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QUESTION: "For a while now I have been able to feel the presense of other things. I can't tell where they are or what they want but i can just feel that something else is there. I can feel some particularly awful ones in my room which I assume to be demons. I try my hardest not to fuel or encourage them but it's hard since I can tell they're watching me. Recently my friend has been trying to get me to try astral projecting with her but I am almost too scared to because I know I'll be able to see them. When I get scared I feel them more intensely and usually I won't sleep for hours on end because of fear. I'm only 16 and i really hate that this has been happening to me for years. It's time I did something to get over my fears and get them outta here but i have no idea what to do. I'm pretty sure they drove my dog crazy as well. He started lunging and biting at mid air and eventually we ended up putting him down because he just went bonkers. I'm prepared to do whatever to kill or get rid of these things I just don't want to rush into it unprepared and make things worse. I just told them to "eff off" and i think it just served to rial them up more because now I'm hearing noises. I'm at the end of my damned rope with these guys and I just want them out. Thanks for your time and i look forward to your response!

ANSWER: Hello Rachel,

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  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. Thank you  for allowing me the extra time that I required to answer. As a paranormal investigator, late summer and fall are my busiest times as people tend to forget about their haunting when they are out most of the time. As well, the longer daylight hours mean more electromagnetic interference.

  I notice that you have asked more than one expert about your problem. As stated in my "Instructions from Greg Pocha" on my All Experts page , answer shopping usually results in confusion. That being said, I will give you a researched and thought out answer and not a lot of nonsense new age babble. Nor will I give you a band-aid solution to your problem.

  I will be glad when my book comes out with the explanations as to what we call "demons" actually are. Until then I will tell you that demons are a creation of man and perpetuated by his ignorance to this day. Demons are more symbolic than actual. That does not stop people from becoming "possessed" if that possession is the result of auto-suggestion psychosomatic influence or in certain cases, mental illness. In the past, epilepsy was mistaken as a sign of possession. Ergotism, or ergot poisoning was likely the cause of the witch persecution in Salem. Rye bread was likely infested with the ergot fungi, which acts like LSD and caused the signs of possession. Of course, as far as paranormal type demons go, mistaken identity, impersonation and misunderstanding are the likely sources of demons and so called demonic activity including possession.

  In the western world we are influenced by religion, namely Christianity, Hollywood and television as well as folklore and myths, be they ancient or urban. Demons in Christian influenced places are the result of Christianity itself. The old testament, the Torah, the Bible used by Christ, treats demons as nearly non-existant. Demons are a product of Christianity and therefore are less than 2ooo years old. Satan as the "devil" does not come into being until the new testament... salvation from Satan is the main selling point for becoming a Christian.

  Let's suppose that the demons that you sense are actual underlings of Satan. Their purpose is to influence people, take them over and steal the soul for the devil. Wouldn't it just make more sense for the demon to move in and take over the person as soon as possible? Yes, but that is not how it happens is it. [I feel that both God and the devil himself could use a course on good old German efficiency!] The long drawn out process of possession lends itself to my theory that it is self produced. People convincing themselves that they are possessed just like those who suffer from a psychosomatic pregnancy will show all of the physical symptoms of an actual pregnancy although they are not at all pregnant.

  Here is where you will run into problems. If you believe that you are sensing demons in your space, you will convince yourself over time that these non-entities are real. Once that autosuggestion grows, you will essentially possess yourself. Belief is a strong motivation. If you convince yourself on a conscious, and worse, a sub-conscious, level, you will produce the psychosomatic symptoms of a possession.

  So then, what is happening to you?  You are at the age where your body is changing. You are undergoing the physiological and the psychological changes associated with puberty. Did you know that poltergeist-like activity is strongly associated with females between the ages of 13 - 19? It is true, documented and established. The bio-energy that you are creating is like a red flashing neon sign to the deceased in the ghost realm saying "Free Buffet Here". If you are at all psychic or sensitive, you may feel their presence. Bear in mind that these ghosts are acting as parasites and are, therefore, detrimental to your overall well being - physically, psychologically, emotionally and even psychically. But they are not demons!

  At this stage you will need to surround yourself with protection.  The following invocation will help. Use it each night before bed. If you have your own God to pray to, that will reinforce this. If not, this invocation is powerful enough alone.
"I call
Before me, Raphael.
Behind me, Gabriel.
To my right hand, Michael.
To my left hand, Uriel
To surround me, my Guides, Guardians and Protectors.
I ask that you surround me with your protection. I ask that my Gate-keepers from the pure white light keep all malicious, malevolent, evil and negative energies, entities, beings and all earthbound souls away from my being and my possessions. I ask that my protectors surround me at all times and in all places with the protective light. I ask this in the name of all that is pure and holy. As I ask, so must it be."

  From the Kabbalah you may do this. Take a red string and place it around your left wrist. Have someone you trust to tie seven knots in it. It does not have to be tight, allow room to be able to put a finger or two between it and your wrist. This bracelet is a protective talisman. Leave on for at least seven days, but you can wear one 24/7/365 if you wish replacing as necessary. You can also place one around the doorknob to your room.

  Did you know that a lot of auto accidents are caused by false assumptions? As cars are manufactured with more safety features people start to assume that they are invulnerable to accidents, injuries and death. This is a false sense of security. The invocation is a safety feature, but it does not make you invulnerable should you decide to misuse it. Play with fire long enough and you will get burned. Therefore I would suggest that you leave the astral travel alone, especially since there is evidence that it is little more than psychic suggestion and likely a self-hypnotic state - a self produced altered state of consciousness. Regardless, at your age you are vulnerable enough - don't play with fire. Better you should study the phenomena before jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim! What your friend does is her concern - don't buckle to peer pressure as so many teens do.

Well Rachel, I hope that this has helped. If you need any more help with this you know where to find me. Take care and work with caution at all times should you decide to pursue your interests.

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

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QUESTION: Thank you for the very detailed answer. I am eager to try your solutions. The reason I "answer shop" as you call it is because I believe in getting multiple opinions on a subject and collecting as much information as possible. It's kind of like going to a second doctor for a different opinion if you need to be medicated for something. I have been taking the past few days to look into astral projection and i probably won't try it until I'm well versed in the risks just in case. My friend and I have already attempted to joint lucid dream however it's too hard for us to keep any sort of connection for more than a few seconds which is why she's having me try to astral project. I'm hoping I can get these ghosts to leave me alone however and thank you again for the detailed answer, I appreciate it.

Hi Rachel,

  You are most welcome. You will always get differing opinions in a subjective topic. There's no escaping that. That is why mainstream science turns is's back and sneers at the paranormal and parapsychological. Empirical proof is sorely lacking.

  To aid your concentration and to aid in lucid dreams download the "brown Noise" from my web site... it works. The link is as follows:

  Be sure to play it at a comfortable column and position your player so that the noise is ambient and not directed toward one ear over the other. Centered at the foot of the bed is best.

 Again, thank you for your gratitude. Good luck and stay safe in your endeavors.

Warmest regards,

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