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Hi can i just ask you a few questions  as an interview for my research project.
1) Have you ever actually seen a ghost?
2) Could you please tell me some achievements of ghost hunting that you've got?
3) Are there any difficulties or dangers that you face while hunting?
4) What technique do you usually use to hunt ghosts? Is that always effective?

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Hello John,
Thank you for writing to me at AllExperts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your questions. Thank you as well for your patience while AllExperts fix their formatting problem. I'll basically answer your questions, and hope that these would provide answers for your survey.

  1- I believe that I have seen 2, possibly 3, ghosts in my lifetime.  My first sighting occurred nearly half a century ago, and was actually the catalyst for my studies of the paranormal.  I will not go into details, but suffice it to say, that I would classify it as a full body "comfort" apparition.  My 2nd sighting happened less than a year ago in a stairwell of an apartment building I recently moved out of.  This again was a full body apparition though not detailed as the first.  It was completely unexpected.  The 3rd occurrence I am hesitant to classify as a ghost, as there may be a rational explanation for the sighting.  it occurred in a bed and breakfast in Calgary.  Although I am a paranormal investigator, none of these occurred within an investigation.  Ironically, despite the large number of investigations my team have undertaken, we have yet to see anything even resembling a ghost.

  2- First of, I would have to say none as I am not a ghost hunter.  I, and my organization, do not utilize this term as we find this disrespectful of the deceased, and demeaning & insulting to those few of us who are serious & dedicated paranormal investigators & parapsychologists. We explore the unknown rather than hunt human beings.  If this field of study is ever to gain respect from the general public, and specifically, the scientific community, we must refrain from using juvenile terms to describe our work. Doctors are not referred to as disease hunters. Dentists are not referred to as cavity hunters.  As such, out of respect for the people involved in the field, living or dead, we should also refer to ourselves with a more appropriate title. Ahhh... that felt good.

Seriously, to answer your question,there is a difference between achievement & accomplishment. When it comes to proving the existence of ghosts, the phenomenon of hauntings, or the possibility of life after death, we have, as the rest of the people in this field, proven and therefore achieved nothing.  That is why the work is ongoing. However, in terms of accomplishment, I can say that I have gained personal satisfaction in knowing I have been helping people with situations that they often find frightening, confusing & disruptive;  whether it be through discovering earthly rational answers to their situation, or help them deal with something more preternatural in essence.

  3- While performing investigations, there are 2 types of dangers that can be present.  Of course, one has to deal with the physical environment. Often, work is done in total darkness, which of course can render one susceptible to personal injury.  People have died in the course of investigating ghosts.  However, these are usually amateur, armchair, hobbyist "ghost hunters".  I and my team are professionals, and we take precautions & safety measures against injury.

Second type of injury we face, is the possibility of physical or psychical attack from the very ghosts/entity that we are investigating.  The ghost realm is saturated with nasty characters. Again,we also protect ourselves from these kind of attacks.  There are cases of those, again the stereotypical "ghost hunter", who take no such precautions and deserve to pay the price.

  4- Unfortunately, I am unable to answer the first part of your question due to the fact that several of our techniques & methods of our exploration are what one might call "trade secrets".  We often utilize different & innovative types of equipment & techniques that we do not wish to make public until they have been thoroughly tested & proven/disprove to be effective.

As for the second part, despite decades of ongoing research & investigation of the paranormal, it is painfully obvious that no method has been proven effective.  If it had been, the question of ghosts would be answered.  All the data so far is not hard evidence despite the method of capture.  These are mostly circumstantial & subjective at best.  Let's take recorded voice phenomenon [RVP][the modern term for EVP], for example.  There have been tens of thousands of supposed recorded disincarnate voices. However, not one of them is absolute proof of the existence of ghosts or the afterlife.  Simple math tells you that ten thousand times zero is zero.  When you consider the decades that EVP research has been undertaken, there remains no empirical proof of anything otherworldly. It is obvious that, as to date, no proven effective methods exist to satisfy the scrutiny & skepticism of the scientific community.  They prefer repeatable results & the best we can offer are individual results, again circumstantial & subjective.  

I hope this helped to address some of your concerns.  if there is anything else i can help you with, please feel free to write again.

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