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Ghosts and Hauntings/Spirits in my Daughter's bedroom


Twice now, my 4yr old daughter has woken in the middle of the night scared, saying she wants to come into my room because someone is 'stroking her hair' or 'patting her head' whilst she is in bed.  After the second time, I took photos of her room and saw what looked like 'orbs' in her room.  How can I tell if this is good or bad?  Should I try to 'cleanse' her room and the house? My husband thinks it could be either of our passed grandmothers (my grandmother passed 1997, my husband's nanna passed in 2008) but I am not convinced?

When we first moved into the house in 2006, I could hear what sounded like footsteps walking up our hallway from the dining room to the bedrooms, but it was always in the hallway.  Then my neighbour explained that our houses (and the one on the other side of mine) were built on a rock shelf and it was the vibrations through the rock.  She said sometimes when we walked through our house, it sounded like we were walking around hers.  This explanation appeased me and I started to not 'hear' the footsteps any longer.  But now my daughter in 2013 has started saying this is happening to her, I have renewed my worry. Not sure if the two are connected? What can (or should) I do?

Hello Nadine,

There are many children being born these days that are sensitive to ghosts and spirits.  

In every case I have investigated, the orbs are harmless.  In my understanding, they are the energy expressed by human beings (as well as elementals and angelic forms), given shape .. they've always been around, we just couldn't see them before the advent of digital cameras and night vision goggles.  

I think cleansing can be good.  You can smudge the room .. actually, the whole house, with white sage, which removes negative energy, but not necessarily ghosts - or you could use this Invocation to clear it  .  If your visitor is one of your relatives, you could also go into your daughter's room, or even from the kitchen (the heart of the house), and ask them not to disturb your daughter anymore.  That request might also work with ghosts, who are really just confused people without their bodies anymore.  The Michael Invocation clears negative energy, including ghosts, and our sincere request will tell the 'visitors' to move on.  Things should settle down after that.

Sound does travel through rock, and the air, in very strange ways at times.  I know about that too.  Sometimes its ghosts making the noise, often it isn't .. much to the disappointment of those wanting to be haunted.  

If the problem persists, write to me again,
Love & Peace

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