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I've been reading your blog for sometime and have always found it informative and fascinating. I am a paranormal investigator myself, and pride myself on doing my research. However, the other day I did a walk through prior to an investigation. The odd thing was that it was a very mundane walkthrough. I detected nothing, felt nothing. The homeowner is more curious than frightened... Thursday night was serene. Friday was a normal workday. Friday night, however, was something as close to an LSD trip as I can imagine - having never done drugs.

Being a good paranormal researcher I recorded the event as soon as I could. Here is what I wrote on a groggy, rainy Saturday morning:

Thurday, October 9, 2014 Performed walk through on Hartly home. Felt nothing odd, detected nothing odd. Walkthrough straight forward. No problems Thursday night.

  Temperature 59-60 degrees
  Weather raining but not thunderstorms
  Time frame 1130pm-3:30am

October 10, 2014 Around 9pm we were putting my son to sleep. He has a small sugar bear [glider] named Hiccup. We had Hiccup out and were playing with him. Sugar gliders are like tiny flying squirrels. Hell run up your arm or leg and then leap to another person and land on their head or back, run around, jump to someone else... My husband, son and I were all in on the little adventure. Eventually we put the little guy back in his cage, tucked my son into bed, and went to bed ourselves.

It was around 1130 midnight. I had been sleeping, but then I noticed that my husband had come up to the foot of the bed. We were talking about something, but as soon as we stopped talking about it I seemed to forget what the conversation had been. I thought this odd, thinking at the time, Why cant I remember what we were just talking about? I didnt have time for further reflection because I realized that Gene, my husband, had brought Hiccup in with him. The little creature leaped off Gene and was running around on the bed. I followed his movements, because I didnt want him to get loose and lost. Hiccup ran up the furrow in the covers close to me and I cupped my hands around him in preparation of gently lifting him up and containing him. As I was cupping him my husband put his headlamp on [he keeps a small flashlight head lamp by the bed at all times because he often reads at night when he has trouble sleeping.] As the light beams down onto my hands Hiccup seemed to disappear. I thought he had burrowed deeper into the sheets so I was ruffling through the cover trying desperately to find him. My husband asked me in a very bewildered voice, What are you doing?

Slightly exasperated because it was Gene who had let the critter loose I replied, What do you mean what am I doing? Im trying to find Hiccup.

Hiccup isnt in here. Hes in his cage, Gene says.

No hes not, hes right here. I just had him in my hands, I explain starting to get confused and still talking to my husband at the foot of the bed. You were the one that let him loose. Help me find him.

What are you talking about? Ive been here asleep the whole time, I havent been playing with Hiccup.

At this point I may have been struggling to wake up fully, because it slowly dawns on me that Gene is in fact beside me in bed, and that I was playing with an imaginary Hiccup, and sitting up in bed conversing with my husband who wasnt where Id seen him. If youve been asleep the whole time, then who was I talking to? I ask.

That was your son, he got up to go to the bathroom, my husband explains. I just saw the bathroom light turn on.

It was not our son. Hes not been out of his bed.

Im pretty sure it was your son. I saw a dark figure at the foot of the bed when I woke up, and saw him turn around and head down the hall to the bathroom.

We discuss this possibility a little further, until my husband finally gets out of bed and goes to my sons room. He is sound asleep in his bed. Gene then goes into the bathroom and indeed the motion-sensor, night-light is on indicating that the unit sensed movement. Of course, Im feeling completely unnerved at this point. My husband is not an alarmist, so he takes the current events pretty much in stride saying only, I think you brought something home from your investigation walk-through. He then turns over and goes back to sleep!

Its hot in the room, however, and I realize that Im too warm to sleep without opening the window. In order to open the window I need to get up and turn my back to the bed and doorway. There is two reasons I dont want to do this, the first I just mentioned. The idea of turning my back to whatever is in the house is unnerving. The second is because we have a large four-poster bed that stands about 2 feet off the ground. Its easily high enough for an adult to crawl under. Ive had this childish fear only one other time in my life the thought that something is under the bed and is going to grab my ankles as soon as I put my feet on the floor. I finally cajole myself enough for being a coward. Its a bit ludicrous to be a paranormal investigator but be afraid of having monsters under her bed. Eventually I did get up and opened the window - all without incident.

The cool air helped and I fell back asleep. This time I have a distinct dream that the blanket I am sleeping with is slowly being pulled off me by a force from underneath the bed! I jerked awake. Im now realizing quite vividly that whatever is playing with me is reading my thoughts, and that Id just given it the information necessary to bugger me but good. In other words, Id fed it the information about what frightened me, and it had taken that information and used it.  So I carefully try to school my mind to happy thoughts, bunnies and puppies and pretty flowers. I figure to hell with letting it manipulate me further. Im still freaked, but now Im also getting angry.

Believe it or not, I managed to fall asleep again. And again I have a very vivid dream that feels like its being manipulated from outside myself. With no fuel for the fire, this time I get the clich haunting experience, the feeling of being held down. It felt as if something is holding down my chest and my arms at the shoulders. I know it to be a dream and I also recognize my own sleep paralysis as something separate from the sensation. Groggily I finally wake up enough and tell it verbally twice, Get off, get off me. Im no longer panicked at this point, Im more annoyed, because I realize that there is something that is playing with me, perhaps trying to scare me, but that the creature is a bit of a buffoon.

Of course this is the third time Ive been awoken this night by crazily vivid dreams. Im annoyed, Im worried and Im awake. As Im lying in bed I hear the creaky step outside in the hall creak as if someone was on the step. Then I hear another small noise I cant identify. I nudge my husband awake again, and ask him he has his handgun with him because I just heard movement in the hall. He assures me he does.  But this is the final experience I have that evening. Each successive incident appeared to be a little less in strength as if the thing is rapidly losing energy.

Final notes:  The small sounds I heard may have been our cat moving about. She does tend to stay as far away from the dog as she can get. The dog was tied to the foot of the bed [where I saw the dark shape]. So it would seem unlikely the cat would have come up so close to the dog. They hate each other.

So much for animals sensing things we dont. I just said our standard poodle was tied to the foot of the bed all night long. He never barked or awoke or showed any signs of distress.

We did ask my son in the morning if he had heard or seen anything, or been out of bed last night. He said no to all three. He did remind me of the time he himself had a dream that Hiccup was loose on his bed. His calls had awoken me and I had gone into his room and woke him up. He, like I, had been adamant that Hiccup was loose.  I had forgotten that night.

ANSWER: Hi Robin,

  First off let me thank you for following me and giving what I have to say some credence. I am glad to see that there are others in this field who find what My opinion is and find it valuable. I am also glad that you, as a paranormal investigator are not afraid to ask questions, Speaking of which - to give you a proper answer i need you to answer a few questions for me.

1- What time of night, in your normal routine go to sleep? Usual time you wake?
2- Have you been over tired lately?
3- Have you had more than a "normal" amount of stress or worries lately?
4- In bed, how close is your head to the nearest power outlet, and is it being used?
5- In bed, is there a clock radio near your head? Fluorescent side lamp?
6- Do you take sedatives before bed?
7- Just prior to or immediately upon leaving a walk through or investigation to you perform a personal or group "blessing"

  Regardless of the answers I am fairly sure of what has happened to you that Friday night - Saturday early morning, and I believe that you have little to worry about. Once I get your answers I will be able to give you a better answer.

  I look forward to hearing from you. In the mean time relax and do not give this much thought unless you are answering me. dwelling will only worsen the situation - believe me on that.

Ciao for now,
Greg Pocha, All Experts, Ghosts and Hauntings

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  First off let me thank you for following me and giving what I have to say some credence. I am glad to see that there are others in this field who find what My opinion is and find it valuable. I am also glad that you, as a paranormal investigator are not afraid to ask questions, Speaking of which - to give you a proper answer i need you to answer a few questions for me.

1- What time of night, in your normal routine go to sleep? Usual time you wake?

We are daytime employees. Bedtime is early 9 or 9:30 pm, on Saturday's we normally rise around 7 or 7:30am.
2- Have you been over tired lately?

No, no more than usual.

3- Have you had more than a "normal" amount of stress or worries lately?

No, it's been pretty placid lately.

4- In bed, how close is your head to the nearest power outlet, and is it being used?

I see where you're going with this. There is an outlet within a couple of feet of my side of the bed, into which I plug a bed lamp (not fluorescent) and a clock radio on the bedside table which are both close to my head.

EMF or not, I've never had these experiences before - ever. I normally dream about pretty mundane stuff like washing my floors. Yes, I'm exciting.

6- Do you take sedatives before bed?

Occasionally I take a gentle over the counter sleep aid. I took none that night.

7- Just prior to or immediately upon leaving a walk through or investigation to you perform a personal or group "blessing"

I'm not a terribly spiritual person, and I don't really get into prayers and blessings and the like. I have spoken to the entities at an investigation and told them to stay where they are when I leave - after I had something follow me home once before. I never really worried about a walk-through, however. It was a pretty mundane event. And what confused me about the episode was the fact that the activity I appeared to have going on that night was absolutely nothing like the homeowner had described to me.  

I have not had even a hint of problem since Friday night. So I guess it was sort-lived as these things tend to be. Thank you for your help. I look forward to finding out what you make of it. And believe me, I'm definitely not looking forward to doing the investigation after the walkthrough!

ANSWER: Hi Robin,

   I am sorry for the late reply. I have spent some time hospitalized and computers are not allowed in rooms. I am now playing catch up during my R&R time. Please forgive errors, I'll blame the medication.

  Thanks for the additional information. I'll start with the last question first. Not having a blessing before any involvement with contacting the other side has its consequences - none of the good. I am not talking of a full scale six pack of holy water sprinkled by some archbishop whilst walking through the place with the cross of Christ being held before him. I am not speaking of anything religious in nature at all, as it mat offend members, clients and certainly ghosts. If you are a believer of a ghost realm, or just an open minded skeptic, the assumption is that a realm of the dead "might" exist; after all, why search if there is no chance that anything will be found if nothing is there to be found. As well people mix up spirituality with spiritality. The former holds a more religious content while the latter has more to do with the paranormal, a practice founded on spirits. There is a world of difference.

  Let me ask you a question and then I want you to stop reading the rest of the rely for a moment while you answer it. Would you use a ouija board, and if not, why not? Stop and think about it....

  Most people would now use an ouija board. The usual reason is fear of letting in a malicious entity or dark, negative energy. What they are doing is opening the gateway to the realm of the dead. Repeat, they are opening a door that without proper protection can let anything through. When an individual or a group of investigators go into a site they are in every instance opening the doorway to the realm of the dead to make contact. The ouija board is a tool to facilitate communication. Think of the tools that you use for the same purpose, cameras, voice recorders, computers and what have you are your 21st century ouija boards, tools to be used to document the paranormal. Even your voice is such a tool, as most investigators ask out to the death realm to "show us a sign", "appear", "answer us", "make a noise or bang on a table", "Move an object, "change the temp." etc. etc..
You deliberately open a doorway with out protecting yourself regarding who enters... and there are some very nasty and evil beings just waiting for an opportunity as the one you so flippantly present.

  FYI, ghosts have total and complete freedom and free will on their side. Although many are "stuck" by their own accord or ignorance, all have freedom to go where they please,,, unless boundaries and a safety net is set up. "Don't follow me" to a ghost is about as useless as "Don't mug me" to a thug. However, if you are surrounded by a group whose duty it is to protect you, your chances of safety is increases a thousand fold. And that is what the "blessing" is for. To call out your guide[s], your guardians and most importantly, your gatekeeper - the astral bouncer or bodyguard. If you suspect a ghost/spirit realm may exist, then also suspect that you have such guardians. A true blessing has no religious or spiritual references. Something important to bear in mind, You also have family to protect, a husband and son, not to mention your clients and your team. Remember, when you open but do not protect or close doors you are leaving your clients vulnerable to whatever enters their homes long after you leave. Many groups have developed this habit, they should find other avocations or learn how to investigate responsibly. If not for yourself, do it for them!I will give you an example of such a  blessing to use BEFORE and AFTER any work you do on site.

  "We ask that our guides, guardian spirits and our gatekeepers of the pure white light stand with us tonight and keep us from any harm. Do not allow any negative, evil, malevolent, malicious or dark energies, beings or entities approach or harm us at any time. As I ask, so be it" You may then allow a minute to allow those with different religious beliefs to silently ask their deity for additional protection if they wish. The EPC consists of atheists, Catholics, Protestants, believers in a general Higher power, Muslims and in reality I do not ask about their beliefs, just that they perform 110% during their work.

  Upon leaving you will change the last line to, "Do not allow any negative, evil, malevolent, malicious or dark energies, beings or entities approach us or those close to us or harm us or anyone else at any time. I require that you keep all entities from following us at anytime, from now to the end of time. As I ask, so be it" I will also throw a handful of Kosher salt between the group and the residence prior to leaving. Incidentally, our protective blessing is a bit more detailed and elaborate than the one I gave you. Still, ours is easily done and practically unnoticeable to you clients, we don't want to look like a coven or kooks! It may be an idea to wear a protective charm, many in our field do. I personally wear 24/7 two pentagram rings and a red five knot Kabbalah bracelet. Others wear what ever they have faith in. You have been lucky so far, in that I mean that what you thought may have been caused by your exposure to who knows what at the walk through has normal, scientific explanations. One of these days your luck will run out without protection. Now for those explanations.

Yes, you did experience sleep paralysisFrom your initial letter I had pretty much concluded that you had experienced two different types of sleep - wake transition disturbances, one fairly common and one fairly rare. To experience them both on the same night would leas the sanest person to believe that something extraordinary, even paranormal was afoot. I don't blame you. I am however glad that you wrote to me as there are too many "experts" on this site who would not recognize the symptoms and would have instead played up the paranormal, or worse a "demonic" aspect of the event. Neither are true.

Yes, you did have an episode of textbook sleep paralysis [SP] but I will explain a bit of what this actually does. When normal people [and most animals fall asleep there is a physiological reaction that causes all but the heart muscle to go into a state of paralysis. Primarily this is to stop us from acting out our dreams. I watched a documentary last year where a cat was given a shot of medicine that would prevent paralysis. While fast asleep the cat walked around, chased what ever it was chasing in his dream and carried on quite normally [this info will prove important later]. Occasionally the mind will come out of sleep stage while the body is still in sleep mode. And here we have what was called "Old Hag" syndrome or the original meaning of a woman or witch than called a mare, who visited during the night... a nightmare. The old hag was infamous for sitting on the victims chest. This sensation is caused by the muscles of the chest being paralyzed. That is the same reason from the sensations of the arms being held down. As you are only in the range of being 75-80 percent awake, your body is still sleeping as you become aware of and experience the paralysis. As you were waking you may have encountered a few hypnopompic hallucinations that are commonly associated with SP. These can include audio, visual, somatic, and/or olfactory hallucinations. Again, by the book, Not all, but most SP experiences include hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations, while not all hypnopompic/hypnagogic episodes are accompanied by SP. Acute SP episodes can be caused by stress [walk through can be stressful], fear, being over tired and usually happen when one is asleep on their backs or face down, in that order, You yourself recognized this as a SP event, I do not know why you questioned your correct and better judgment. Perhaps because of the more rare sleep-wake transition disorder episode that you had prior.

  What you experienced was what is know as a False Awakening [FA]. This is almost the polar opposite of SP. Your body is not in a paralyzed condition, but you are sound asleep and dreaming! You are just like our friend the cat.
In your words, "It was around 1130 midnight. I HAD BEEN SLEEPING..." and obviously dreaming. You awoke when your husband turned on his lamp and asked "What are you doing?" [If it were me the word 'hell' or worse would have made it into the question]. Snap - you were brought out of your dream. A Type 2 FA, is what I believed you had.  This FA is usually accompanied by sensations of confusion, being tense, "electrified", stresses,  feelings of foreboding,, expectancy, that may be apprehensive or oppressively ominous, and may produce hallucinations of people [such as husbands standing at the foot of the bed].[Kryger, MD, FRCPC, Roth, PhD, Dement, MD, PhD #eds#, 2000]

  On the parapsychological / psychical side, it appears that your son and you have a psychic / telepathic link and that you shared aspects of the same dream. Who influenced whom I can not say and I doubt if either one of you want to become lab rats. Psychic connections, especially between mother and child are common, and may last a lifetime. Only time will tell if the bond strengthens, diminishes, or just goes dormant until needed.

  And finally, the reason that the problem has disappeared? It was never a paranormal issue in the first place. But let me give you a closing word of warning. If you think that Friday night was hell, the real thing can make it look like a day in the park.In a word, protection.

  Well Robin,I hope that this has helped clear up some of the issues that were concerning you. I'm always available should you need more help or assistance. Good luck with your avocation.

Best regards,
Greg Pocha, All Experts, Ghosts and Hauntings

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Greg,

Sorry to hear that have been feeling under the weather. I hope you recover quickly and are back on your feet soon.  Thank you for the lengthy reply. I do agree with you regarding the sleep condition. It definitely fits the description of an FA experience. It felt very much like I was in a hypnotic state where part of me knew it was a dream, and another thought it was reality. It doesn't fully explain, however, why my husband also saw a figure at the foot of the bed, and why said figure then left the room, went down the hall and tripped the motion sensor nightlight in the bathroom.

I have been duly reprimanded, and have taken your words to heart. I have made a copy of your blessing and will begin doing opening and closing blessings at every event. I have also been cruising the internet for protection talismans, even before you responded. I realize it's better to be safe than sorry. Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me. I would like to see others in the paranormal community develop a more collegiate attitude. Sadly too many have too much invested in appearing to be "the expert" that they would never dream of admitting that they don't know everything. For myself I have spent a lot of time learning the diagnosis, but neglecting the treatment cycle.

Hi Robin,

  Thank you for your kind words. As I do not accept ratings and such I seldom get feedback. It is appreciated.

  The shadow may have actually been an apparition. That in no means that you have a ghost present. They are free to come and go. Don't worry about the shadow part. A shadow apparition does not mean evil, malevolent or unearthly. The shadow may have been a psychic projection on your part due to Stress Induced Psychokinesis [more like telepathy in this case]. If you are concerned, burn some white sage incense at bedtime for awhile.

  I am glad that you wrote back. I forgot to mention the clock radio. Take your EMF meter to an empty wall socket, the reading will be nearly nil. Now take it to your plugged in radio. Surprising. The reason is that the radios purpose in life is to receive electromagnetic field signals in the AM and FM bands. The radio being turned off does not change that purpose. Those signals are likely with-in a few feet, if not inches from your head. They cause havoc on the body, and can really mess up temporal lobe function. Those fields work on the inverse square principle. when I get a client with a radio near their bed I suggest they more it farther away. That goes for modems too. Down load the app, "Wifi Analyzer", [Author Kevin Yuan] to test for microwave emf signals in your room. I use it as a tool on walk throughs to look for the amount and strength of wifi signals in various locations, as microwaves affect the temporal lobes as well they can cause a variety of hallucinations dependent on one's sensitivity to emf.

  Take care and I'm here if you need me. Best of luck in your explorations!


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