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I used to be a big fan of all the ghost hunting/paranormal reality TV shows, but now I have become bored, mainly because no real evidence in my opinion has been recorded.
You would think by now a really good video would have surfaced, or a nice long EVP with an intelligent response. All I see is 'orbs', shadows, and bits of conversations.
Does this prove these shows are bogus, or the field itself is? Or are we just starting to find answers with technology?

Hello Bud,

  Thank you for writing to me at AllExperts/Ghost & Hauntings. If I were to give you a quick answer, it would be a quote from Dr. Carl Sagan, "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence". But you didn't write me for a quick answer.  I believe that you are looking for a concrete, empirical answer in a field that is known to be subjective & speculative. You express this yourself by stating in your question, " my opinion.."  You also have to take into account that an attempt to observe paranormal phenomena can affect the observation of that very phenomena.  This is similar to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle or the Double Slit experiment of quantum mechanics. The other issue we maybe looking at is we are attempting to observe activities that may be originating in a different dimension, when we only have three-dimensional technology to work with. For beings like us, it is mind-warping to even perceive the properties of a different dimension, let alone try to develop instruments to explore them. When scientists talk of different dimensions, they do so through mathematical formula or theories. The study of paranormal phenomena is also based on theory. While this is on my mind, we three-dimensional beings cannot even show superiority over a second dimension. For example, look in a mirror. Reflected back to you is a two-dimensional image. Now try to take your hand and push the image of your face to the side. Your three-dimensional hand has no effect on the two-dimensional image. In order to change that image, you have to change what is occurring in the third dimension. It is possible that whatever dimension ghosts exist in may be superior to ours.

  It has always been my opinion that if absolute proof of an afterlife exists, it will be through the result of an accidental discovery by theoretical physicists. As a matter of fact, many theoretical physicists have put forward the idea that nothing can exist without consciousness and that consciousness itself permeates the universe. We do not see gravity, but gravity exists. What we see are the effects of gravity. We do not see the realm of ghosts but we can observe the effects of a ghost. Therefore, consciousness itself maybe a field/force such as gravity, and it is consciousness that exists after death.

  I've always stated that skepticism is a healthy part of any area of exploration. Even more so when delving into the depths of the paranormal. However, the way I regard skepticism is the way the Greeks originally meant it when they coined the word: "to question". Yet skepticism in today's language has been adulterated to mean "cynic", to nay-say everything & anything that may expand their limited mind frame or fit their personal agenda. With that in mind, many people have come to believe that every light anomaly is a piece of dust, or that every recorded phenomena is a creaking floor board or the abdominal rumblings of a hungry investigator. When you add that with the amount of blatantly fake videos polluting YouTube, it is little wonder that anyone believes anything at all that is related to the field of paranormal studies. But remembering Carl Sagan, that doesn't mean it's all crap. The one in a million pieces of evidence get drowned in the sea of garbage; and fact from fiction becomes indistinguishable. Not only that, but it creates suspicion that many of the paranormal programs have fake evidence themselves.  I, and my team, have been on countless investigations and the amount of paranormal activity that we or other serious groups encounter is extremely minimal. If we were to televise that on a national television program, we would have a viewership of 12 for all of a week. When you look at televised paranormal shows and see the names of people in the credits at the end, you must realize that each and every person is expecting a paycheck at the end of the month. No viewers, no sponsors. No sponsors, no paychecks. So the programs are embellished with eerie music, special effects, and a lot of play around the one second phenomenon they actually capture. Real life investigation would bore the living daylights of the average person.

  When it comes to analyzing evidence, the majority of groups realize that real evidence is so extremely rare that they would promote anything even slightly out of the ordinary as being beyond the ordinary. To prove the point that many organizations are desperate for evidence, they will resort to using absurd toys as Spirit Boxes and random word generators to proclaim that data captured from such gadgets is proof of communication with the afterlife. When in fact, this is nothing more than proof that some people are extremely gullible. This subtracts from the credibility from anything that can actually be considered paranormal. I can honestly say that I and my group have recorded light anomalies that seem to react directly to a verbal request, and have recorded RVP's [Recorded Voice Phenomena, the modern term for EVP] where we have heard voices that have absolutely no recognizable source. We go to extreme efforts to ensure we are not recording stray radio signals or cell phone transmissions. We have had doors closed on us, heard a baby cry in a home where a baby had died, yet we can "prove" nothing. At this point in time, despite all the compelling evidence, I know of no one who can prove the existence of ghosts. That being said, I know of no one who can absolutely disprove the existence of ghosts.

  In closing, I would like to say that the popularity of paranormal shows is rapidly declining, more and more are being pulled of the air, and I am sure that I am not alone in saying: "It's about time". These shows have done more to destroy the field of paranormal studies than they have done good. They have created an overwhelming amount of armchair hobbyist "ghost hunters", who in turn have discredited & disgraced much of the hard effort the few of us have put into the field. That is not to say that the exploration of the paranormal is not a viable field of study. In reality, there are still many things that we have yet to discover in our own realm of existence. Seventy-five percent of the known universe is either dark matter or dark energy. Both of these still have scientists scratching their heads. Like ghosts, we see the effects of these forces though tangible proof has yet to be presented. Science never came to be science without millions of failed experiments. Paranormal study is still in the experimental stage. We should be allowed the same trials and errors that scientists make. As our assistant director says, much of scientific pursuits are afforded the luxury of grants and funding, often times in the millions of dollars. While 99% of university run parapsychology courses were closed down decades ago. If you can't profit from death & the afterlife, nobody is interested in funding its exploration.

Well Bud, I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. If you have any other inquiries or concerns you want answers for, do not hesitate to contact me and I'll be glad to help if I can.

Take care,

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