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Hi Mr Pocha,

Ever since I was young, around the age of 15 anyway (I'm 24 now), I have had strange things happening to me. Nothing that i can really put a finger on as ghostly, but odd. I lived in a home where things where bad for me. I was molested several times and didn't do well in school and had few real freinds. I became a bit of a loner. Things are getting better for me now as I am getting my life back on track. I'm headstrong and am building my life up with little or no help. Still I think that i could use your input because things are happening that seem out of the ordinary.
Here are some examples of the things that have happened. Foe example I put things somewhere, like my keys on the dresser and when I go for them they are found elsewhere like on the kitchen table. That happens a lot.
I will often feel a demonic presence around me.
I have found occasional marks on my body, scratches and bruises that I am certain were not there earlier on in the day.
Really strange is that twice in the past I have found things on my kitchen table that were not mine. Once a small bunch of wildflowers that looked like the ones growing in a park not far from where I live and once a checkered scarf. i difinitely would have known owning a checkered scarf!
Do you have any idea what might be happening to or around me? Like i said, this just isn't normal so I'm assuming paranormal??? Any advise or answers would be appreciated.

Hi J.,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. I am put in one of those situations where you may not like my answer, but never the less, I am here to help and to do that I have to be honest. I answer from the heart and not to gain brownie points. I am also not one to offer bandaid solutions to complex issues.

  Before I begin, I thank you for sharing your experiences with the public, even though some are painful. I have had questions regarding sexual molestation before and they were labled as private by the questioner and therefore did not make it to the publics eye. I have taken the liberty to changing your full name to an initial, 'J' in my response to help keep your identity private. I now have that opportunity to address this issue in an ability to maybe help others. Thank you.

  J, I honestly feel that your situation, given the facts, is very likely NOT paranormal in essence. Nor is it parapsychological but rather, in my belief, psychological. This is why you have a difficult time as pinpointing the "ghostly" aspect of your situation. Everything that you have related in your letter screams dissociative disorder, albeit a minor one. {This is the point where some readers are rolling their eyes... not everything, regardless of how it looks is paranortmal folks and I would be the fool to assume that it is!]

  There are cases where the victim of assaults and molestations develop a second [or more] personality that is quite separate from the host. It is a psychological ccoping mechanism where an alternate personality [alter] develops to protect, shield or hide the victim from the "pain". In other words, the alter copes with the molestations by becoming the one that is being molested thus saving the host from the assault. As a matter of fact, the majority of people who have alters have been the victims of assault, psychological trama and / or molestation, especially where the molestations is done on an on-going basis.

  If you think about it, you may have experienced time loss at some points as well. There is also an excellent chance that these events are happening when you are under stress, as it is stress that triggered the development of the alter in the first place and it is stress that is it's calling card. There is a good chance that it is you, as your alter, who brought home the flowers and the scarf. The you, the real you, later notices them and wonder where they came from. The flowers were close to home so a short walk would have put you in the vicinity. Who knows, the scarf may have been sitting on a bench at that same park at another date and your alter found it and fancied it. This could also explain the scratches and bruises as you alter may be doing things that result in such minor injuries.

  But what about the demonic presence? Believe it or not, that is a common occurrence, a symptom so to speak of a multiple personality and one of the things that lead me to my conclusion. I am going to refer to the DDIS (Dissociative Disorder Interview Schedule), a questionnaire used by health professionals to determine types of disorders. I am going to paraphrase the questions and shorten them.... Question 102. Have you ever had any kind of supernatural experience... Question 103. Have you ever had any ESP [psi] experiences... Question 104. Have you ever felt that you were possessed by a [A] DEMON, [b]dead person, [c] living person, [D] some other power or focus...? Questions 105 - 107 also relate to paranormal experiences. What this indicates is that what you are experiencing is a common thread, common enough anyway to make it into the DDSI as a question to a symptom.

  J, you stated that you are going through your recovery alone. I admire that but... as you reached out to me I am going to ask and encourage you to reach out now to a mental health specialist. I can only surmise the actual problem. As I said, if indeed you are suffering from a dissociative disorder, it seems minor and therefore treatable. I believe that your answer lays in the hands of a qualified psychologist. It would be outside of my area of expertise to give you any more help than this, at least for now. I wish you all the best with your plans. i admire what you are doing and how you are taking a stance to get your life on track as you said. Bravo! I hope that in some way I have shed some light on your problem and have helped.

Take good care,
Greg Pocha, All Experts

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