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QUESTION: Had 2 questions please, hope you don't mind.
I personally experienced a pet 'visit' me shortly after it died and I strongly felt its physical presence on my bed, including walking on the bed (residual energy?). It happened a few times and I was literally paralyzed with fear each time; I couldn't even move. I knew there was really nothing to be afraid of, it was my beloved pet afterall, so why are people afraid of spirits even if they know they mean them no harm, as in my case?

I haven't experienced it firsthand, but after someone dies and there are signs of 'residual energy' e.g., the audible sound of them laughing where they aways laughed watching TV in their room, would that be considered to simply be a scientific energy imprint left behind, and not really a 'ghost' or spirit at all?  Thanks


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your questions. Two questions are no problem, an inquisitive mind should be limitless.

  I am sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. Believe me when I tell you that their unconditional love does not end just because they have shed their bodies. And that makes it difficult to say if what you are experiencing is residual or active. You are in a better position to determine that than I, and only time will tell. It is residual in nature if you are experiencing the same occurrences over and over with little or no change in the activity, the place and/or the time. However, if the ghost [yes, animals have ghosts] seems to act much as a living animal would in the real world, that is intelligently, or seems to react or respond to you, again much as it would if it were alive, then the activity is active, caused by the ghost and not residual. Many pets will wait around after they have died until their person passes over and then make the trip into the light with them. Until then they do in death pretty much what they did in life, minus the biological "functions".

  There are a couple of reasons that people are afraid of ghosts and yes I suppose spirits. The first one is that we have a fear of the unknown. Not so much as in the fear of unknown answers, such as "What is the currency of Bolivia?". I honestly don't know but do not have a fear of not knowing. The fear of the unknown that I speak of is the fear of not knowing what is lurking around the corner. In a manner, ghosts and spirits represent death. Death is a corner and most of us fear it, not only as death, the end of our life but also as death, the possible corner around which lays the afterlife. And thoughts of an afterlife generates fears of it's own. Fear of the unknown is an innate fear, very primitive and obviously a necessary aspect of "natural selection" as those who do not treat the unknown with some respect are likely to meet an unfortunate end. Fools rush in....

  Another aspect of the fear you speak of is the socio-anthropoligical beliefs in what ghosts are and what they do. Let's face it, myths, folklore and tales abound of the revengeful ghost, or the ancient burial grounds being destroyed with the disturbed spirits causing havoc, or of
Scrooge's dead partner Marley rattling his chains or of Ichabod Crane riding his horse through Sleepy Hollow. Nowadays, we have an overabundance of television programs and movies about evil entities, poltergeists and malevolent ghosts. The negative aspects of ghosts, spirits, entities and what have you is ingrained in our conscious and subconscious minds from a very young age. The fear is a product of our culture.

  To address your question about your example of hearing someone in their old room laughing at a program as they once did in life, and to whether the phenomena is residual or active is impossible to answer as one or the other in that the answer would again depend on the same conditions regarding the aforementioned pet. If the phenomena seems "looped", that is the same stuff happening at the same time in the same place it is more likely residual than if the time, places, events changed as if the person were conscious, active, reactive and intelligent,which would indicate an active ghost and a possible haunting.

  Lee, in this field, due to it's very nature, has very little "scientific" anything, including as you state energy imprints. It is not like residual microwave radiation left over from the Big Bang that can be observed. Stone tape,water tape and other residual paranormal energy theories are just that - theories. In our defense, the majority of theories set forth by theoretical physicists, regardless of the amount of degrees and letters after their names are just that - theories!

  Is it a ghost? Is it residual? The answer is in the behavior. The way that you might want to look at it is thus. Watching a movie star on a tape. Calling him an idiot will not result in anything. He won't respond, he isn't there. Now invite that movie star into your home and call him an idiot. You're likely to get slapped upside the head. The first is residual in nature and the second is active - and painful.

  Lee, I hoped that I have shed some light on your questions. If there is anything else that you would like to know, you know where to find me and I'm happy to answer all of your questions - no limits!

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, I guess anything is possible, but is it possible then that feeling the pet on the bed or hearing a person laugh could in fact be nothing more than residual energy that is scientific in nature, and except for that, the animal or person really doesn't exist at all as a ghost/spirit?

Hi Lee,

  Yes, it is entirely possible that the feeling of the pet or hearing a person laugh is residual instead of active. Perhaps I should explain "active". People and some animals who pass over are not in fact "dead" if there is an afterlife. An active entity therefore is one who is still "alive", perhaps in a different dimension, but definitely in a different realm who is capable of being active [capable of action, interaction and reaction], just as a living person or pet is. Residual energy does not have the ability to react, interact or act although it may be active in the atmosphere.

  It is possible that residual energy can exist, if in fact it does actually exist, without the cause of that energy having an afterlife. In other words, if residual energy exists, it can do so independently of an afterlife with the person or animal being completely out of the picture, dead on all accounts. It is also possible for residual energy to exist although the cause may be still alive. For example, someone who was incarcerated may have suffered a terrible beating. That energy may have become a part of the atmosphere and continue as residual phenomena although the person who received the beating is still alive. Death alone does not cause residual phenomena. That is why I do not call residual phenomena a "haunting" as many others do as a haunting is created by an entity capable of action, interaction and reaction.

  I hope that this helps you understand the differences. The only way to determine as to the type of phenomena that you are experiencing is by observing it and looking for a pattern. A definite pattern usually indicates residual phenomena. If I can be of any more help please feel free to contact me.

Take care,

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