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For a while now I have been able to feel the presense of other things. I can't tell where they are or what they want but i can just feel that something else is there. I can feel some particularly awful ones in my room which I assume to be demons. I try my hardest not to fuel or encourage them but it's hard since I can tell they're watching me. Recently my friend has been trying to get me to try astral projecting with her but I am almost too scared to because I know I'll be able to see them. When I get scared I feel them more intensely and usually I won't sleep for hours on end because of fear. I'm only 16 and i really hate that this has been happening to me for years. It's time I did something to get over my fears and get them outta here but i have no idea what to do. I'm pretty sure they drove my dog crazy as well. He started lunging and biting at mid air and eventually we ended up putting him down because he just went bonkers. I'm prepared to do whatever to kill or get rid of these things I just don't want to rush into it unprepared and make things worse. Thanks so much for your time and I hope you can give me some sort of plan of action to get these creeps out of my room and for how to deal with them in the future. Thanks again!

Hello Rachel,

If you actually had demons in your room what you would be experiencing would be far worse that you feeling frightened and the poor dog going nuts.  Sounds more like irritating ghosts to me.  They love to tease and torment people, and animals, and the best place for them is in heaven .. in healing .. some place they learn better behaviour.

Here's the tool I use to clear my home, when the ghosts are being irritating ...  it works very well.  The instructions are on the page.  It doesn't matter whether you believe in Jesus or not, say his name anyway .. the demons believe in him, and if you had demons, they will be removed, as will ghosts and any other negative entities.  

Then this:  on that page are two energy shields which also work very well.  Learn them and use them, to help you feel safe again.

And then .. leave the astral projecting until you feel more secure in yourself.  It's not a game to be played, you do it naturally anyway, when you are asleep .. it just seems to be the new fad for kids your age.  It's generally not harmful, but like any metaphysical adventure, should not be forced upon you by anyone else.  All things in their season, and in 'your' good time.

Love & Peace
p.s.  you can find me on facebook.  I just got asked to tell you that, by my angels.  

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