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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Pocha,

Dear Rev. Meg,

I have a problem I'm hoping you can help me with.  My name is Carol.  Since I was a child, I have occasionally had experiences that seemed odd, and they continued into adulthood.  I have had dreams that were premonitions, some visions, and strong intuition - especially with a few specific friends and family members.  

About a year and a half ago, things really escalated.  I started getting a barefoot human footprint on my front glass door for about 6 months.  After that I started having visions of a soldier, and he would talk to me and try to get my attention.  Well, this event changed my life.  For about a year - 14 months following his first appearance, this soldier stayed with me.  He was lost - terribly lost - and at first didn't even realize that he was dead.  He came every once in awhile at first, then it was a couple of times a week, and then it was every single night.  He shared his life with me by showing me his memories of his family and of the war he died in (Vietnam), and eventually he re-lived his death and the circumstances around it and he was able to deal with it.  He was friendly, kind, a true gentleman.  After he had been in my home for a year, I gained the ability to communicate with him in a whole new way.  When he spoke to me before, I would read his lips, or he would get his point across with memory clips - like showing me home movies.  But now when he spoke to me I could actually see his words rolling across my wall or ceiling.  I was astonished.  I thought it was his strength that was enabling me to do this.  He said that I was a medium - I just didn't realize it until now.  The soldier's name is Ted.  I saw him reunite with his wife Patty and his son CJ.  They crossed over together, but Ted had a very hard time adjusting and he kept coming back to see me.  He even told me that he loved me, but I encouraged him to stay with his family because we live in 2 different worlds. He said he would greet me when my time came and that he believed we would be part of each other's next life.  I never feared Ted right from the beginning.  I enjoyed his visits and learned alot from him.

In the beginning, I thought I might have been losing my mind, lol, but my mother saw the soldier one time, and I took pictures of the footprint several times.  3 times a soldier in uniform came out on the film (old camera!) but I did not see him at the time I took the picture - I was aiming at the footprint.  I tried to scan them at work, but they didn't come out as clear as the originals.  Anyway, it was proof enough for me that I wasn't crazy!!

Now, here comes the problem.  After he supposedly crossed over, all of a sudden I have this spirit in my house and in my life claiming to be him, but acting completely different - obnoxious to be exact - cruel, insulting, trying to frighten me, impersonating people I know, telling lie after lie.  He impersonated my spirit guide as well.  He is still with me unfortunately.  He has "confessed" to being many people including Ted himself, Ted's son CJ, someone named Jeffrey, and someone named Billy.  It's a different story every day, and he appears differently.  When he was claiming to be CJ, He said that he hates his father and he wants me to hate him as well.  He said that he loves me and he won't leave me - and that I won't be able to get rid of him.  He goes from being like a man throwing a child-like tantrum, to apologizing, more lies, etc.  He begs me to help him, but then he tells me things like you don't know what you're doing - you're not a therapist!!  I can't win.  

I have tried to close my portal, however I am not good at meditating and focusing so it's been difficult.  Right now I ignore him as much as possible.  His lies have caused so much confusion and he is just such a mean-spirited ghost.  I wanted to help him, but to be honest, he has hurt my feelings so many times that now I have no desire to help someone who is so cruel.

I am sooooo confused by all this.  I'm new at this and don't have enough experience to understand.  So, I am asking you as an expert have you ever heard of one spirit swooping in and impersonating another spirit???  It's just so hard to believe that Ted the soldier, who was so kind in every way, could possibly turn into this major PITA (Pain In The Ass!)  What do you recommend that I should do to get rid of him??  I have not had a full night's sleep in months because of this.

Thank you so much for your time and effort.  It is truly greatly appreciated!


ANSWER: Hello Carol,

  Thank you for writing to me at all experts. You should be aware that when you write to multiple experts you 1- will have to send each a separate inquiry as questions are forwarded to the individual expert, and 2- you will often get confused with conflicting points of view based upon the experts education, experience and understanding which can add more chaos than comfort to the situation.

  To get to the point, yes; ghosts can be notorious liars. So much so that the phenomena is often written about and documented. So I'm not at all surprised that given your situation that you attracted a typical, lying ghost. Not only that, this negative person is wearing you down and feeding off of the emotional, mental and physical stress that he [I say he as these types of entities were male in the physical] is causing.

  While it is on my mind the idea of "portals is a new age, "metaphysical" concept and holds little validity. The truth is ghosts are pretty much able to come and go as they please [although some may not be aware of that fact]. They do not need permission, passports or a vortex to do so. That is not to say that places don't exist that may make the trip easier, or more difficult, but as a rule, ghosts pretty much have free reign over their terrain.

  So let's take a more detailed look at your exact situation. First you will have to take a look back at when the increase of your abilities started. I agree that you do have mediumistic undertones that you were born with but usually there is a trigger when there is an unexpected increase. Usually this is a very stressful episode, near fatal illness or accident, or a change of bio-chemical balances [such as puberty or menopause]. That being said, your talent is raw and there-in lays the problem. You are going to have to learn how to control your ability, how to use it so that it is advantageous and not a liability to your general well being.

  The soldier, and I will refer only to the nice one when using the term soldier, I believe has indeed crossed over. This is good, the light, with friends and family, is where he belongs. As an evolving spirit, [he is now a spirit, not a ghost as he was while with you] he is actually in a position to help you out in this matter. More on that later. How did the other entity get in? As you are a raw talent you are likely unaware of keeping your doors closed. I wouldn't be at all surprised that there are more lurking in the background. You no longer have a friendly ghost, you now have a haunting. In short, the entity has made itself at home. The issue at hand is how to get rid of him and how to keep your doors closed to any other intruders.

  From this day on you will have to ask your guardians and especially your 'door-keepers' [astral bouncers/ bodyguards] to get off of their haunches and do their jobs. Often times these beings will stay in the background and not interfere with your life and your decisions unless they are going to end up disastrous. That being the case, they occasionally need a wake up call. The process can be as simple or as ceremonious as you like, but seeing as how you will be asking for their help on a regular bases, simple will be more efficient and just as effective. Simply ask aloud for your guides, guardians and door-keepers OF THE PURE WHITE LIGHT to keep you safe from all malevolent, malicious, evil and negative beings, entities and energies. Ask that the beings of the PURE WHITE LIGHT surround you and you home in a dome of protection. Picture a ray of white / golden light entering the top of your head and radiating downward filling you with protection and grounding you [as if the light has spouted roots]. I would also highly recommend that you summon the help of the archangel Michael. Simply ask him for his protection. He knows who you are and what you need and any huge invocation is just overkill - I doubt if he needs his ego stroked. Pomp and circumstance is more for the invoker than the invoked - placebo effect.

  I will caution you right now do not - do not - use any form of religious rite to get rid of this entity unless you want more trouble than you bargained for. If you think that he is a PITA now, wait until you piss him off royally. Even when doing the asking for help from your guardians,, keep it personal, and not directed towards the entity. This is important!

  Now that you are personally protected you will want to remove anything and anyone negative from your property. Cleansing a space is fairly easy. Some will say that sage is used to purify negative energy only and can not remove ghosts - well, ghosts are energy. I base my cleansing ceremony on Native American methods seeing as how they more or less invented the saging/smudging process, and as you are located in North America, this will be the best method for you. I will refer you to the following web site for more information on smudging:
I would add mugwort to the list of ingredients as it has a history of removing negative energies and restoring a healthy atmosphere. You can purchase it in a Chinese herbal / acupuncture store as a moxibustion tube.

  You will also need a ceremony to do a proper cleansing [yes, when the occasion calls for rites, pomp and circumstance I will definitely do so]. If you need the ceremony please write back to me at
or at and I will get you that information link .

  You may also wish to take a look at the following web site for information on mediumship

  Carol, you immediate concern is to stop giving hand outs to this freeloader. He waited until the soldier left and then moved in. I believe that the soldier was holding back any negative influences. If you continue to feed your energies to the entity he won't go away. This is your realm, this is your home - stand up for them. Ghosts only have the power to disrupt lives that you give them. You are not only feeding him, you're making him fat! He is deliberately wearing you down, negative energies do that and you are not defending yourself and getting back up from the beings of the light. Another thing - negative energies hate positive energy, so get some fun and happiness back into your home. Bake a pie, sing songs, watch comedies and laugh, and when this guy tries a trick, let it run off your shoulders. Hold up a hand mirror and say, "Back at ya!" Because of your abilities you 'shine' to those in the ghost realm and that can attract them like a moth to a flame. Once you master how to control your abilities and how to regulate who comes and goes things will get better and the future will be brighter.

  If I can be of any more assistance in this or similar matters, I'm here to help. Take care!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Pocha,
First of all, I apologize for putting 2 names on my question.  Honestly, I didn't know who to turn to at this point.  I have been corresponding with a medium in Canada since the footprint first appeared and she is phenomenal, but when all the insanity began, she told me it was beyond her field of expertise and encouraged me to get another opinion.  My first instinct was to try another medium, but when I saw your profile I felt that you could help too, so I decided to ask both of you.  I hope I didn't offend you.

I have to tell you, parts of your answers brought me to tears partly because I feel like you really do understand my problem, and also partly because I am so physically and mentally exhausted that I cry at the drop of a hat, lol!

I was so relieved to read that lying ghosts are common.  I was really starting to think that maybe this was more than a ghost I was dealing with.  To be honest, when the soldier (Ted) was with me, he actually acted like a bouncer.  I actually saw him throw at least 4 other spirits out of my room at night that I suppose he felt were unpleasant.  I felt so safe when he was there.  I think this character must have snuck in just as Ted said goodbye and crossed over and he tried to pick up where he left off.  He had such a mouth on him and such a different way of talking to me that I suspected something was not right, but never expected this.  I have (or had) a Native American spirit guide.  The first time I saw him was probably almost 20 years ago.  He came to me when I was deeply upset (I had just lost my brother) and he would occasionally show himself and basically just nod his head and smile.  It always made me feel calm.  This ghost actually imitated him!  He heard me calling out for help and he impersonated the guide, as well as my bbrother.  He has a telltale sign though - like pinnochio - when  he lies to me, his words bounce up and down like they are on a wave!  He was always angry and yelling at me for ridiculous things and trying to control who I spoke to and I knew something terrible was going on.  It just continued on and on - it must be 2 months now of lie after lie - changing his story about who he is, how he died, when he died, everything.

A big problem is that I talk to ghosts/spirits without using my voice, so he not only hears what I'm saying to him and to others, but he hears what I'm thinking.  For instance, if I proofread this letter, to him it sounds the same as when I talk to him.  This will make him mad - trust me - but I've at my wits end.

I think this "gift" - or curse is how I'm feeling about it right now - picked up speed last year because I am very stressed out.  I have lost a tremendous amount of my vision due to a corneal disease and am waiting for a transplant.  My surgery has been cancelled over and over for different reasons, and having my freedom taken away (driving, etc.) has really taken it's toll on me.  The strangest part is when I take out my contacts at night I can barely find my way to my bed - but as soon as the ghost activity begins, I see it very clearly - so I must be seeing everything with my mind - not my actual eyes.  I see them whether my eyes are opened or closed too.

I did a search not to long ago to find out if it's possible to "turn off" psychic abilities and everyone mentioned the portal, or the gate, etc.  They all seem to close it down by meditating - which I am horrible at!

I have tried calling out for help to my brother, my guide, angels, including archangel Michael, Ted, my grandparents, saints, God and the entire holy family, to no avail.  The problem is that when he hears me he intercepts and pretends to be them and then he'll say - "I can't believe you fell for that!"  It's so upsetting.

I have not performed any type of religious rituals - only prayers - but I know that he is already mad at me because I have been ignoring him in the hopes that he will go away.  I told him I wanted him to leave me alone and he seems to get a rise out of driving me nuts.  I told him if he didn't leave on his own, I would just not acknowledge his presence any more.  He "yelled" at me all night last night and he actually said - "this is a good game - I'm not leaving!"  I have to ignore him, because like you said, i'm feeding him and that's why he doesn't want to leave.  It's very hard, but I have to keep trying.

I will read all the info about the smudging, etc.  Thank you for all the links.

Also - When you said to get some fun back into my house....Last night my sister came over with my 3 young nieces and they had dinner and a sleep-over because they are on vacation from school.  Well, he was mad at that too - he said he was trying to get my attention all night and I always have too many people around me.  He's a control freak!  I told him I don't let live people boss me around or bully me, so I'm certainly not going to let a dead person do it!

I want to thank you so very much for your detailed answr to my question.  I'm sorry I'm babbling on and on, but I just needed to vent.  I hope you don't mind if I get in tcuch with you again sometime.  If you would like, I can mail you a copy of the pictures I have taken.

Thank you!  YOu really gave me some relief!!!


Hi Carol,

  I will read over and digest your follow up and try to come up with some more advice. In the mean time, I would love to take a look at the photos as they sound interesting. It would be best to send them to me as an attachment to

  or as a back-up to

  I will quickly comment on a few matters. These types of entities are known to imitate people, voices and objects. They will sound like phones ringing, doors being knocked upon, etc [all tricks of the ghostly trade]. The purpose is to add to the stress. They will also blatantly lie, saying that they are angels one day and them claiming to be a demon the next. bearing that in mind if he plays the demon card it is hog-wash. Don't fall into his trap.

  The psychology of this ghost is comparable to that of a stalker and of a control freak. In short this person was a sociopath in life. His neurosis and mental outlook did not change upon death and he actually has the advantage now of having no body. Are these psychopaths hard to get rid of, yes, impossible - no.

  I look forward to taking a look at your photos.

Ciao for now,

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