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Since i was around 4 years old I have been having the same nightmare. The scenario is always the same and I am now 30 years old. I had a happy stable childhood and there are no experiences i know of that could have triggered this nightmare. I generally have this dream at least 2/3 times a month.
The dream always starts the same way. I am in our family home and i hear an alarm going off outside. When I walk to the front door to see where the noise is coming from two men are thrown down the stairs (the stairs in our house are next to the front door) Both men appear to be dead and are covered in lacerations and blood. At this point my family have left the house and all the doors are locked. There is no way out. As I turn to look up the stairs there is an old lady at the top of the stairs smiling at me. She is very sinister and has become my personal nemesis over the years. When I run she gives chase and always catches me. As soon as she touches me I become paralysed and at this point she lifts me above her head screaming and laughing. It feels like I am being electrocuted. This is where the dream ends. When i wake up it takes 5-10 sec to be able to move properly.
In 26 years she has never said anything to me. When I have tried to communicate with her it seems to make things worse. Is this apparition a spirit of some kind and how can i stop this dream from haunting me. I am probably just a weirdo with an over active imagination but any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Alex,

No, you are not a weirdo with an overactive imagination, but some events that happen in our lives can lodge in our minds, get twisted around and come out in strange ways, even in our dreams.  So I have questions and comments ..

Did you move into the house when you were four, or have you lived there all your life?

When I was your age I used to dream that I was on an island with a church in the middle of it.  Wrapped up and over the church and its steeple was an enormous serpent, that used to gobble up the people as they came outside after the service, including trying to get me.  I would run so fast to get away.  I had that dream until I was 9, when I decided enough was enough and, instead of running away, I turned back, grabbed a sword from somewhere and cut the serpent's head off.  I never had the dream again.  I remember the sword being nearly as tall as me.  In the dream I was reclaiming some power I kept losing by living in fear of having the dream again.

How much tv did you watch as a child?  Did you watch scary movies, or the local news .. only kids' shows?  Images are implanted in our minds by all sorts of things, sometimes in unexpected ways.  I am not denying that the dream might have paranormal aspects, but it is possible it is a combination both of a haunting, and of your memory grasping it and using it to frighten you when certain patterns in your life repeat themselves.

The paranormal side - who owned your house before your family moved in?  Did anyone die there, possibly from a fight and blood loss .. at the bottom of the stairs?  If you were capable of sensing ghosts (not necessarily seeing them) at a young age, you might have picked up on this event, that could have repeated on the same day each week, because of the emotions involved.  I often 'dream' the events that kill people, when they are leaning over me and 'telling' me their stories, some of which have been horrific.  The memories stay with you, particularly if you are frightened, and you can 'take' a memory and create it into something stronger, such as a nightmare .. particularly when we are kids.

You say the lady has become your nemesis?  How and why?  If you only see her in dreams, how much influence do you allow her to have on your waking life?  She chases you, catches you and lifts you over her head?  How do you usually react?  Have you tried deciding to be bored with the whole thing and asking her 'do we have to do this again'?  No, I am not kidding.  It's the same sort of choice as picking up a sword and going to kill the serpent.  It is you choosing to take control of the dream, rather than letting it run you.

The other thought that comes to mind is that you might be astral travelling when you have this experience and sense the events that might have happened in your home as you come back into your body.  Your mind is already waking up, before your body does, and it takes time to remake the body/mind connection.  This is called 'sleep paralysis' and you can research it on the internet quite easily.  

You wrote that when you try to communicate with the lady 'it makes it worse' .. it makes what worse?  What actually happens?    

If you are being haunted this Invocation will help.  read the page, say the Invocation .. it clears our energy of attaching entities.


I use the shields whenever I am feeling haunted.  I do not like to be woken up by ghosts. LOL  Read them both, use the house one, see if that stops the dreams, but the Invocation should, if they are being created by something negative around you.

We don't really understand the human mind very well, even after hundreds of years of research.  We are far more complicated beings, mind, body and spirit, than most people realise.  Whether  this dream/event is happening 'to' you, or you created it somehow, the Invocation should settle things down.

Wishing you a good day, and no more nightmares,
Love & Peace

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