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Hi Ama,First I want to thank you for explaining how mirrors work concerning spirits.You gave me advice a year or so ago about the subject because our daughter didn't want to sleep in her room,which was newly renovated.We had put in mirror closet doors.I did the closing exercises you told me to do.She had no idea I had done them,and within one day she never asked to sleep in the spare bedroom again.Thank-you so much for your advice.My question today is,in our dreams or even when we are awake,I'm wondering what the different colors of orbs mean.I don't mean off to the side like 'floaters" in the eyes,that was something I experienced and found out I had floaters,but actual colored orbs that are clearly floating in front of a picture of the Virgin Mary,something our daughter experienced when she was about 3 years old.Also I recently did Reiki for a lady and she had a dream later that week,and she said the sky was a beautiful pinkish,purple,and there were white orbs floating all around her.I was wondering what your opinion on these experiences would be.Thanks for your time and information Ama.

Hello Rose,

The magic question.  I have yet to find an answer to it - but I have a theory.

I believe that orbs (spirit orbs which have a brighter, more solid looking edge, plus seem to have an internal light source - the rest are reflections from the flash of the camera on dust, bugs or moisture in the air) are the positive energy of living beings (humans, animals, elementals, alien looking etc) which are produced from our bodies all day long.  I know we all produce negative energy, that can affect other people, so .. because everything is 'balance', or in balance .. there has to be positive energy forms.  The orbs sometimes have faces in them - people, animals, elementals or alien - which is, IMO, the mark of 'who' created the energy.  The colours come from our chakra system.  We produce most energy from orange (sacral), yellow (solar plexus), blue (throat), green (heart) .. and white which is the combination of all colours in balance.  I don't believe they are vehicles that angels travel in .. although a circle is a perfect form as it gives minimum resistence.  Black orbs have also been seen, but far less often than the colours mentioned above.  They don't fit the chakra theory, but black is only absense of light and I have never heard of anyone being harmed by orbs (apart from scaring themselves with the 'possibility' that it might be harmful)?

What colour are the orbs in front of Our Lady?  If you or your daughter spend time in front of the portrait, thinking good thoughts, or praying, then you will be producing energy there, that might become more visible over time, as all people become more sensitive to the energy of the world.

The Reiki lasts in our systems for 72 hours after we receive a treatment.  The dream sounds lovely, but without knowing the actual dream itself, I can only speculate that the message might be that she was safe, at peace and protected.  Would she be prepared to share the rest of the dream .. if she thinks its important?  You could write to me privately ..

Wishing you a gorgeous day,
Love & Peace

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