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I don’t believe in the paranormal but…I remember being a young teen and asking God (who I didn’t even completely believe in and still don’t) if he could send me an angel so I wouldn’t feel so alone an suicidal because my mom had told me things like that could happen. I didn’t believe her but I was desperate and sad so I begged with all my heart and cried all day asking God to help me and send me an angel. I remember after crying for hours I extended out my hand and asked God to let me feel the angels touch if he did exist and if he had in fact sent me an angel. I instantly felt something grab my hand and I stopped crying. Completely shocked. I thought I was crazy for sure at that point. But the feeling wouldn’t go away, I felt something holding my hand the entire day. I continued to have this “problem” for two years. I saw a therapist for my suicidal thoughts and told her about it but she never told me I was crazy or that it was really all in my head. But I continued to think I must be going insane so one night I became so paranoid that I decided I’d ignore the “angel” and close my hands up into a fist whenever I’d feel like it was holding my hand.

Present day:
I’ve recently stated thinking about it again. I’ve had a horrifying day. I didn’t think much of it but…when I went into my restroom to take a shower I noticed black and dark brown hand prints on my tub close to the wall as if someone had done a handstand against the wall and placed their hands on the tub. I laughed when I saw it actually, thinking my mom had probably accidentally left them since she’s always going in and out of my rest room. But neither my mother or father had been home since 7 am, I know this because I didn’t sleep all night last night and I haven’t left the house the whole day. I also know that at 8 am I cleaned the tub spotless because I had nothing better to do than clean the restroom and my room. I spent hours desperately trying to think of a reason as to how those hand print could have been mine but my hands had no reason to be covered in black and brown like those where and when I placed my hands over the prints they weren’t my hand size at all. When my parents got home and showed them the prints and asked them about it. They both insisted it had to be me but my mother eventually realized I wasn’t delusional when she saw me place my hands over the prints. They fit her hands more than mine, but again…she wasn't home. My parents eventually just agreed to shrug it off because they didn't want to jump to any irrational conclusions and hand prints aren't a big deal.

Should I be concerned? I know no one came in. We have an alarm system and my German shepherd was inside all day as well. Why is this happening?

Hello Ana,

I don't get concerned about unusual happenings until they happen a few times, or other weird stuff starts up.

It could well be the angel who held your hand was reminding you of the whole experience in a rather vivid way, to help you remember the sense of comfort you had during that time.

It could have been a ghost, trying to get your attention, but you'd be feeling haunted, and it might have simply left the prints and moved onto another house.

If you have a diary write the whole story down, pity you didn't take a photo.  People love to read about odd things like this ..

And if you are particularly worried you could clear your home with this Invocation or have the minister of your local church come in and bless it.  Right now I don't really think you have anything to worry about, if nothing else is going on.

Wishing you a peaceful day,
Love & Peace

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