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QUESTION: I have a question.

Me and my family moved into a house recently.  Ever since moving in I have felt something unusual with the house like there is something wrong with it.  

Here are a few things that I am having issues with and maybe you can assist me.

1.) Right after putting the kids to sleep I can hear like if someone was walking through the hallway walking to our room.  I have gotten up a few times and every time I have got up to check if the kids are coming they are both asleep!

2.)  My sons room for some reason or other is the coldest room in the house.  I have central heat and air and for some reason it seems to stay cold.  I have checked the vent in his room and the vent works fine.  

3.)  There is a closet in the hallway that is right next to my sons room that opens quite a few times a day for some reason or other.  The door is an old style door where it actually has to snap into place and for some reason it opens.

4.) My Kuerig coffee pot turns on by itself.

5.) My son woke up a few nights ago and said that there was a man in front of his bed that was mad at him.  My wife took him to our room and he asked if she could close the door because the man was standing at the door!

6.) Last night my son woke up with a cough and I gave him some water.  After he laid back down I walked to my room and as soon as I laid down he started screaming and crying.  When I walked to his room he was already in the hallway and the look on his face freaked me out!  His eyes were really big, his face was white, and his hands were stiff.  I picked him up and he hugged me really tight.  He said that the man was mad at him again!  I spoke with him in the morning and he told me that someone laid down with him that this is why he woke up crying!

What is this and what can I do?


Hello Chuck,

  Thank you for the time take I requested to answer your situation. I wanted you to know that I received it but being Christmas eve I needed the time to give you a proper answer. I hope that the following reply helps...

  What you are describing certainly has the ear marks of a haunting.  This gentleman seems to be active, but then again residual phenomena is active. Importantly as he is also reactive and interactive you have an active haunting. From what I understand no one in your family has experienced any phenomena in other residences so you were not followed by a ghost. This ghost is location specific meaning that he is tied or bound to the property itself and not to any particular person. He is not likely to ;leave the place to follow your son to a playground or school for example.

  You do not mention the age of the home so it is difficult to state if it has been around long enough for past owners to have died. It is common for  a past owner to go "home" after they have passed on, regardless of where they have passed on, if that particular place held any significance for them in life. It is also common for these types of ghosts to be territorial. They often do not want strangers in what they still consider "their property" and will go into "scare the hell out of 'em" mode to accomplish that goal. Others in the household may not be receptive to him to the degree that your son is. Therefore he is being targeted. From the ghosts point of view it is a terrible waste of time and valuable energy to attempt to scare those who are not receptive to them. Like electricity ghosts tend to take the path of least resistance. Children, unfortunately, are often that path.

  Many have said that all children possess the ability to see ghosts. Not so. Some children possess that ability as some children are piano prodigies at six - some, not all. In the case of children the reason that some can see ghosts is threefold. First, until they are told that they are imagining it all, that ghosts don't exist or that they were just dreaming, children have no idea that they can't or shouldn't see ghosts.  Secondly, some children have access, so to speak, of an additional brain wave frequency beside of the usual ones of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Many can access the Gamma range of approximately 30Hz. - 40Hz. Many psychic/mediums can also attain this frequency. Thirdly children's eyes have not developed the filters that develop over time and they may be more receptive to the appearance of apparitions than adults are.

  Even if this entity is not a former owner, or someone who held a liking of the place it may have been invited in by one of the former residents. This could have been done by attempting to contact the other side out of fun or curiosity, as a deliberate attempt to contact someone or as the result of occult practices. It is difficult to establish why he is there.

   May I suggest that you take a detailed search of the empty closet. Look for loose floorboards, markings on the wall or hiding places or even peep holes. There is some reason that your attention is being drawn to the closet. A search may yield nothing, but it's worth a try.  There is also some reason that he didn't enter your bedroom even though your son was there. He is either afraid of adults, afraid of something in the atmosphere of that room or is being prevented from entering that room, by a blessing or guardian/beneficial entity perhaps.

  To fix your situation we'll have to break this down from different points of view. The footfalls that are heard and the closet door phenomena may be due to changes in the air pressure in the home or changes in the structure of the house as temperatures fall or as  humidity levels change. These are the most common environmental causes of events like that. If however these two events are paranormal in nature, they may be due to residual phenomena, a replay of events from the past that have somehow been etched or recorded into the ether of the home. More annoying than harmful [in such that you can't get shot from watching a Western on TV], there is little that can be done about them. Of course they may be part and parcel of an active, intelligent haunting.

  Because the sighting of this person seems centered specifically to your son and his room and to eliminate reasonable answers for him experiencing "haunt like" episodes you should make certain that his head is not with-in three feet of a power plug when he is in bed. This is hard to do as most homes are built to accommodate a bedside table to hold a lamp or such. Recent studies from sleep specialists suggest that the 60HZ. electricity wiring in the home interacts with human brain wave frequencies and can cause issues. If your son is in a 25Hz-30Hz. brain wave function and he is sensitive to the 60Hz. current cycle of the house, the two  frequencies can cancel each other out leaving his brain in a 30Hz. to 35Hz. frequency - the Gamma zone. If he is sensitive to electromagnetic fields then you must be certain that there are no modems/routers in close proximity, same goes for computers and clock radios.

  Another source of haunt like experiences is a sensitivity to infra-sound. These are sound frequencies that fall below the normal human range of hearing of 20Hz. - 20,000Hz. The culprits lay in the 18Hz, - 19Hz, zone and can cause visual hallucinations. Infra-sound is all around is, we just can't hear it.

  Stress can also affect a child in ways that resemble a haunting. If this is a reason then the sightings and activity should abate in time. Stress can also cause sleep problems so you should rule out that your son is not having hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations where a person is caught between sleep and wake states. These episodes are very real and could explain the apparition as human shapes and faces are among the most common elements hallucinated. You could set up a camera to record his activities for a few nights. This isn't spying, it's monitoring for a potential sleep problem.

  All that being said, I feel at this time, with the information that you supplied that you have a haunting. I would suggest that you take the offence on this attack. The next time he appears to your son have him point him out and frankly tell the ghost to leave, that he is not wanted, that he is not where he belongs and to get out. In this case there is no need to be nice, you are not dealing with a nice person [although dead, he is still a person, a human being so deal with him as you would anyone scaring your family].

  You will want to invoke the help and protection of your spirit guides and guardians. Everyone has at least one. You'll want to invoke the protection of your door-keepers [astral bouncers]. Definitely you will want to cleanse the atmosphere. I can help you with the above but I do not like to publish the particulars on a public site. Please write to me at
or use the contact us form at
and I'll get the information to you. Just remind me who you are as I keep my personal work separate from my All Expert consultations.

  Chuck, I do not feel that this ghost is going to attack or cause harm. If as I believe he is being territorial he is simple trying to scare you away. These types of ghosts can be nasty, and many simply can not be reasoned with or forced away. Often times people just move away themselves. Something that you could try is to affirm with your son that the man is not in the room. Then nail an iron nail into the floor at the rooms entrance and one at the top of the door frame. Ghosts do not like iron [hence horseshoes being hung]. Folklore aside, I believe that the iron messes up their electromagnetic field. In fact, meat eaters are less "possessed" likely due to the iron content in red meat. You may also want to apply a line of sea or Kosher salt across the threshold. If using the nails or the salt, make certain that the ghost is OUT of the area you want to protect else you trap him in!  Also give your son a spray bottle [fine mist] containing a salt water mixture. Ghosts hate salt. Think of it as a ghostly mace spray. Your son then has physical [something he can hold] protection to use. This is also a great confidence boost for haunted kids as it gives them a sense of control over the ghost.  

  I hope that I have shed some light on your situation. Please contact me for the additional information. I look forward from hearing from you.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / AllExperts / Ghosts and Hauntings

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We'll, the home was built in 1971.  I did do some research and the property was placed into a trust back in 97'.  The interesting thing is that his headboard of the bed sits right by a modem from verizon.  The other interesting thing is that the closet door and my sons room are literally right next to his room.  It seems like the closet door and his closet door connected at one point or another.  In the hallway closet I knock on the wall and it seems hollow literally as if they covered it with dry wall or something.  The other thing is there hinges that hold up the shelves inside the closet and they have fallen off the wall.  I also tried covering any holes that were around the window and I thought that would have worked but it is still pretty cold in his room and closet!  

To add to this my son has shelves that were already there and they are held up by nails.  We'll I have books that are on the shelve and for some reason they feel off.  I'm not sure if it is due to the opening and closing of the door and the shelve only being held up by nails.  

Another interesting thing is that the room got a musky smell to it like we had just moved into the home I'm not sure if that matters but thought I might want to add that as well.  I did on the other hand open my bible and placed it on my sons bed  just to see if that works?

Hi Chuck,

  Thanks for the additional information. It could well be that the closet went through as it sounds as if the workmanship is shoddy and haphazard. A few things that you could do is to move the modem away from where it is. They give off a high electromagnetic field in the microwave range. Even if your son is not sensitive to EMF's the field strength may cause future health problems.  

  To check for drafts in the room use a lighter and slowly move it around the window frame. If there is a draft the flame will bend in the direction of the draft. This is a substitute for an anemometer. Do this with the door both open and shut.  In the door threshold again hold the lighter in the open doorway. Check for a draft. Also do this with the door closed, particularly at the bottom. Cool air will rush in if there is hot air escaping. Also look for cracks or holes in the ceiling as hot air rises and will escape through such a hole.

  The home being put into trust is interesting. It is very possible then that a former owner has passed and wanted the home kept in the family. Most ghosts have an agenda and this may be his. This adds a bit of credibility to the territorial ghost theory.  This may also be why he is opening the closet. Ghosts who were former owners, particularly first owners and/or builders tend to cringe when changes or renovations are done to "their property". They are often not happy until things are as they were. This could also explain the attention brought to the makeshift bookcase.

  This fellow may have tried to make his presence known to others but I assume that most were not receptive enough and many just ignored or rationalized any event. If this is a former owner, he may not be happy, but perhaps his burden can be eased. If he knows that you will care for his home often the activity will abate. Even more so if it is returned to its original design. Often that is enough to make peace in their soul and to send them into the light. He may not be intentionally trying to scare anyone, but rather trying to be noticed with fear as an unfortunate side effect of his activity. He may just be one of those characters who look "mean". Personally I often don't have the most welcoming face myself - I would likely come off as a mean looking ghost despite of my true heart.

  Let me know how the bible works. I must warn you that a lot of times using religious ceremony or icons have an opposite effect of what one hopes for. More often than not the ghost gets royally ticked off at such things. I'll let you play it by ear. If things worsen then stop immediately. It is difficult to pinpoint what religious beliefs or faith, if any,  a ghost holds dear to it's heart. Pick the wrong one any you have a mad ghost.

  Chuck, give these suggestions a try and see what happens. be sure to let me know what happens.

Take care,

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