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Is it possible for someone to be trying to contact you through your sleep?

This all began back about 6 months ago, when whilst having a quiet night in with my partner and our close friend, I caught a glance of a fully formed man, standing in my hallway, looking at me. I held full eye contact with him for about a second, and then when I blinked he had gone. At first I wasn't to worried, I though it could be the spirit of my grandfather or someone who had preoccupied the house before us, as  we had only been moved in for about a year before hand.

After this I would see figures, more like shadows and moving blur's by the front door, close to where I had seen the man. They became more and more until I generally felt uneasy about been in the house alone. I started to get an overwhelming sense of sadness and depression when I was there on my own.  

In the summer I moved to university about an hour from my home town, I didnt see things any more. Instead something much stranger and more unexplainable. One of my friends had told me she had heard me mumbling in my sleep so out of interest I decided to set up a voice recorder to see if I could catch myself.

When I listened back to the recording the first time what I heard was astonishing. at several intervals in the night I heard myself mumbling, and in some cases sounding distressed. But what shook me up the most was a males voice, talking back to me asking "whats wrong" the voice was so clear & living with 5 girls there was no other explanations than there been something/ somebody in the room that night.

So to cut a long story short I'm wondering is it possible to be contacted, or even possessed to talk in your sleep? Can I control it? For a long time I have felt like this man (who I believe is my grand dad who passed when I was 5) has been trying to contact me or tell me something.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Hello George,

Go and research EVP's .. electronic voice phenomena .. you'll find its nor really unusual.

When we are sleep our spirit goes out of our body and can talk to other spirits, or ghosts, around us.  Sometimes we do this when we are still in our bodies, because our awareness of the spiritual planes is much stronger when our 'mind' is resting.  Other times, we have a lot on our minds and talk in our sleep during dreaming.  It's all normal.

As for the man who is seemingly haunting you .. you said you haven't seen him in that new house/university .. is he in your dreams?  He might have been ghost you left at the other house.  Is he still around?  If he is your grandfather, do you have photos to prove it to yourself, before asking him to give you a message you can clearly remember in your dreams?  Ask this three nights in a row, just before sleeping, and remind yourself to remember.  It might not happen immediately, but if is supposed to it will.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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