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I am nearing 16 years old, and since I was very little I've always believed in ghosts. From an early age I thought I saw, heard, and felt them.
One of the first times I can recall is just the kind of thing you always hear of really. Electronic malfunctions. Televisions and video recorder.. things. Old camera of sorts, it would turn itself on and start recording when we weren't touching it. The television would make sounds that were very similar to that of voices, and talking. While it was off. Unplugged even.

Basically, Ghosts, I've always thought I'd seen them. The most solid contact I ever had with something had been once something literally just.. slapped me. Nothing was there, but when i went to the only other person in the building crying, they said there was a hand mark there. I'd like to rule out the possibility of me slapping myself and not realizing it.

The house that occured in was a new house that was built when I was little, by my parents. So, brand new. It was built not more than 10 metres away from where the old one had been. I have been told somebody committed suicide in the yard before, but I have no real reason to believe that. Otherwise, all seemed normal.

Then we moved.
The very first time I went to the new house something didn't seem right. I assumed it was just a new place, and it was night time, my imagination was crazy. I was about 10 years old at the time. We moved in, everything seemed alright... aside from a few things out of the ordinary. I thought I saw A) a youngish man in a suit and, B) a white dog. I soon learned that the man who owned the house's son died in a car crash when he was fairly young, and the family had many animals buried in the yard. I decided it could possibly have to do with that.

As I got to know local people, I became... depressed. the entire situation was bad, and I became more and more angry and/or sad. (not sure if my emotion could effect anything.) One night, when I think I was about 11, something in my bedroom dragged a bin across the floor. I was in bed, terrified, and just listening to the sound of it dragging across the room. It eventually stopped and I slept. About a year later, 12 years old, the bedroom got very dark. Not in a light sense, I guess. I mean, air thick, hot, and something about it terrified me. (I have major trust in my instincts. If I'm scared, I trust that I need to leave.) I didn't leave though.. After about an hour of cowering under my blankets, hugging the most comforting stuffed animal i have, whatever had scared me so much left. Everything seemed normal, and I slept.

Then, about a week later. I felt the same fear many times, but never did it amount to anything more until this time. I don't recall ever seeing anything. but I was in bed, trying to sleep (major insomnia, tied in with paranoia and depression) the room got that same feeling. Hot, and a heavy 'presence' feel in my head. Having never seen anything, I can't really describe much of what happened, only what I felt. Pain, is a good spot to start. I remember my body convulsing, and screaming because of the pain. Fear, and pain. Considering nobody in the house reacted, I would assume my scream was silent. As fast as it came, whatever it was was gone. I just stayed up and cried for hours.

Once or twice i had a dream about a demon like figure, and it would attack me repetedly and every time it attacked i woke up, in a tremendous amount of pain, then it felt like i was shoved back into the dream, and repeat.

Now, not every thing has hurt me. There have been some things that I didn't bother being weary of because they seemed.. almost nice. I had something in my room (believe it to be a ghost) that was REALLY nice. it was a man, and his overall feel... He was kind of happy for a 'spirit' or whatever he was. I have had many scare me, and many make me almost feel safe.

When I was about 12.5 years old, the catholic school board rejected me and I've lost all faith in religion. never had a strong bond with anything involving it, and I feel sick when i go in churches. Never been comfortable, and when the school board rejected (for reasons well beyond my control) I decided I was done with that. So, I've never felt like I had anything religion wise to help me. Nor has family ever helped.

Another incident I've had is setting a cup down, turning to get something, then looking back and it slides to me. Doors and windows closed, no water on the counter, it was weird, So naturally I said thanks just in case, and went on my way.
Another time I walked into an open room, and hit a hard 'wall'. I ran right into something that wasn't there. I said sorry, again, just in case! And i was on my way.

More recently in my sister's room, books have thrown themselves off shelves, open to pages with people's names (who we know in real life) circled on them. Specifically religion books were thrown first. I don't know, scared me a bit there.

I just want to know I guess if, One, there is a non-religious way to try to protect myself. Two, If it sounds like anything in particular may have been around? Three, If it even sounds like something that actually happened. (I've pondered the chance of being a schitzo. Scares me a bit)

I've had other things happen not ghost related, things like future seeing (once or twice on random), and I've known something to be dead, been unable to tell what, and later find out about it...

Sorry for the lack of order in thoughts here, I always get kinda confusing when I think about this stuff lol, thank you for reading!!! :) hope you can help ^.^

Hello Amanda,

God has nothing to do with religion.  I wish people wouldn't muddle them up together, but God didn't create religion, human beings did.  

Separating the two .. God and religion .. I am not religious either, but I do believe in God, particularly as I've had many personal experiences with It and Jesus, who 'was' a real person, whether he was the 'son' of God or not.

I say this because our best tool against your ghosts is the Michael Invocation, which calls upon the angels, also real (and non-religious), to remove from you and your home, the entities that are troubling you.  You don't have to believe in God, Jesus or angels to have it work.  It works because thousands of other people believe that it does, because they've used it to help themselves.

You are old enough to use this Invocation for yourself.  Read the page, follow the instructions to clear 'your' energy, then change the invocation to clear your 'home'.  That should empty out every entity you have mentioned.

Then ... because you are sensitive to energy, its good to have some protection, to make life easier.  On this webpage you'll find that protection ..  I recommend you learn and use both energy shields.  

Schizophrenia does not throw books across a room.  It could be poltergeist energy, which tends to gather around teenagers and some menopausal women, caused by their high emotions, or it could simply be ghosts trying to get your attention, and your fear, to feed on.  So boot them into healing via the Invocation, and then close your house to any others, via the pyramid shield.  

I am sorry the catholic church bunch gave up on you, but you might benefit from it.  The Methodists gave up on me when I was nine, and I was very happy about that.  :-)  You should smile and move on, as the saying goes.  If you really want to have a belief in a deity of love and truth, you can always invent your own .. or go Buddhist .. which is more about the 'self' than any particular God, but there's a lot of wisdom there.

Whether we believe in it or not, God loves us very much.  It gave us angels, and you can always ask them for help.

Oh yes, and a new house can be haunted just as easily as an old one, depending on the land it is built on .. often it is the land itself that is haunted, by ghosts who don't even notice a house is there.

If you haven't already, go and read my webpages on the paranormal.  The front door is .. you want the Victorian Paranormal Connection section.  Any questions you can ask here, or from links on that site.

Love & Peace

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