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QUESTION: hi i have had two weird episodes happen in my life, can things follow you through life once they find you? 1st thing 2006 set up camera an watched 3yr old son while in his room whispering voices talking to him picked up on camera mic,very curious about me they would ask him things about me there was more then 1- 3 of them i think they were not good either scared my son of a nite he would wake up screaming. things escalated to the point that these presence were muddling with our electrical items phone toaster jug TV lights in particular,my sons behavior towards me changed he said things like gunna cut your head off or when lights kept blowing that they his red friends is what he called them would keep going until there is only 1 light left and then they put that one out to. he started drawing on the walls and said it was to let his red friends in. dishes would jump in the cupboards and it felt like what had been confined to my sons room was now making  its way up the hall to get me, we moved and ran to my mums house still paying rent at the haunted one while there we set camera up pointed at bed rm my son was in orbs heaps and heaps of them floating out frm under his door they seemed to attack the lens of the camera almost like they scorched it lens became clouded un useable.that nite bedrm son in caught on fire,lucky no one injured.son had woken to fire found standing at end of bed watching fire burn bed and wall. mum blamed us for the fire and we  had no where to go found a place in nother town but things followed took on another form invisible infestation bugs/fritters i now call them they infest anything and everything these things are scary get in your face and hair under the skin appear to others as nothing or dust an particles frm here or there this or that gave up looking for help and didnt want to continue to be seen as crazy. and then they were gone. now 2013 son 8 no red friends but there appears to be something again in my house watching me see it out of corner of my eye and feel its presence at times. and the fritters / bugs are back my room is the most infested and my car i look for them but they always diffrent form blk/brw spot ,fluff,white spec flys, they are unrelentless.and i feel electrical currents in the shed house and through me like static electricity so bad one nite that i was sparking in the car and was afraid it would kill me some how its really hard to explain but its like i touch or walk past things and it charges them with static electricity plastic and some material items reach out toward me as i pass them and some things like tissue change texture gos stiff and ruff just not normal texture or behaviour for these types of material. why is this happning now an only to me although my boyfriend has witnessed some of it has it followed me or am i being targated by someone, ii belive my sons father dabbled dark/blk magic or has it always been there with me and i just didnt notice it was there.

ANSWER: Hello,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. Please allow me some time to answer this thoroughly as this issue is complicated. It spans both time and location and has possible answers in a number of areas, including physiological, paranormal and psychological/parapsychological.  

  I need you to answer some questions as I need to know your current stress and mind set level. Please answer the quizzes on the following links and let me know the overall total score/results. I do not need the details, just the results.

  I also will need the results of the following test.

  I look forward to your reply in a follow-up response.

Thank you,

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QUESTION: hi and thank you for getting back to me so soon. i have done the two tests that you requested the first- mindtools score=76
         second- stienburg score=18
thank you for your interest in helping me.
look forward to your reply.

Hello Samantha,

  Thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply. it is appreciated. Also thank you for getting back to me so promptly with your test results. The reason that I needed them is because I need to differentiate between the possible sources of some of the activity that you mentioned. I needed to know if the current events are due to poltergeist activity or poltergeist-like activity. I needed to get inside your head for that. You may be pleased to know that you are not the cause.

  I need you to see an eye specialist the next time that you are experiencing anything that is out of the ordinary visually. A fair deal of the bugs and fritters{I'm unfamiliar with the word, must be a New Zealand term... here a fritter is something one eats] sounds like floaters. This should be checked out as recurring problems can lead to more serious complications. Better safe than sorry. Floaters in the eye can appear as small insect like specks, brown, black and white [other colors are common as well]. They will be moreUntil proven otherwise, I will stick to that explanation  for the "bug" problem. Actually, I would suggest a very thorough check up by your family MD.

  The activity that occurred in 2006 sounds as if there was a poltergeist involved. That explains many of the occurrences. The most notable, and the one that immediately caught my attention was the sourceless fire. Albeit rare, and usually occurring at the apex of the activity, unexplained outbreaks of fires is a typical poltergeist act, as are unexplainable puddles of water [thus the nick name, pooltergeist]. The trouble with the appliances is again, typical textbook behavior of these types of brief, but strong and destructive hauntings.

  As the 2006 events were so long ago there is no way to rule out the normal, but the orbs under the door were most likely dust coming in due to a draft. Magnitudes of orbs at one session in not paranormal. Actually it points the other way. Voices caught on the recorder is very likely due to the fact that monitors by the same company usually have only two frequencies and those are the same regardless of the unit. Therefore is is highly possible for one monitor to receive transmissions from another in a different residence. The further the distance the weaker the voices and that may sound other worldly unless you know the reason. Monitors are essentially radio receivers and transmitters.

  I highly doubt that anything followed you mainly due to the fact that there was such a lull in activity. You current situation is a whole new problem. The bug issue as far as I'm concerned is at rest with this addition, floaters can also appear web like or filmy structures or large and odd shaped.

  I question whether you may be sensitive to infrasound. Infrasound is below our normal level of hearing [below 20 hz] and is more common than one imagines. It can cause even the most ardent skeptic to feel haunt like sensations, including visual hallucinations, skin crawling and even electrically "charged". Causes can be from groves of trees, busy street traffic, near by rivers or moving water. Infrasound sensitivity may explain some of your experiences. You may also be sensitive to electromagnetic fields. This can also produce haunt like sensations and can come from sources as high voltage hires, a power/fuse box in the home, sleeping close to a clock radio or having wi-fi / modems in the home. Another source of your experiences may be due to winds. Places that are prone to winds often create an over abundance of positive ions in the area. Again these ill winds can create issues similar to one that you are having if you are sensitive to them.

  If there is an actual entity causing some of the trouble then a simple cleansing of your home should work. When one has a ghost present the ghost becomes the scapegoat for everything that occurs that seems out of the ordinary, and the fact is that it is likely innocent of 75% of the charges. Once you rule out the "normal" [and the normal can at times be strange indeed} then what is left is the paranormal, but the ruling out must be done first.

  Samantha, here is what I would recommend. Contact me and I will send you the information you need to perform a simple cleansing of your home as well as ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Use the following link to contact me and I will get that info out to you. Please remind me when you write as to who you are.

  I look forward to hearing from you and getting your problem resolved.

  Caio for now,
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