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Hello Ms. Nazra,

I just wanted to ask your opinion on something a friend recently told me about some unusual events in his home.
He moved into a newly built home along with his wife and 2 children about 3 years ago and, right away, had an uneasy feeling about a certain bedroom.  He described it as a feeling as if something wasn't right about it. On the few occasions during which he slept in that room, he claimed to have felt very cold at night time and to have been tormented by "horrible dreams." Recently, during an illness when he quarantined himself in that room for a few nights, he said that he experienced terrible dreams but, in addition, found himself in a semi-awake state during which he felt numerous "dog and cat like" entities crawling over his body. He said he felt scared but not as though they were malevolent. In any case, he wound up calling on god to "save him" in his native language (an East Indian dialect) at which point the entities immediately scattered away from him and out of his room.
One more event occurred that was unusual. Apparently, his normally very quiet and shy son (10 years old) began to spontaneously sing a somewhat lude song to a melody that he described as complete and polished (i.e. not improvised). When he challenged his son to tell him where he learned the song, he was told from nowhere. The had song had apparently just occurred to his son in its complete form without previous exposure to it or its lyrics. My friend Googled the lyrics, checked his son's internet usage, and even did a search on Youtube but could find no trace to it. The boy is usually very reserved and not the sort to be happily singing out rude lyrics at all.
Would you please offer your opinion?
Thank you very much.

Hello Gus,

Sounds as though your friend's house is haunted and should be cleared of all negative energy, particularly as the boy is a 'sensitive' .. which means he can communicate with ghosts .. that's probably where the song came from.

There is a place between waking and sleeping where we are more aware of the spiritual planes, and the entities that reside there, including those elemental beings that make repairs to the human body .. they can feel very odd.  The strangeness of the situation is very frightening for people who have never experienced it, but the entities are not malevolent, as your friend said.  We simply don't realise they exist.  And calling on God, whichever God, will clear them out, because they know they are only supposed to work when the person's body is sleeping.

Is there someone in your friend's society that can do a house blessing of some kind, if not this one works very well .. he can translate it back into the dialect he speaks, and choose the most powerful deity as the one to make the request to, or just leave it as Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael, regardless of your friends beliefs, its works perfectly well that way.  The link leads to that page.

The boy might benefit from white light shields.  The information about them is on this website:  They are both my webpages and I'll answer any questions you might have.

Love & Peace

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