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QUESTION: Hello Greg-

I am writing for some information because I'm not sure if I'm dealing with something spiritual, or just a 'series of unfortunate incidents'.  

Let me give you some background information.  In June of 2007, my youngest brother passed away, then in May of 2011 I divorced my husband of 14 years, who was mentally and emotionally abusive, and moved myself and our two daughters into a new home in an older neighborhood in our town.  The home was built in the 1940's or 50's and the original owner was the gentleman who built the home.  He passed it on to his grandson and his wife, and it changed hands about three times since then until I purchased it.  The owners prior to me were a younger couple (I am currently 38 and they were in their late 20's) with two young children.  The husband I knew from childhood, and he had been known to have a large and unstable temper.  Neighbors have told me of loud shouting matches between him and his wife that could be heard outside the house.  I had someone come in to do some repairs on the house and he had also done similar repairs to the home for the previous owner and had stated he never felt comfortable with the man at his back.

Shortly after I moved into the home, my father and I started to notice all kinds of odd little things about the home that needed fixing.  The disturbing part of it was that some of them were things that the previous owner had had to complete for the sale, then had gone back and destroyed after the sale had gone through.  A friend came in to fix them, and had tools start to show up in different places, light bulbs in sockets would explode without warning or the light being turned on, screws or small tools would roll and drop off of tables or ladders without anyone touching them.  The security system would come on for no reason in the middle of the night.

My youngest daughter, only 5 at the time we moved in, began to sleep walk, and mentioned a light in her closet waking her up, or the door to her closet coming open in the middle of the night.  Things get lost in the house and never get found, or turn up in the most unusual place.  There is an area in the home where there is absolutely no phone service, and there is one spot in the hall that is always cold no matter what.  The location of this cold spot is odd, because there are no vents, windows or opportunities for drafts.

The other side of this is that in the last two years my health has rapidly declined.  In two years I have been diagnosed with migraines, tremors, a sleep disorder, a connective tissue disorder, my depression has increased and I've landed in the ER three times for these conditions.  Thankfully, my children seem to be spared by this.

Our pets seem to be bothered minimally.  On occasion, my dog will jump out of a dead sleep and take off running like someone has poked her, and she has a tendency to pace often.  She has been checked by the vet, and has no health concerns. My daughter's cat has suddenly developed urinary tract issues since moving into this home and constantly urinates on the floor, which can be seen as a territorial issue.

I am not aware of anyone passing away in this house, or on the property.  I am wondering if there is left over residual spiritual energy causing problems, or if my 'post traumatic stress' may be causing issues, or a combination of both.  Or is it just 'karma' if you will.  If it is spiritual, is there some cleansing I can do of the property to help?  We have not seen anything, or have anything physically touch us.

Can you offer any insight or need any more information?

Thank you-


ANSWER: Hello Holly,

  Thank you for writing to me at all Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. You are going through quite the activity in your home and I believe that the answers may well lay in the collective energies that are in the home from both the past and the present. It is situations such as yours that I am happy to do what I can do and provide insight and hopefully help.

  I need a bit more information to form a better opinion of the causes of the phenomena.
Please answer the following with a follow up.

1- You mention children in the household. What are their genders and ages?  

2- Do you live near a busy street or intersection, a river, train tracks highway or other location that may cause rumbling noise (whether you hear it or not)?

3- You mention depression. Readers of this will not see any personal info that you supplied to AllExperts so your identity  is safe in answering. Are you on medication such as SSRI's, MAO inhibitors or medication classified as cyclics?

4- Could you supply e with the overall score from the following test. I do not need the particulars, just the total.

5- Who besides the repair man was in the house on the occasions phenomena occurred?

  Please understand that your situation is complicated and there are more than one avenue that may be the cause of what is happening. Although I have a fairly good idea from the details you have already supplied I need to be certain of the facts. I look forward to your reply.

Ciao for now,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

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I have two daughters.  They are currently 7 and 13.  I don't know if you need the information but my oldest is an insulin dependent diabetic with a thyroid condition (diagnosed prior to the move here), and my youngest is an asthmatic (also diagnosed prior to the move here).  As for #2, I have always lived near a river (my father worked for a water purification corporation all my life) and still do (about three miles away), the train tracks are about a mile or so away from my home, there is a small local airport but it is closer to about 10 miles from my home.  My street is a busy one, there is large park that was just completed this spring at the end of my street, and I am close to a middle school and pre-school.  I am also on a snow route and close to the city street department.

I was diagnosed with depression at 20 and treated first with Effexor.  I was then switched to Prozac.  I later (at around 26) went in because I was experiencing increased bouts of anger, episodes of needing to hurt myself because my skin and body hurt so bad.  I was then diagnosed with rapid cycling bi-polar disorder and put on a combination of zyprexa and Prozac.  I was taken off of that three years ago because they felt I was NOT bi-polar and just severely depressed and just put on Prozac.  I was switched to Cymbalta in December of this year due to my reports of constant body aches, fatigue, and poor sleep.  I also take trazadone (an anti-depressant) for insomnia, topiramax for migraines, and proponalol (I think that's how it's spelled) for tremors.  That particular medication is usually for blood pressure.

I took the test you asked me to, and the score was 434.

The only people that have experienced anything out of the ordinary in my home are me and my children, my dog and cat, and the person who came in to do the work that I mentioned previously.  My other brother and his fiancÚ have stayed over in my home, but have not mentioned anything unusual happening while here.  On a side, and possibly unrelated note, I adopted a second cat prior to Thanksgiving, and she has vanished into the house as well. I have not noticed a dead animal smell, and I know she's using her litter box, it just seems to be 'par for the course' of this house.  My basement is the worst part. I tend to call it a vortex. A TV remote vanished down there and I tore apart the couch looking for it. Three months later it turned up. In the same couch. In plain view.

I'm so sorry.  I know I'm stressed.  I lead a stressful life.  I try to watch what I eat, try to take care of myself for my children.  Try to keep a predictable schedule for them, do what's best.  Things just spun out of control and it seems to be hinged on this house.  It's Murphy's Law here.  If something's going to break, it's going to BREAK, and it's not a little $5 fix.  It's hundreds of dollars and it's out of the blue. I don't know if it's a coincidence, or this house.  I have a very strong faith in the Lord, we attend church regularly.  I just don't know where to turn, and I'm tired of medication.  I thank God daily that I have the ability to just look at things, find the humor and laugh.

Thank you for helping, and for at least listening.


Hi Holly,

  Thank you for your reply and the answers that you supplied. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties that you are going through. I also thank you for being so honest about your battle with depression and the medication that you have taken and are currently taking. People wonder why I have a copy of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties in a library devoted to paranormal and parapsychology study. To be better able to research questions such as yours is the reason.

  With the exception of the one anti-psychotic drug that you were on in the past, the other medications are SNRIs or SSRIs. I am going to address the following to serotonin rather than nor-ephedrine [both neurotransmitters]. In the mid brain is a stand alone endocrine gland known as the epiphysis cerebri or more commonly called the Pineal gland [due to its pine cone shape]. Serotonin is responsible for the manufacture of its derivative Melatonin in this gland. Both the pineal gland and melatonin levels have been associated with psychic abilities [the pineal gland is what may be referred to as the "third eye"]. This may tie in to the increase in Poltergeist-like activity that you are reporting. The phenomena that I am referring to is called {SIPK] or stress induced psychokinesis. The changes in you life have been stressful and are likely producing the effects that you are going through, well, almost all. The score on the Holmes and Rahe stress test that I asked you to take was on the high side indicating that there is still a lot of stress that you are coping with.

  SIPK can be compared to a person's psychic energy getting inflated like a balloon until the pent up suppressed energy explodes in a burst of psychic activity. It is called poltergeist-like activity because much of the phenomena that occurs is similar to entity caused poltergeist activity. These activities can include the moving of objects, the disappearance of objects [this may be caused by the unconscious replacement of items by the person suffering the SIPK], electrical and phone issues and noises such as bangs and rapping. An increase in vivid dreams and mild hallucinations may also occur. In poltergeist hauntings the activity is caused by a discarnate entity whereas poltergeist-like activity is caused by a living being, in this case, you. The increase in serotonin, and hence melatonin may be factors that are contributing to the activity. This is something that you will have to cope with as you should not alter your treatment or medication because of this. As a matter of fact the stress levels would likely increase and so would the activity. My advice is to find some way of releasing the pent up feelings. You could go one of two ways, aggressive or passive. Aggressive therapy would include something like boxing or other physically exhaustive hobby that requires high concentration. A passive technique may be meditation or better yet something like tai chi. The activity will also help your mood.

  You may be only about 75% responsible for the activity. Your elder daughter has just entered the age where she is to start to change in body, attitude and psyche. These hormonal influences can bring on a phenomena closely related to SIPK and another form of poltergeist-like activity, RSPK [recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis]. This type of activity has been linked to people aged from 13 19 years, give or take, and usually attributed to females. Stress can be a factor as well. So here we have two people in the household who may be contributing to the phenomena. I would attribute up to 10% to your daughter.

  The remainder [15% - 25%] may be due to, as you stated, the very atmosphere of the residual energies that remain in your home from the past and that are being added to this day due to stress. Negative energy builds up faster,stays longer and has more of an over all impact than good energies. If the ether of a location can indeed record energy then there is no reason that good energies can not get recorded as well as the negative. But as in life, we tend to harbor negativity and forget the good. From what you have related, there is a lot of negative activity associated with people who lived in the house. I tend to think of negative energy build up like the walls in the homes of people who smoke. Puff by puff a film of tar and nicotine gets built up layer by layer. Eventually the walls are thick and sticky with the exhaust of poisons. A home can harbor negative energy in much the same way.

  Both the energy from the stress and the collective energies of the home can be attractive to ghosts wandering or passing through. They are a parasitic side effect of an abundance of negative energy. They do not have to be related to the home or property to move in for the free feast. This may explain the cold spot. Once you have learned to direct your stress away from you and a cleansing of your home's energy the problems should abate. Without a free meal these freeloaders will move on. Your serotonin levels will no longer be a factor and your medication will balance things out. Remember that the medication is to balance and normalize your chemical levels to those of the general population, and the general population are not hosts to poltergeist-like activity. Things for you will normalize.

  I believe that a smudging of your home will do wonders. As there is a bit of a build up you may have to repeat it. Compare it to fumigating a home for the removal of insects, sometimes the exterminator has to make a return visit before the issue is solved. That and a positive, healthy outlet for your stress will go a very long way in terminating your problems. I do not give out the information on how to smudge a home in my AllExperts answers. I can however get the information to you privately. Please write to me at
and I will be happy to get you started on ridding your home of the negativity that is there.

  Well Holly, I hope that this has helped ease a few of your concerns and answered some of your questions. If there is anything else that you feel that I can help you with in this or any other matter within my areas of expertise please let me know. Also I'm sorry for errors in this answer. My eyes are bothering me and the person who usually proof-reads my replies is out.

Take care,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

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