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So my father said that when he was little his door would always be open - and his dad did not open it. He said he even put a dresser in front of the door and nails in it. And I don't believe him tell this day. Do you know of anything like this ever happening? Thanks.

Me and one of my friends we always seem to feel that ghosts are in my room. I mean - I get scared overhead feelings in there! If you know what I mean, it's like a chill on the back of my neck and making my head hairs stand on end! When she comes over are feet get the same feeling from the ankles down and ONE corner by my bed always bothers us. I mean - why? I get that feeling even when the lights on. As for anything else... do you know what that means? Thanks!

Now the third thing is well, I was wondering if my dad maybe could have brought something home with him. Un-likely though. I have had previous houses that he has also lived in and it never happened before. This is only happening in my room. And just incase you think I am like 12 ( please don't think that :) ) I am 17... Thanks again!

   - Maddy

Dear Maddy,
    How are you today. Your father's experience is possible but extremely rare. It is possible that a spirit use the energy of elements to open that door, again it is very rare and unusual. Since its a long time ago and happened in a different house we cannot understand anything more about it.
    Now lets change the word ghost to an energy which can be negative or positive. There are few reasons why we feel different like you explained in the second paragraph. it can be due to an unwanted energy, may be an unwanted item that belongs to some one else, may be a air went or small opening bringing air into the room etc, These are only some possibilities. Also check your room if there is anything there that does not belongs to you and family. now, if its not bothering you much just leave it alone, after a while that will go away. But if the problem gets worst please let me know, we can take care of it.
    Finally, everyone is different, looks different, think different, talk different. But, some special people are bone different, and they have the gift to sense spirits, energy etc without even practicing or learning. I told you this only because your father had some unexplained experiences too. The only way you can conform this by sitting with a teacher, but make sure that person have good knowledge and years of experience.
    Please let me know if you feel or see anything unusual. also it will be a good idea to have someone bless the house.   
    Feel free to write me at any time when you have a question or concern.
         God bless you
         Mathew, S

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