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Hello Greg,

 My grandmother passed away on 7th June,2013 and i was there in my countryside house where my Grandmother was living along with other family members when this happened.I live in a city which is 1600 Km away from my this country house.I only visit once in a year to this house just for having fun and get some time to get refreshed.The coincidence was this happened right one day before i was about to leave and return to my city home i.e on 8th June ,i was returning to my city home.This thing was running through my mind all the time even after i returned to my city house.One day i was trying to close my eyes in midnight in my bedroom.A unusual thing happened.Suddenly my whole body went immovable.I couldn't get up even i tried to get up with my full strength.I couldn't close my fist when i tried and utter a single word to help.I tried to scream but i couldn't.I felt like my whole body is paralyzed.I couldn't move my any part of my body for that time span.When i say any that means not even a single and smallest part not even my fingers.Finally i contemplated about my native god and prayed him and suddenly i became normal absolutely normal.

Can u please tell my why it happened?I want to get into deep of  this.Any help will be appreciated.

Thanx and Regards,


Hello Sam

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. I will be happy to shed some light on what has happened to you. First of all, I would like to offer my condolences on the passing of your grandmother. The loss of a loved family member can cause much sadness and emotional, mental and physical stress and distress for those who survive. This is what I believe is the cause of your event. We all cope with loss differently but the bottom line is that it is stressful.

  What has happened to you is not really paranormal in essence, although the phenomena is usually studied by parapsychologists. In reality, your event is physiological in nature with a dash of psychology, as the cause, thrown in. The phenomena that you describe is what is known as "sleep paralysis". It has happened to me several times starting in my teen years and at the time was very disturbing and frightening. Like you, curiosity make me seek out an answer, and then it wasn't so bad...annoying but not that bad.

  There is a chance that you may have briefly fallen asleep and then awoke to an alert level of consciousness without being aware that you fell asleep. Mentally you were awake, physically you were asleep. Yes, this happens and it is fairly common. I have medical texts in my library that cover this topic extensively. Here is what happens. When you sleep your body goes into a state of paralysis. This is to keep us from acting out our dreams. [Incidentally, there are those who actually act out their dreams and have caused injury to themselves, bed partners and property... fortunately that condition is fairly rare.] When you mentally slipped back into consciousness you became aware of the state of paralysis your body was in. This often happens when you wake suddenly. What you describe is again common in that the more you try to fight it, the more you try to move, the more difficult it seems to do so. Fighting the sensation only makes it worse in most cases. You realize that once you gave in, by reaching out to a higher source, that you finally came out of the state. It was the cessation of the struggle that allowed you to recover.

  The state that you describe is also common with those who are practiced at achieving out of body experiences [OBE]. The difference is that they are deliberately trying to go into that stage while those who are having a sleep disturbance are not.

  Sam, do not be surprised if this happens a few more times in your life, as I say it is fairly common. However, now that you are aware of what is happening you can see it for what it is. You also now know that fighting it is useless. Relax your mind and you will either come out of it naturally or you will fall asleep mentally and "rejoin" your sleeping body. Also the majority of these events happen when one is sleeping on their backs so I would suggest laying on your side to sleep if these events become commonplace to you. If you begin to notice any floating sensations, vibrations or a loud ringing sensation in your ears you will want to contact me again as that is indicative of an out of body experience and should be handled differently. However, I would not worry about that - I merely mention it. What you had was a normal episode of sleep paralysis, and sometimes what is normal can also be mysterious until it is understood.  If you have any other concerns or questions that you feel that I can assist you with, I'm here to help.

Take care,
Greg Pocha

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