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So, recently, I was practicing a song. So I used my iPhone to record myself singing. I went into the bathroom to do it, because the acoustics are good in there. I had the door closed, and the fan on. My family was downstairs watching TV. First off, I know you cannot hear the TV from the upstairs bathroom with the door closed and fan on.
    Anyway, when I listened to the recording, I was shocked to hear a voice that was not mine talking. It was clearly a man's voice too. I listened to it back 100 times. I thought the voice was saying "Do it, I'm here." Which is interesting, considering I was about to start singing.
     My whole family listened to the voice, and could not explain it. My brother and I tried debunking it too. We recreated the scene. He turned the tv on downstairs and I closed the bathroom door and recorded. We caught absolute silence when we tried that. I also had my dad say "Do it, I'm here." outside the door. I recorded, and my dad talking sounded like he was talking through a door. The voice I caught sounded like it was right next to the microphone.
    My mom thinks it's phone interference, but I don't think so. I wasn't on the phone, I was using the voice memo app. And I record a lot, and I have never had any voices like that, ever.
    I did not hear the voice as it was caught. I only heard it when I listened to the recording. I have never experienced anything paranormal in my house before that. And I haven't since then. Could my bathroom be haunted? Or is there a scientific explanation for this voice?
Here is the voice I caught:


Hi Meg,

  First off, although your bathroom may be an acoustic paradise for recording your singing it is not haunted. The same tiles that causes the reverberation that a singer looks for also trap electronic signals much the same way that clouds do.

  I have had opportunity to review and analyze the audio clip and form an opinion based on technology. I believe that you had picked up a stray signal on your phone. This isn't the first time that I have had to address this problem. One possibility as to why is the closed surroundings of the bathroom and the tiles bouncing signals as stated above. Realize that cells receive and transmit microwave extremely close to each other and can be picked up momentarily by another receiver. It is how AM, FM, shortwave, etc. radios work, they tune in on different frequencies and just as a radio can occasionally pick up a stray signal [even more so under the coverage of clouds as signals bounce between the earth and the cloud, so can cell phones because radio signals, microwave signals, visible light, x-rays, etc are all the same thing! They are electromagnetic waves operating at different frequencies and wave lengths. A microwave is a close cousin to a regular radio wave. [see attached photo].

  Via research I have found that cell phone interference can effect a microphone, even if they are not in the same unit. That means that it has happened to others, enough to be of a concern. Remember that you are dealing with a piece of electronic equipment and they are not only infallible, but are subject to conditions of use and environment.

  You will notice that there are two voices recorded. One is the male and yes, he is saying, "Do it, I'm here.", but that is followed by a female voice responding [unclear]. There are clicks before and after the voices indicating that they came from an earthly source. I also ran a spectral analysis and the graph indicates that the voices are very human, as in not paranormal. The clicks however show up as more "electronic" indicating a glitch with the phone recording an interference signal.

  Solution... stop using your phone as the be-all-to-end-all tool meaning that it's primary purpose, despite all of the bells and whistles, is to receive and transmit radio signals in the microwave range - it's a phone. Therefore you may wish to purchase a digital voice recorder that is meant to serve the sole purpose of recording voices. Warning, they have been known to pick up a stray phone signal - but that is rare. Or you could try a non-interfering microphone designed for cell phones [see link].

  Meg, what happened to you is both common and rare. Common in that it happens a lot to a lot of people, but rare that it rrarely happens to the same person unless their phone is a piece of... broken. Unless the phone makers start improving the technology cross interference will become more common as more and more phones become activated and the microwave frequencies become more and more crowded. And the more crowded the air is with these waves, the more likely they are to "bump into" each other. If you keep the video up on youtube do yourself a favor and disable comments for that video and you won't have to deal with a lot of rudeness from the viewers. Just a thought. Incidentally, the 18 views that you got, about half were from me just so you know.

 If I can be of anymore assistance, let me know and thank you for writing to me a t All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. I am glad that you sought out an answer.

Take care,

Greg Pocha, All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

ORIGIONAL ANSWER [June 12, 2013]
Hi Meg,

 I will need time to review your clip as I need to download it, extract the audio and then run analysis. I can tell you right now not to expect a confirmation of this being anything more than cross interference. The problem with using an instrument that is meant to receive and transmit audio, or microwave signals is, well, that they transmit and receive audio and microwave signals! I have and will always state that a cell phone is useless for RAP/RVP [evp] or any other instrumental trans-communication based on the fact that they are receivers [and transmitters]. After all, why should professionals in this area of study, like my group, spend thousands of dollars on top of the line, state of the art equipment when all we have to do is dial-a-ghost? I have seen youtube videos of people who try to state that using iphones and ipods, etc. are the way to go for recording phenomena. Nothing is further from the truth. These arm chair, hobbyist playing "ghost hunters" do more harm than good in so many ways.

 I will say that I am glad that you tried to debunk it. That is a responsible and mature action. I will also say that my first impression from listening to the video is that it sounds like interference. Still, I will send you a follow up answer in the near future when I have run the analysis.


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