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A little background: While at my previous residence I experienced some interesting things.  First, on occassion, very early in the morning (say 5am or so), I would be awoken by 3 very loud knocks on my old wooden front door.  The first few times it happened I'd be in a deep sleep and shrugged it off as just dreaming, but it kept happening.  I never noticed a pattern (e.g. did it happen on certain days of the week) and after a while just lived with it happening from time to time.  I should add that I lived alone when this happened; however once married, my spouse also remarked that she was awakened by someone knocking on the door early in the morning but she never checked the door as I was away traveling for work when this happened.  

In addition to this, there were times I would wake up in the middle of the night and smell cigarette smoke.  The smell was sometimes faint and other times strong.  I'm a non-smoker and the family who lived in the house before me - and the family before them - were non-smokers (I konw both families).  In addition to that, there would be times I would be lying in bed and I felt as if someone was lying in the bed next to me (to the point I swear I felt the mattress depress).  I felt there was someone there and felt a presence in the room quite a bit.  Again, I lived alone and though scared initally, I came to live with it.

I moved after 8 years to a new home and though the smell of smoke and the feeling someone was lying in bed next to me wasn't there anymore, I still felt as if someone was in the house again.  There would be strange noises in the attic, garage or on the other side of the house.  I began to wonder if it was possible that the same spirit was in my new house that was in my old house.  I heard somehwere that sometimes spirits attach themselves to articles. I recalled having a picture that was given to me by a friend who passed away tragically in a car accident.  The picture isn't of her, but rather a nature picture she really liked.  The picture is in a box in my garage. Is it possible she is attached to the picure and if so, how do I help her move on?  I don't want to throw away the picture for fear of being disrespectful.  What do you recommend?  I should add I've never felt threatened by the spirit, it was rather scary at times feeling someone there.  Thank you.

Hi Sean,

I just found your question in the Question Pool here at all experts .. so I am answering it.

With the knocks, I have to wonder what happened at that hour that so marked the energy of your home that the knocks would repeat frequently.  Events can become a 'memory in the walls' and happen over and over again.  I lived in a haunted flat in North Sydney for over a year, and watched a lady nearly get killed when her ex tried to break through the door the unit.  The marks were still on the door of the sledge hammer he used.  Luckily it was a fire door, and very strong.  Her terror marked the space and the 'memory' repeated every year.  It was very frightening to 'relive' it as I did.

If the ghost in the new house was the same ghost, the behavoiur would be the same.  Old building or new, ghosts are everywhere, and you are obviously sensitive to their presence.  The ghost might be attached to you, rather than a vague painting, although it is possible.  What I suggest you do is to clear your energy, and the painting's energy, using the same Invocation for both.  The instructions are on the page:  

That one clears whatever is needed.  

And these are white light shields to protect you and your home from further intrusions.

If your friend's ghost is attached to the painting, or to you, or is someone else again, the Michael Invocation will cross him/her into healing.

Not all ghosts are scary, but all of them are lost.  They need to find 'home' again.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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