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I was sitting on my bed reading a book, my boyfriend walked in and asked what was on my neck. I had no idea what he was talking about so I looked in the mirror and had scratch marks which I did not feel whenever it happened.I have a picture of it, it looked like a perfect square to me,but could also be a diamond shape.I showed my friends the picture and they pointed out that it kind of looks like the looks like two diamond shapes on top of one another.... I have looked up several meanings for the shape/number meaning of the scratch marks on my neck, not having much luck.Any answers would be appreciated (Non-Negative)

Hi Lynette,

Do you have long fingernails?

It looks as though you have two bite marks on the lines of the scratch .. so I would say you did it to yourself without realising it.  I also do the same thing, which is why I usually have very short nails.

And the number 8 is a power number, one of the symbols of the Christ energy .. so there's nothing negative about it.

Love & Peace

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