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im 18 and my mum passed away from cancer two christmasses ago. i havnt seen my mum since i was five years old when social services took me away from her. but recently, the past year or so, ive been experiencing nightmares and visual images of her. in these nightmares, the past sort of replays in my head and i wake up terrified. but when i have seen her she is standing over me, just watching me. when i got adopted i changed my name from jolene, once i heard these words, 'jolene, december the eleventh'. i got in contact with social services and found out that she died on the 9th of december. is this really happening or am i going mad? i do suffer from depression.

Hello Caz,

What are the nightmares about?  What can happen, if after they die a person becomes a ghost, is that they will 'visit' the living and share the memories that have them trapped on the planet.  They do this because they are looking for help, or for forgiveness, if they feel really guilty about something that they did, or that happened to 'them'.

Ghosts wake me up that way.  I will have a very vivid, and often frightening, dream about someone, as if I am that someone .. but my mind has learned to start waking up, so, like you, I end up looking up and seeing the ghost leaning over me .. trying to get my attention.  Well, they get plenty of it.  We have a brief chat, and I cross them into healing.

The chat goes something like this:

"Ok, I see you now.  You've got my attention.  Time to go 'Home'."  

Then I say this:

"Archangel Michael, please FIND the lady/man (describe them in some way) that is leaning over me and TAKE them into healing".  

Where your mother is concerned, just identify her either by her full name or describe her as you see her.  (You can just bring her to mind right now and ask them to do this, rather than waiting for another visit).  The angels need permission to FIND her .. which means to go up and gently put their hand on her shoulder and say 'hello (her name), Caz says I can talk to you'.  Then they have a chat, sometimes very briefly, sometimes a bit longer, and then the two of them go into a healing place in heaven.  After that she isn't a ghost anymore, and she won't be sharing her pain with anyone.

December 11th?  Is that date significant to you for some other reason?  It is not her death date, unless she died confused, which is possible.  Do you know the date she gave you up, was it a birthday or anniversary?  There could be many reasons why she thinks the date is important .. but you may never know why it was.

My other thought is 'are you on medication for the depression' because sometimes they can cause hallucinations, not that I think she is one, given my many experiences with lost souls.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace

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