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Hi, I have been experiencing a bit of spirit/ghost activity in the house I have been living in for 2 years.  About 3 months ago I threw away 7 sticks of papas grass that I had in the house in a vase. I threw them in a heap in the backyard.  About 1 week I was walking around the property one at night with my dog and I happened to notice that the papas grass which was just thrown in a pile was now arranged in a symbol that was perfectly layed and symmetrical. The next night I went and looked again and the symbol had changed slightly but was still arranged perfectly symmetrically.  During this time there were heavy winds rain and storms but the papas grass did not move a millimetre. Its still there but now the grass on the ground has grown over it.
I drew a diagram of the 2 symbols and would appreciate very much if you could tell me the meaning of them.

Hello Laura,

You didn't say where your house is situated, in a town or the city, or the country.  Are there kids around?  Do you have kids of your own?  Obviously someone was having fun making symbols, but it might not be ghosts.  

I don't think the change was 'slight', it remade the symbol.  Depending on which direction the wind was blowing, that might have moved the reeds, but not symmetrically, so it has to be deliberate.

The bottom symbol looks vaguely like the rune Aligiz, and the first could be Othila in reverse ... but I'd be looking at them being created by a person, for fun, rather than as a message.  The meanings of the runes you can find here ..  if the meanings are appropriate to your life, it might be a message 'for' you, or it could be a message 'from' someone existing in your home (in the sense of a ghost).  Have you considered having your house cleared?

I am sorry I can't be of more help,
Love & Peace

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