your fingers to your temples while gazing into a crystal ball - but it is happening. However, that is not all that is happening. Your family seems to have natural medium abilities although they are raw and unrefined. This explains the sheer amount of phenomena that has been witnessed. Certain members of your family can sense beings from the ghost and spirit realms more than others and therefore have a higher level of incidents. They may also be inadvertently attracting spirits and ghosts. Now the good news... there is nothing to really concern oneself with as it is obvious that guardian spirits, guides, guardian angels and gate keepers are active in protecting the family and that the negative energies are being kept at bay. While it is on my mind, natural medium talents, that is to say those that people are born with, usually are found, in order, in women, gay men and straight men.

 That is my segway to let you know that because the manta ray was shadowy in appearance, that is in no way indicates that it was at all a negative energy. You'd have known long before now if it's intent was malicious. I am currently working on theories regarding the sudden outburst of so called shadow beings. I believe that there is a scientific explanation to 95 percent of them with the other 5% actually having the credentials to be classified as paranormal. That is all that I can say without tipping my hand on this work.  

 I wish to address the red skeleton issue for a minute. I am not going to say that this was anything bad, evil or negative. I feel that this was a playful ghost trying to act "spooky", perhaps a child itself. I am going to take an educated guess here and say that your mom was in her teens when this was occurring. Teen years, especially with girls, is very attractive to some ghosts. It is also a time when natural abilities make make themselves known. There are a lot of changes going on during this time, physical, emotional and psychological. These energies may, 1- attract certain ghosts and/or 2- be vented by Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK).  It is impossible, given the time between the occurrence and today to tell to what degree each of the two above causes may have played in the activity.

Teg, I would like to thank you again for your fascinating account. I hope that I have helped shed a little light on these events. If there are any unanswered concerns, or other questions, I am here to help. Do not hesitate a second to contact me. I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the New Year!

Take care,  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time to write to me and answer these questions, sincerely, you are very thorough and good at this AllExperts thing!  A last remaining question is simply:
were you suggesting the flying animal spirit was in fact a guardian? and do you think it was bad that it "entered" her eye? what of that?

Hi Teg,

  Thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate them.

  In the first incident, the "manta ray" episode, I of course can not say for certain exactly what it was that you both encountered that day. That is the one major problem of this field of study - nearly everything is subjective and open to interpretation. I always say that in this field there are only know two things that I know with absolute certainty, that nothing as absolute and that nothing is certain.

  There is a possibility that the entity that you saw was a guardian. There is also a strong possibility that it was something else such as a phantom bird or what is called an elemental. There is no way of knowing. Because it traveled so quickly and went around rather than bump into one of you suggests to me that it was intelligent. It could just as well had a logical cause behind it in that it was just a shadow, as that is exactly what 99% of reported shadows are. In your case I believe that it was something - perhaps even a human ghost. There is no way of knowing... I'm guessing bird ghost if it was a spirit or ghost. I am not a big supporter of "elementals', but should they exist in some form, that is another strong possibility. For the most part these creatures, for want of a better word, are harmless. Of course there are exceptions but that is not the case here. Again, this may be what you both encountered, just because I am not a fan does not mean that they do not exist - I'm not a big fan of hunger either, but.... You can get more information here at the following link:

 I can not honestly say what it was that entered your mothers eye, but again, an elemental has a ring to it. You have no idea how many times the phrase, "I was sleeping and then woke up..." or something very similar is used in describing paranormal events. Think of the typical "ghost" story where someone wakes to find someone standing either beside them or at the foot of the bed. Because of various physiological and/ or psychological reasons for visions to be seen upon falling asleep or upon waking up that researchers do not put a great amount of validity into accounts of this nature. There are so many things that it could be... a hallucination due to being in a pre or post sleep state known as hypnagogic/hypnopompic stages, perhaps a vivid dream or an 'awake dream', it could be caused by a floater in the eye. That is not to say that what was described didn't actually happen. If this entity did in fact enter her eye, it is the first time that I have ever heard of such a thing happening. I am aware of spirits who enter through the 'third eye' but your account is different. However, just because I have never come across it does not mean that it hasn't happened before in the past. I remember watching the movie 'The Possession" recently. At the end the dybbuk is exorcised and leaves the host via the mouth. I had to cringe because the fact is, a dybbuk leaves through the little toe! So as I say, there may be entities that do in fact enter through the eye - why not?

  Apparently this entity had no malice towards your mother. It seemed not to effect her in any negative way. If this thing were demonic in essence, damage would have been done on a whole lot of levels. It seemed benign. Also, the purpose of a demon entering the body is to destroy that particular person. If this were actually a demon, it better give up it's union card. This entity may have just been around for the experience of being "human" for awhile, to literally look at the world through another's eyes, to experience the human condition.

  Unfortunately I know that all I can say is "possibility" and "likely" but that is the truth of this area of study. I honestly believe that if anyone states with absolute certainty exactly what it was that was encountered, they are either lying or delusional. Or both. I am however, going to do a bit more research into elementals. I just do not want to be another Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who mad an ass of himself because of his beliefs in and pursuit of fairies. That is where my biases start and the line that I draw begins. There is a saying, "I'll rest when I'm dead." - I have a funny feeling that I'll be busy learning and studying exactly what it is that makes the other realms so intriguing when I'm actually there. I really wish that I could have been more help. Still, if there is anything else, just let me know.

Take care,

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