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My name is daniel and i need help. Since 2 years a go my friebds and i saw a hufe black dog in the woods. Its physically attacked me 5 times and memtally scared my friend. Its about the size of a small calf and has red eyes and long black claws. have been being stalked by something we at first thought was a werewolf. We just recently learned that its a Black shuck. We know were its lair is but we need to know how to kill it or get ride of it. Please answer ASAP, weve all seen it and uts a harbringer of death. Please help your my last hope

Hi Daniel,

I am very sorry the dog attacked you.  What actually happened each time?

There are no such things as werewolves.  Dogs nails grow very long if they are not clipped regularly, and could end up looking like claws, and be very painful for the dog .. that would put me in a temper too .. so does bad treatment by living humans.  Dogs learn not to trust humans when they are attacked by them, or harassed by them, all the time.  They can run away and go wild.  They are also very protective of their territory, and if they have pups the females can be downright dangerous.

Why do you need to kill it or get rid of it?  

Black Shuck is a demon, a part of the mythology from England.  If it is one, you won't be able to get rid of it.  You need an exorcist for that, and you aren't one.

And no, its not a harbringer of death .. that's also part of the mythology .. and I really do know about this subject, being a demonologist.

Where is the dog in relation to where you and your friends live?  Can you simply not go near its location ever again .. or report it to the local sheriff.  I hate to think of a wild dog being killed, but it might need to be.

Love & Peace

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