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QUESTION: Do angels really exist?

ANSWER: Hi Anne,

I found your question in our question pool, so I am answering.

Yes, angels really exist, so do fairies.  I can see them, hear them and talk to them.  Most people can't, but more and more children are being born with this gift.

If you would like to know more about angels (and elementals (fairies), you can find some information on my webpages.

Otherwise there is tons of information on the internet.  

One of my favourite pages is Sarah's angels.  I don't necessarily agree with everything she's written, but most of it is very good.

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You can see them? how are they? Are they white

Hi Anne,

Angels can look like anything they want to.  They can be white, or one colour, or dress in ordinary clothes and look like ordinary people, or animals, or simply a being of Light that looks a bit like a an eye standing on its side.  

What did you see that was white?  What did it do, or say?

Fairies can looks like little people, or odd ugly little beings, or very tall and thin, or four feet tall and all one colour .. the 'lady' I saw was blue, totally blue.  She was lovely, also bossy.  :-)  I saw her on a number of occasions, and she was experienced by other people with me at the times, as well as other members of 'her' family.  

I am not sure what you meant by 'how are they' .. otherwise than to say 'they are very well, thank you', as usual.  Angels are not like us Anne, they do not suffer illness in any way.  They have emotions, to some degree, but do not feel them the way we do.  It's very complicated to explain.  Just know they love us all very very much.

Love & Peace

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