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First I want to start off by pointing out that i'm an atheist, and really don't believe in any of that paranormal stuff, but onto my question. Several weeks ago, I incident which slightly scared me with what I saw.

    Me and my friend where in his room playing video games and such cussing at each other regular buddy stuff we played about until 2am and decided to go to sleep. So as we went to sleep I had a really hard time getting some shut-eye because it was a little warm in the room, but eventually fell asleep. A couple hours passed sleeping until I randomly woke up to go to the bathroom, I checked the time and saw that it was 4am and looked at the doorway of the room and saw a man standing there, at first I thought it was the father of the man but he appeared to be chubbier and transparent, I could see the wall behind him right when I noticed that I knew it was a ghost or something and I was unable to move for what seemed like minutes was actually about 3 seconds, and in my peripheral vision I saw something moving in the wall, it resembled a sort of mist like figure walking through the walls and the lamp, when I finally came to my senses, I quickly woke up my buddy and turned on the lights and explained everything to him, he then proceeded to tell me about how him and his family have also seen the same ghosts in the house or strange occurrences happening around the house.

    I was still frightened by this point but still decided to try to sleep, I still sleep over to see if I get the chance to see them again(the ghosts)but this time try to confront them instead of just staring at them, but that's besides the point. What I want to know is if this was just a hallucination? or was it real? I drank water and ate something before I fell asleep, I get plenty of vitamins from supplements but I want to know if there is an explanation or if im going insane or something!


Hello Nitram,

  Thank you for writing to me at AllExperts / Paranormal Phenomena with your questions. I will do my best to address your concerns. Thank you for your patience while with my late reply. I explained in my original reply that there was a site issue on my end. As soon as I informed the AllExperts tech. staff of the formatting problem there were on it and had it repaired in next to no time! Thanks again!

  Being an atheist has very little to do with ones belief or disbelief of paranormal phenomena. If an afterlife actually exists, it does so whether we acknowledge it or not. There are God fearing people who do not believe in an afterlife and there are atheists, like myself, who explore the possibility. Actually I find being an atheist helps my studies as I am not bound by conditioning, belief systems or biases. That being said, my library does contain tomes on various religions and bibles because they do deal with death and the afterlife. As the majority of religions have an afterlife belief I can see why you would link the two.

  Next I want you to know that you are not insane. The one's who go through an experience as you have and question their sanity I find are the sane ones. It is the ones who accept every and any thing regardless of how outlandish I worry about. In actuality, I receive many e-mails from people who have been subject to paranormal activity and I have had the majority question their senses. A lot of very logical and rational people are confronted with things that seem illogical and irrational on occasion.     

  You ask if what you saw was either a ghost or an hallucination. Because you were groggy from awakening I would have said that you were likely in a hypnopompic stare of semi-consciousness between sleeping and waking where hallucinations are usual and vivid. BUT... because you saw something that was later confirmed by your friend to have been witnessed before, and assuming that 1- he isn't pulling your leg and 2- he had not mentioned it to you in the past where the information may have sat in your sub-conscious mind [that was just active in the sleep stage you were coming out of], I will say that it is more likely that what you saw may have indeed been an apparition. I will also add that the time frame of between two and four in the morning is consistent with ghost activity.

  Now that being said, I am going to dismiss the mist that you witnessed in your perceptual vision as normal. The lighting, shadows, the way the eye works [rods vs. cones for example], your state of mind and alertness could all offer quite reasonable and rational explanations for the phenomena of the mist.

  Why did you see the apparition? You were at the right place at the right time [or the wrong place at the wrong time depending on your point of view]. I can not tell you why it is in the home or if the energy is that of a ghost, spirit or residual in essence with the amount of information at hand.

  Nitram, I need to make something clear. I have been using the term "apparition" to describe what you saw instead of "ghost". The reason is that I do not have enough information to tell if it was active or residual. If the entity acts, reacts and interacts with an intelligence then it is likely a ghost. If it does the same 'same old-same old' time and time again, then the apparition is more likely the result of residual energy. However you divide it, it seems that you witnessed something that could be classified as paranormal.

  I hope that I have helped shed some light on this for you. Remember that there are many people who have witnessed something out of the ordinary and are left scratching their heads. Mystery makes life interesting. If there is anything else that you feel that I can assist you with feel free to e-mail me, I'm here to help.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings  

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