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Dear Ama Nazra,

Since I was 8, I have been "tuned in" and extremely interested in the paranormal, and I have worked and volunteered in this area on and off for about 28 years. I'm very intuitive and feel others' energies almost too intensely, but I have never seen or felt (I don't think) a ghost. My running joke is, "I'm literally dying to see a ghost!":))  

In your experience, do you think some people just can't perceive ghosts or feel spirits around them, as in lacking the "ability?" I do feel a strong sense of love and connection when I pray, but I have always wanted to see or perceive a ghost.

I've felt "dread" or a sense of "I don't want to be here" on a few occasions, and my dream life is active and I feel I have communicated with my deceased parents and other relatives on occasion, but nothing inanimate has ever moved in front of me, I don't see things peripherally, and I just wonder what it's like to feel, see, and even communicate with a ghost. Maybe that's too much of a question, but I've always had a yearning to be able to experience this, and I'd appreciate your take on it.

All the best,

Hi Elizabeth,

Was the feeling of dread connected to something that later happened, or did it just brush by for a moment .. or seem to hang around but nothing else happened?  Do you leave where you are when you get the sense of 'I don't want to be here'?  That could be precognisance, but both could be a feeling from a ghost.

The 'feel too much' of living people's energy is called empathy, and can be totally exhausting. The link below has a white light shield that will help you not 'feel' things when you don't want to, or not be drained by them.  
Yes, I think some people simply cannot sense ghosts, or see them.  It takes two different gifts to do that.  Most ghosts do not move things, they don't have the strength .. if they do have the strength it means they have been dead a long time and are usually very angry.

Have your dreams ever included watching someone die in some way?  Sometimes ghosts communicate their last moments to the dreamer, seeking attention (energy), sympathy or help .. I had a man wake me up last night .. he wanted help for a woman ghost before I could cross him over.  I wasted at least 30 sleepy minutes working that out, because he kept flashing me back to that house (in my mind) and wouldn't talk to me.  Once I crossed her, then I helped him.  While its interesting to be woken from your sleep by a ghost, its not always good for your energy. LOL  

Some mediums only ever have contact with 'spirits', who are people who have crossed into heaven and come back to visit, like your parents.  That's good.  Ghosts are very negative beings, and not everyone is supposed to have to deal with them.  While its fun to watch a cupboard open itself .. or a plate float .. its only confirming what you already know.  Ghosts exist.

I think, given what you already can do, that if you keep hunting, you will eventually have an experience .. try a really famous haunted house?  But .. remember to use the shield before you do .. you don't want to bring a ghost home with you.  They are psychic vampires, and really, in the long run, no fun to play with.

Love & Peace

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