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Well. I'm in this new apartment. It may just be a couple of coincidences packed together but it's already starting to get to me. Been stressing me out.

I moved into this apartment back in August last year. It was my first time living alone, so my best friend (who is a guy) stays with me a lot for the first few weeks. He's quite sensitive to this type of situations so he usually keeps his mouth shut.

Things keep falling. Bad dreams. That was the first month. Then everything became tame.

Since I had no job back then, I stayed home a lot. The first real time that I left the house for a long period was New Years. I went home to my parents and spent it there. Day after, I came to my apt to get some things.

I went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit when I hear something crash in the living room. My huge mirror fell. There was no wind but I had a fan open so I thought it was that. I turned it off then went back to the bathroom. Around an hour later, I was on the computer, checking facebook when something crashed in the bedroom. The mirror that I hanged there fell. I was creeped out since there were no open windows or fans.I just tried to keep it from my mind.

Then, I got a job. Since it was for a graveyard shift, I was usually gone at night and sleeping in the day. I get a lot of weird dreams. People dying, my deepest fears. But I just thought it was stress.

And then came last night. Morning before, I was trying to sleep. I keep hear these heavy feet. Not really walking, just one step at a time. But I thought it was just neighbors. When I was on the verge of sleeping, I heard this loud sound as if someone is trying to open a locked doorknob. The echo inside my apartment was loud so I thought it was my best friend trying to get in. But there was no one at the door. It sounded like the doorknob was being turned from the inside. I thought that maybe it was just a dream.

Then night came. I woke up at 8pm. I heard a gunshot. I was informed a bit later that someone shot a gun at the shop next to my apartment. It was a robbery but no one got hurt. I called my best friend since I was a bit rattled. While talking, it seemed as if the signal was really bad. He sounded almost like a robot, cutting in and out.

Then suddenly he became silent. A girl's voice was talking. Then my best friend's voice cuts in. He never stopped talking. It was obvious. Then the girls voice pops in again. It's weird because it's like their both on a different place. I couldn't hear him when she's speaking and vice versa. I got really scared. I called out to him. And he became annoyed saying I interrupted him.

I said, "Is there a girl there?" he said, "No? Why would there be a girl here?" then I told him what I heard. He became silent. Then just muttered that he was on his way here.

I don't know what's happening. I just need some assurance. I've been feeling a bit ill too. Maybe because of the stress. Got sick last night too.

Hello Pauline,

It sounds to me as though your apartment is haunted, possibly by two ghosts.  Did the footsteps sound heavy, like a man, or light the way a woman's might?

The mirrors falling is a message 'look at me' (which is what we do in a mirror - we look at ourselves').  The girl interrupting the phone call, could you understand anything she said .. or was it very distorted?

The illness is probably just stress, so don't worry about that.

Solutions ...

To start with - there are two energy shields on this webpage.  There is one for you personally, and one for your home.  Learn the personal shield.  It's very easy to do.  Wrap it around yourself and give yourself time to calm down.  Then learn the house shield.  Put it up around your home and then do the Invocation on the next webpage ..  

The Michael Invocation removes all sorts of unwanted entities from people and their houses.  You will do it twice.  The first time for you, while sitting in your shield, and the second time change it .. the instructions are on the page .. to clear your home.  

If English is not your first language, you can change it to whichever language you speak, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in angels or Jesus Christ.  It works anyway.  The angels believe in us, and him.

And if the problems continue, write to me again.

Love & Peace

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