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pappas grass first shape
pappas grass first sha  
     My boyfriend and I moved into an isolated farmhouse in a remote area; No neighbours, just paddocks all around.  We have experienced minor spirit activity since we moved in ( approx. 2 years ago).  Roughly 4 months ago I threw out a few sticks of pappas grass that I had in the house in a pile over the fence.  About a week later I was walking past the spot I threw the grass with my dog and I noticed the grass had been arranged into a very distinct and symmetrical pattern.  The next night I walked past the pappas grass again and the grass had been moved into another distinct shape.  Over the next 2 weeks we had strong winds, rain and storms and the grass did not move one cm.  I don't believe the wind could have blown the grass into these shapes as the grass was laid in far too symmetrical a shape each night. The grass in the ground has since grown up and around the pappas grass. About a week ago I was walking the dog again around this area and not far from where the pappas grass was I saw two of the dogs bones which I chuck over the fence were arranged into a v shape. I know I would have noticed these before if they just landed that way when I threw them over the fence because ever since the pappas grass I keep my eyes on the ground in case any more "shapes" show up, and I threw those bones over the fence before the pappas grass happened.  They were also arranged far back from the area I threw them.  My boyfriend was talking to a farmer who lives in town tonight and he told my boyfriend that a man who lived here about 40 years ago was murdered here, he was shot in the paddock.  That would certainly explain spirit activity here but I would be really interested to know what the shapes signify.  I drew a picture of the pappas grass shapes and attached them but keep in mind I don't know if I was looking at them from the right angle.  Anything you could tell me would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Laura,

  I will require a little more information. I need to know exactly where in Australia that you are located. Even the mileage to the nearest town would help and if you are situated N, S, E, or West of it. This is to help me look for symbols that might be specific to the local. I will also have to research the symbols so I trust that you will understand that that may take some time. There is a chance that I might not find out what they mean all but I'll give it my best shot. I look forward to hearing from you.
Ciao for now,

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Grantville, Victoria. Our house is approx. 1.5 miles east of the township which is very small (roughly a dozen shops). The nearest major town is Wonthaggi which is 15 miles east of us. Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Hi Laura,

  I've another quick question. The photo that you took of your drawing is dated July 17, 2012. I need to know as precisely how long it was between the day of the occurrence and the day you drew the pictures and photographed them. Did the occurrence by chance happen in May or June of 2012? Also, do you have any children, or youngsters that were visiting at the time? I again await your response... sorry about all the questions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, I have no children and no children or teenagers visit this property. The day of the occurence was about May/June 2012.  I also have some new info about the murder. My boyfriend and I were talking to the farmers again today who told my boyfriend about the murder and my boyfriend didn't hear right the first time.  Apparently the guy who lived in the house about 40 years ago shot and killed his wife.  He was standing on his tractor with their little girl and his wife was standing on the ground.  He shot her and then told everyone the tractor jumped and caused him to accidentally discharge his rifle.  It came out that it wasn't an accident and he went to jail.  Thanks for your time.

Hi Laura,

  Thank you for your patience while awaiting my answer. It is appreciated. Also thank you for providing the additional information, it has helped me reach a conclusion based on what I have received.

  I believe that the two incidents, that of the grass stalks being arranged and the activity of a possible ghost are coincidental, but unrelated. In my opinion, the grass was arranged by the human hand. At first glance it resembled the compass / square symbol used by the Freemasons. It also looks like the occult figure for Saturn, if viewed from an angle. But to be honest, I think that perhaps it was meant to resemble a pirates cross bones. Why? It seems to coincide with Grantville's Pirate Festival that is held in May/June, the time of its appearence. That is a coincidence that I can not overlook. Perhaps some kids rode bikes into the country and saw the reeds and played around with them. Another possibility is a prank. Obviously the history of your property is known about town. I'm not proud to say this, but in my youth, had I had information about something like your situation, I would have harmlessly pranked the property with something "spooky" myself. [Thank God I grew up!] I, and my colleagues find this the most plausible explanation.

  Let's look at the reasoning behind this not being done by a ghost or other entity. I have to look at this from the point of view of the ghost. If I were to try to get a point across to the living, why would I use a symbol that nobody can figure out? Why would I use something so ambiguous? That would hardly serve my purpose. Also, from the ghosts point of view, it would have to know the meaning of the symbol itself, and then hope that whoever sees it recognizes it. That seems to be a lot of trouble and a huge expenditure of valuable ghostly energy to make a useless point. Given the materials at hand, in this case the grass, why not make a letter or two indicating initials? Why not move the grass to in front of a door... unless the prankster wasn't that brave? If the ghost has the power to arrange the grass it has the power to make a totally obvious maneuver such as bringing it inside and putting it on the bed.

  Now if we take the grass incident as being done by the human hand we are still left with the possibilities of a very real ghost. The history of the home, the murder and attempted cover up, the emotions are all primer for a real ghost and the activity that accompanies such events. A tragic ending to a life, especially one as sudden as a shotgun blast usually equals a ghost. At the very least there will be residual energy left in the either.

  I would smudge the grounds. I would wait until just after a good rain [a thunderstorm would be best as the air would be cleansed by the ionization]. The grounds would also be wet and prevent an accidental fire due to a loose spark from the burning herbs used in the smudging. Actually, I wouldn't do it unless the grounds were wet. Better muddy boots than an out of control; grass fire.

  I can offer advise on how to perform this smudging and the materials that you would need but I do not put that information out to the general public. Please contact me at

or via the 'contact us' form at

and I will be happy to get that information out to you.

  I hope that this has helped shed some light on what has occurred on your property. I look forward to hearing from you personally so that I can get the additional information out to you.

Take care,
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