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Hi there,

We have shifted in our appartment in the year 2008..since then nothing seems to be of disturbing nature..Just for a background, i have watched a lot of scairy movies in my childhood..

At times especially when i am alone in the house i.e. when my wife, daughter etc are not around, i get a strange feeling that something is around, staring at me or at times i feel there is a strong pressure exerted on my body from all directions. This also happens during the night espcially when i watch a scairy movie or a soap.I feel at night that i can see a spirit or a ghost but then i realise it might be a dream or illusion. Now, the real question is ,that is it a haunting or there are images stored in my subconcious as a result of such movies i watched in my childhood. Also, when i get scared i feel a drop in my BP alongwith chest pain which is very dangerous for my health also. Can these spirits, if they are there do any physical harm or they just try to scare me. Pls help, i am in big trouble..

Thanks and regards in advance

Hi Anuj,

It is very easy to frighten ourselves, particularly when our minds are full of the sort of nonsense that appears in horror movies of many kinds.  A soap opera can be much more fun, although I tend to wince at the nonsense there too.  :-)

You might have a ghost, or you might just be suffering from an overactive imagination, that 'can' cause heart pains (angina??), in that case .. have you had yourself checked out by a doctor of medicine .. you might have a heart condition that needs to be fixed, or at least medicated, rather than it just being a ghost.  I would do that immediately!

In the meantime, clear your home, and yourself, of any floating ghosts with this Invocation.  It does invoke the name of Jesus Christ, which all entities must answer to .. even if they don't believe in what the man represents to the Christians.  Use it that way anyway, because it works.  Say it first for yourself, and then change it (the instructions are there) to clear your home .. and relax .. and see the doctor, if you haven't already.

And stop watching scary movies, unless they are the type meant to make you laugh.  There is such a load of rubbish out there now, all blood and gore and no real story lines.  It's frustrating to see the harm they can do when they fill a person's mind with fears, that they might turn into something nasty.

Love & Peace

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