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How can there be ghosts? When it is clearly said that after death, the soul attains a new life form.

Hello Anne,

In the bible you'll find a place where it said the 'spirits of the saints rose up and walked among the people' at Jesus' resurrection.  Then we have Saul, who asked the witch of Endor to raise the prophet Samuel so that Saul could ask about his own future.  If these beings didn't exist as themselves, how could they have been raised again (by witch or resurrection)?

When a living person dies, their spirit, which belongs to God, should return to God, or go to sleep, if that is what you believe, until the coming of Jesus again.  Some of them don't.  Some of them are so hurt by what happened during their lives, or so shocked by their sudden death, or so desperate not to abandon their much loved families, or so angry at someone for something, that they choose not to cross into heaven (or go to sleep), but roam among the spiritual planes .. and sometimes they are simply lost and frightened, as you and I would be, if we didn't understand what had just happened to us.  

Where does it clearly say the soul attains a new life form?  What form does it attain?  We are all the spiritual beings God (by whatever name) created us to be, wearing human skins and having human lives, for a while, we do not require any other form to be perfect .. after all God does not create 'imperfection'?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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