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QUESTION: I had these two astro travel dream experiences this past week on Thursday night and Monday night. In the first experience, I had woken up and gotten out of my bed, everything looked exactly like my room and my house does when I am fully awake, so I assumed I was awake. It was still dark out, so I walked over to the front door of my house and outside to the front yard. It was windy out, but the note on the ground was not moving. I went up to the note, but I don't remember all that it said. I only remember the last two lines: Lady W is always near by, even when you think she is not. Lady W is always watching you, even when you think she is not looking. I then heard a voice singing in the wind saying, skylights highlight all my wrongs, skylights reveal all my flaws. I then went back inside and back to bed. Last night on Thursday, before I went to bed, everyone was asleep and I was in my bed. I heard a knock on my door, it sounded like my mother's knocking, but I knew she was asleep at the time, though. Despite this, I still managed to fall asleep. I then had another astro travel experience in my sleep. It started out the exact same way as the first time, except when I exited the house, the wind wasn't blowing & there was no note. Then as I was about to re-enter the house, I heard the wind blow lightly and the same voice that had been singing to me before in my last astro travel dream was now saying, the truth will all be revealed. Then I re-entered the house and went back to my bed. I've had strange things happen to me before during all astro travel experiences, but this was just strange. What is your view on this? Who do you think this woman is?

ANSWER: Hello lila,

Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your questions. I need more information to help you.

1- Please explain to me what you mean by astral travel. It's not that I am not familiar with it, on the contrary, I am well versed on the subject. That is why I need to know what you yourself think it is because what you are describing does not sound like much else than a vivid dream rather than astral travel.

2- Do you feel that you are having an out of body experience during these episodes? If so, do you experience paralysis, a feeling of vibrating, ringing in the ears or seeing your body asleep while you are in journey?

3- How close is your clock radio to your head when you are in bed? Is there a router or wifi receiver in your room? A TV in the room near the bed?

Any additional information that you feel is relevant would be helpful.

I look forward to your follow up reply.

Greg Pocha / Ghosts and Haunting / All Experts

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That's the thing, I usually know it's astral travel in my sleep whenever I see my body sleeping on the bed which is what happened in these two dreams at the end when I went back to bed. I do regular astral travel where I do get the sensations you described, but sometimes it does happen when I sleep and usually it's more vivid and intense... I've had some really awful experiences before with it, more so in my sleep than any other time. When I do go through it in my sleep, it's a strange sensation: everything looks and feels as if I am awake and when I am outside the bedroom, I do believe I am awake and fully conscious. But when I go back to my room, it gets freaky because I can see myself sleeping and it's terrifying to look at, esp since I think I am awake whenever this does happen. I do not have any clock in my room, I only knew the time because it was on the clock on the oven in my kitchen, I have to walk past the kitchen area to get to the front door in my house.

Hi Lila,

  Thank you for your response, the additional information is exactly what I needed to form an opinion about the occurrences and the resulting misunderstanding.

  The two incidences that you have brought to my attention are in all likelihood not actual astral journeys. They are what are known as a "false awakening", in your case a type two. In a false awakening, the dreamer feels as if they are totally aware, awake and conscious. The dream is extremely real and vivid,even lucid, and the dreamer has no realization that they are in fact still asleep and dreaming. Unlike an astral travel experience, the you that you see on the bed is part of the dream although you are mistaking the experience as a more familiar astral travel experience. This is why the two experiences were different from the others - they were different.

  Now if there is any validity in astral travel, then one must assume that the traveler's consciousness, call it astral body, soul or what have you, leaves the physical body and travels to very real places. As an example, and this is only an example, say that I were to astral travel to a neighboring apartment. I should, by very definition of astral traveling, be aware of the room of this stranger - where his stereo is, what paintings he has on the wall, the color of his carpet and whether the plant needs watering. Now if the journey were indeed successful, then if I were to actually, physically visit said apartment,  all should be as my astral body saw it. What this is leading to is that if what you described was an actual astral journey outside the door, where you found the note, then the note should actually exist and be there [one could argue that the note blew away, but that would be missing the point]. However in a dream, regardless of how real it was, the note would be nonexistent. That in itself indicates that you had a false awakening.

  Seeing as how this was a dream, the interpretation of what it stood for is outside my area of expertise. There are avenues that you could look into if finding the "meaning" is important to you. There are experts here at All Experts that can help you at the following link:

  If you wish a bit more insight on astral travel I have recently answered another with this subject.

  Lila, I hope that this helps clear up any confusion that you may have had. Should you require any further assistance, you know where to find me. Take care,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

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