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Hello. I am a 28 year old female with a possible attachment haunting. The house I grew up in was built in 1899, and as a child growing up in the house I have had many paranormal experiences, mostly run of the mill such as footsteps when no one is home, doors opening, writing on the mirror, cold spots.

Most of the stuff happened to me, but other people in the house have heard footsteps upstairs, and all of my friends growing up were afraid to go upstairs even in the daylight. I moved when I was about 15 or 16. A few occurances happened but nothing like what happened in the house, but I started to have nightmares. Most of my nightmares involve the house, it almost seemed like it called or beckoned to me.

in 2011 I became pregnant, and some occurances started to take place in my current house. Shoelaces to our laced shoes untying themselves, and lots of visuals. Mostly shadows moving acorss our vision. It never felt menevolant.

When I was about 8 months pregnant, I had the opportunity to step back inside my haunted house, thinking maybe this would relax the spirit and hault my nightmares. That very night, I dreamt that I was in my old bedroom, and my fiance was telling me we weren't alone. And then he proceeded to drag me across the room, kicking and screaming to a bassinett which I knew my baby was in, dead. (I never actually saw the baby, and he was born happy and healthy to this day) In the dream, I woke up to be in my current bedroom, with a heavy feeling in the air. When I started to hear loud music play (still dreaming) and I knew there was a spirit present.

I feel like by stepping back in that house with an unborn baby I brought whatever spirit was calling me into my house. I feel as though this dream was telling me what I had done.

Whatever spirit was in my current home never felt malevolent until recently. I have started to have dreams involving a spirit with negative feelings towards my now 19 month old son. I have had more than 1 dream about this spirit bothering him, and me telling it to leave him alone.

I guess my question is, could I be right in my feelings of a bad spirit following me? And is my son in danger? I wonder if I have 2 spirits in my home. 1 benevolent and 1 maleveolent? I don't want to rid the good spirit in my home. I am just worried about my son. And I don't want these nightmares about him to continue. Is it a bad spirit or could it be the good spirit warning me of something? I'm terrified of something bad happening to him.

Hi Lyndsay

I wonder if the ghost inside the haunted house was a lady who had lost her baby, and was reliving the experience inside your dream.  That sometimes happens to me.  I get to 'watch' a lot of people die while asleep.  It was pretty horrible before I understood what was happening, now I just feel a great deal of sympathy for the ghost, and cross them into healing as quickly as I can.

I am also wondering if you didn't collect your old ghost by going back to the other house.  S/he might not be attached specifically to you, but perhaps likes watching over your son.  He might not mean any harm, but a ghost is a lost soul and their energy is never good, for them, or for the living.

Regardless of whether you have a good ghost in the house, with the negative, what you have in the house is two leeches that are feeding on the energy of your family, inspiring the living to feel very negative emotions, and acting out their pain and fear, whether you are there or not.  That's not good for your household at all, so my suggestion is that you clear your home of all the ghosts, not just for your sake, but for the sake of the lost who are in so much pain.  

You could ask the minister of your local church to come and bless your home, if you go to church, or you could use the invocation on this webpage to do so.  Do it first for yourself, and then do it for your home.  I suggest you also say it for your son.  The instructions on how to do this are on the webpage.  

If you have a spirit (usually a family member who has died and gone into heaven and comes back to visit from time to time) in the house they'll still be around, the difference being that spirits don't take anything from us, nor do us any harm.  And they don't stay around long, just come and go.

The next webpage has two energy shields on it.  There's a personal shield which you can use for yourself, with a separate one for your son, and a house shield that keeps the spooks out of the house .. a much desired state of being, particularly when young children are growing up.  Learn them and use them.  

And if the problem persists write to me privately and I will clear your home myself.

All ghosts should be in heaven, then they can come back to play.  Before they go they are in misery, after they return they are full of joy.  Which energy would you prefer in your home?

Love & Peace

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