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Hi Greg,

My question relates to a massive and scary sleep interruption that happened only last night, though I'm not sure if this can be attributed to spirit activity or not.

As background, I'm half Filipino, with this side of the family being particularly spiritual. Furthermore, my aunt, my Grandma, my mother and my brother have all explained that they've experienced such phenomena. I've also experienced this phenomena at a young age, with my experiences being exactly confirmed by my aunt over 10 years later.

This particular experience happened in my parents home where I'm currently staying with my partner. As far as I know, most experiences mentioned by my family have happened here (whether that's due to the house, or some innate ability to sense these things is another story). I haven't had any problems until last night when I decided to sleep in a different room because my partner was snoring. I've always been a light sleeper, and I have been known to get nervous about walking around the house at a late hour (it often doesn't feel "right").

I decided to sleep in the not often used entertainment room, on an old antique looking sofa that my mum set up for me to sleep on if i ever needed to. This was at around 3am, and the sofa is surrounded on two sides by windows which I'm nervous to look out of at night for some reason. The blinds don't shut properly either. But once I pulled the blanket over me and begun to shut my eyes, I felt this odd pulsing, like pressure, coming from inside of me. It started gently, with the first pulse of pressure happening for about 10 seconds. Each pulse, which went for slightly longer each time, increased in the pressure that I felt internally. By the third or fourth pulse (I was too petrified to move since I didn't know what was happening) it felt like the pressure exploded and enveloped my whole body and felt like it went forever. It was amazingly uncomfortable, nearly painful but not quite. And it scared me so much that I practically ran back to the bedroom where my partner was sleeping - my heart was pounding.

When i tried to go back to sleep, the imagined faces of people that floated through my mind were twisted or ancient and not their own. I'm still slightly scared, because I have no idea what happened - I experienced nothing different prior to my sleep, and I've slept on that sofa previously without any problems.

Do you have any idea as to what this could have been? I'm really hoping you can confirm some kind of standard sleep paralysis.

Thank you for your time.

Hello Debs,

  Thank you for your question. I think that I can ease some of the worries that you may be experiencing.

  The palpitations that you were describing sound like an anxiety attack. It happens to the best of us on occasion, some more than others. This could have been caused by your worrying  about the general atmosphere of your surrounding, being awake at 3 AM, and sleeping on your own where you did not feel emotional or spiritually comfortable. You yourself indicated twice that you felt nervous. These feelings likely manifested themselves into actual physical sensations, and the result was an anxiety attack. You now know what they feel like should they happen again. Anxiety attacks can range from fairly mild to nearly crippling. It was suggested that I also add that you make have had an adrenaline rust accompanying the anxiety by our Assistant Director. She is in the medical field so I appreciate the added information.

  To explain the faces, I am going to suggest that you were in a hypnagogic state of near sleep. I guess what I will term as a "near sleep experience". A hypnagogic stage is when you are in the midsts of falling asleep and the conscious you is allowing the unconscious you to take control. Everyone goes through this stage prior to falling asleep (the same conditions hold true if one is waking from a sleep - known as a hypnopompic stage). It is common for people in this stage to hallucinate. Although there is a whole range of things that one could hallucinate in the hypnagogic state, faces are among the most common. I do not feel that any spirit was trying to make its presence known. I feel that the incident is explainable on a physiological and psychological level.

  I would not doubt for a second that your family is gifted with psychical abilities. I have discovered over the years that Filipinos are among the most gifted of races when psychic ability are present. The Eidolon Project Canada has two Filipinos on our investigative team - one is our intuitive and the other is the Assistant Director and Co-Founder.  

  There is a chance that the home that you have these feelings in may be subject to negative energy. You may want to do a simple cleansing of the atmosphere by performing a saging or smudging. It is fairly simple to perform. If you wish, I can lead you through it - how to do it, what you need, etc. If you want that information just send me a follow up and I will get that info out to you.

  The most important thing is to try not to over think the events that took place. That will only make matters worse. If you need any more advice on this or anything else related, I'm here to help.

Take care,

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