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We came home from lunch to find my parent's bedroom door locked and none of them has locked the door before going out and no one is at home  dad had to get another key and stuff like that, when he got another key he opened the door to find out that it was locked twice and that the main key is iNSIDE the room.. we were all shocked and there is no logical explanation for that so please I need your expert opinion

Hello Cecile,

Were any of the windows open, or easily accessible?  I am thinking of a living visitor for that one.

Locked twice .. sounds like something a kid would do.  Is there anything paranormal happening in your home .. noises, feelings, sense of presence?

Does anyone in your family need to be protected?

Those are the first thoughts that come to mind.

I shall check your answer tomorrow, right now I have to go and help my daughter move furniture and may be away overnight.

Talk to you tomorrow,
Love & Peace
Ama (7.00am in Australia)

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