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Hi Ama
I am sure you are familiar with these devices. At first they were expensive and you only saw them on shows like Ghost Adventures, now they are a lot cheaper, you can buy, and put a video on youtube.
They almost seem too good to be true. Intelligent answers from distinct voices. Are these things the real deal? If so, are they spirit voices or demonic? Will they become the new ouija boards?
Thanks, and best wishes! As a cold Canuck right now, Australia is on my bucket list!

Hi Bud,

You would have loved today, it was not too hot, sunny, just a bit windy, and the perfect day for a party in the park .. so we (the citizens of the town) had one.  It was also Australia Day. :-)

Ghost boxes, Franks boxes .. as they used to be called .. personally I prefer the one I downloaded onto my Iphone from Spudpickles for free, I think its called the Ghost meter .. that one I have used for years, and it talks .. but NONE of them give coherent sentences.  Words yes, I have a son in spirit who sent a very clear message to me one night when I was with some friends at a haunted house playing (4 clear words, one after another, that made perfect sense, including his name) .. still a remarkable memory and it was a couple of years ago now ..

Are the voices demons .. no.  Demon energy is unmistakeable.  You feel it, you want to run away, and I suggest you do.  They are the voices of ghosts, sometimes spirits (there is a difference), and they are nothing like an ouija board.

The ouija works by making a break in the fabric of the universe between this dimension and the void, which is not a pleasant place visit, even for ghosts; and allows people to communicate through it.  It also allows entities to pass through it, because its a door .. that, if it isn't closed properly, and sometimes even if it is, will continue to allow entities to haunt the living .. and some nasty ones at that.  Ghosts are just lost humans, demons definitely aren't.  The former wants to use the living for food, the latter, demons, want to use us as toys.  They like to break things.

We've also had some interesting yes/no conversations using a KII gadget.  It reads EMF signals.   We (the living) set the parameters as to what a yes or no signal was .. and then asked questions. .. we met a dead rapist in a haunted house that way.   That was a nasty ghost.

Just remember to be careful .. and stay away from ouija boards .. please!!!!  The ghost meters are fun .. check out spudpickles, and no, I don't work for them :-)  I just like to recommend what works. :-)  And if you find something better, you can tell me .. I'm going back to my favourite haunted house in March. :-)

Love & Peace

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