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Greg Pocha wrote at 2013-11-24 03:05:15
Hi Maddy,

I am Greg Pocha, also an expert in the category of ghosts and hauntings at All Experts. I need to add some insight to the answer that you received.

First of all it is extremely unlikely that what ever was responsible for any occurrences in your fathers former residence has anything at all to do with what is happening today, which regardless of the history should be your main concern.

If the events of your fathers home was due to the interaction of a ghost then the likelihood of it following your family are remote unless the ghost were attached to your father or to an object. Given the amount of time where there has been absolutely zero activity, that is until recently, these fears are unwarranted. In my expert opinion, the ghost was a territorial ghost and was attached to the house itself. It likely still remains there.

I will now explain some of the reasons for the phenomena that you are currently experiencing. First off you do not mention your age, but from the gist of your original letter I am going to make the assumption that you are between 13 - 20 years of age, give or take. This places you in the age group that is famous for producing an abundance of pent up energies as you go through emotional, psychological and physiological changes. This can be attractive to ghosts looking to feast on such energy. Poltergeist and poltergeist activity has been associated with females in the aforementioned age group.

However there may also be environmental aspects that are either directly or indirectly responsible for the haunt like sensations that you and your friends are encountering. As the sensations seem location specific I would question whether there is a source of electromagnetic fields present. Appliances over or near the room may be causing infra sound. Both EMFs and infra sound can explain the sensations that are occurring.

What I wanted to point out is that just because something appears on the surface to be paranormal, as the song says, "It ain't necessarily so...". If other explanations exist then one should not be lead blindly down a certain path. That is not to dismiss paranormal activity, it is to support responsible exploration.  

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