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Okay, Thank you so much for this answer.
I do not have any proofs regarding reincarnation or rebirth. But I've heard that when a person dies, his soul is judged based on his deeds and if his bad deeds exceed good, he is reborn with a punished life. Where he is constantly tested.
So does that mean in order to escape sufferings we have to do good all our life

Hi Anne,

  Judgment in the afterlife is again, specific to certain cultural beliefs and religious teachings. Whether or not judgment exists after death, when it occurs, and the harshness of it varies among religions and beliefs. It is generally recognized by research in Near Death Experiences that there is indeed a "life review". That is a second by second replay of ones life in minute detail from the second they are born to their last breath. Nothing is omitted, and the person experiences not only his life, but how his actions made others feel by actually feeling their emotions. It is suggested by many that even the smallest good deed that one has done while alive counters a ton of bad. It is also suggested that there is no judgment by "higher beings" such as a "God", and that the individual is left to judge themselves[although higher beings exist]. Even then, the life review / self-judgment is meant as a learning tool rather than a tally of errors. It is also generalized that there is total and unconditional love and forgiveness in the realm of the spirits, the world in the light. It is because of this unconditional love and forgiveness that so many who are experiencing a Near Death Experience are reluctant to return to their earthly, physical life.

  It is also suggested by many that the choice to return to an earthly life through reincarnation is a personal decision that takes place in the spirit realm. This indicates that everyone has a choice, again exercising the freedom of will I spoke of in my last answer, as to whether or not to take on another life after they have passed on. However, other cultures may believe that there is no personal choice - that reincarnation is a given and that one is born up or down the social ladder according to what they did in the life that they have just passed from. There exists a book from approximately 500 AD known as The Ordinances of Manu. This is based on Vedic scripture. This book basically lays down the "law" about what one would return to earth as for bad deeds that they committed while alive. If a person steals a household utensil he could expect to be a house wasp in his next life. You become a frog should you steal linen. A Brahman who deserts his beliefs is destined to be reincarnated as a ghost known as  Ulkamukha - the vomit eater.  Of course in this belief system, one can see that ones next life is based on the actions and deeds of their current one. This seems to oppose the findings of medical doctors, nurses, hospice workers and those who have died and come back [as themselves] in the field of near death studies that shows that there is no harsh judgment nor punishment.

  Dr. J. H. Slate, Ph.D. in his extensive study of this topic has indicated that there is complete freedom of choice of anybody in the afterlife realm of the spirits as to whether or not they decide to return to earth through a rebirth. He also indicates that all souls are equal in stature and that there is no higher or lower state of evolvement although some souls are wiser than others. As well he indicates that there is no difference in the stature of evolvement of a soul regardless of whether it has been incarnate as a human once, many times or not at all. These finding are based on seance type communications with beings of the light. How much validity they offer I am not in a position to say.  

  As to your last question - there is no harm in trying to do good regardless of whether or not an afterlife, or judgment there-in exists or not. That being said, if ones God or higher power, regardless of faith is truly loving, compassionate and wise, then they must have the heart to allow for mistakes. No-one is perfect. As I said, beings of the light ARE love, they ARE forgiveness, they ARE compassion. And above all else they do not use their position to judge. That however does not give us free reign for carnage.

  I hope that this has helped answer your questions and concerns and reinforced some of the comments that I made in the previous reply. Please contact me if I can be of any more help.

Take care,

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