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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Pocha,

First of all, let me thank you for offering your expertise on this free forum. It has taken me 36 years to find someone to ask about the experience that I will be describing to you. Some time ago, I did contact another individual at allexperts regarding this matter but, having recently found you, I would like to obtain your opinion as well.
I will try to be as succinct as possible.
When I was 10-years-old, I would go home from school for lunch break. As both of my parents worked days, I was left to myself to make lunch. To make this easier for me, my parents used to stock an old refrigerator in the basement of our 3 story Victorian style home (built around 1900)with canned foods. One afternoon while I was at this fridge deciding on what to have, I had an extreme feeling of fear accompanied by a sense that someone was watching me from the other side of the basement. I immediately went to the stairway and started my ascent back to the ground floor, all the while feeling as if someone was, at first, watching me from the foot of the stairs and then following me up the way.
What happened next has puzzled me for the rest of my life.
I remember closing the door to the basement behind me and pulling the slider lock shut. For some reasson I stayed in front of the door and watched the lock which began to slide back into the open position. I slid it back shut only to see  the lever which locked it down slide back up. (To be clear, in order to lock the door one had to first slide the lock bolt to the right and then rotate the bore down by means of a small metal projection. It was this projection that moved itself up, quite against the force of gravity.)
I know that I wasn't dreaming as I distinctly remember giving up on lunch and running to my best friend's home afterwards.
Would you please offer me your insight into what it was that I experienced?
Thank you so much


  It is always nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. Things must be beautiful in Ontario this time of year. 36 years... let's get this solved, or rather, I'll offer some suggestions on what might have happened, and some on what definitely didn't happen.

  From your discription of the bolt I believe that I know the type that you are talking about. The thing is is that these bolts are pretty simple, no "internals" so no springs to cause the event you describe. Actually there are no mechanical parts at all. So you are correct, there would be no rational cause that could explain the bolt [pin] defying gravity and move upwards on it's own accord. Temperature change, pressure, atmospheric reasons and / or hitting the door [would have dropped the pin, not raised it] are not causes. The only caused then are those that lay beyond the norm [paranormal].

  What could cause a metal pin to move invisibly? The most logical answer would be magnetism. But obviously there wasn't any huge magnet hanging over the bolt... but there is a chance that a magnetic force was present [most likely a electromagnetic force or something capable of manipulating such a force. Ghosts are capable of such a feat. And that force may hyave been what you felt.

  Another cause would have been "isolated spontaneous psychokenesis" [ISPK] [my term]. This would be a one time event of unintentional psychic movement of an object. I do not feel that this is the case here so I won't discuss it further, but I need to list all possibilities [unlike other experts who say " Well this is what it was, period"].

  I am assuming that this was an isolated event and that other activity was not happening on a regular bases. It may have been, but often it is not brought up among members of the same household so an active haunting goes, not so much unnoticed but rather unmentioned. Often times the incidents are ignored and most times activity is explained away with a rational explanation - which 99% of the time is the correct one. In any case I think that a ghost was present. The type of ghost is what I term a "contented ghost". These fellows may or may not know that they are dead. If they know, they don't really mind or care - life goes on. They very rarely interact with the living and can be mistaken for what is known as residual phenomena. It is not residual as obviously it interacted that one time. Content ghosts are called such because they don't really care much about the living in that they go about their business without being obvious. They are kind of like regular people. People exist in foreign lands, but they don't give us much thought about our daily affairs and we don't give them much thought about what they are having for lunch. They do their thing and we do ours. Content ghosts are usually carefree regarding our side unless changes are made. Often time when renovations are made to a home a quite ghost will express itself. Your ghost seemed not to care much about what your family was up to. Except for once...

  For some reason, that day 36 years ago, something happened that made the ghost stronger than usual. The surge of presence that you felt meant that there was a strong presence about. As to why the presence moved the bolt, I can not say, no one can. All that is certain is that according to his agenda, he wanted the bolt up and was able to use a magnet field to do so. Why that was important to him at that time... well, one would have to ask him directly. Not worth the effort now.

  If it was a content ghost, he may have been moving things about up and down the stairs and the closed bolt caught his attention and opened it as you accidentally interfered with his activity. Ghost rational is confusing at best. They are, after all, only human.

  Had you had an active haunting of the property, you would have noticed. In the realm of the ghost, beyond the veil, sometimes "S...tuff Happens. No rhyme or reason.

  Something to consider as I close - taking the point of view of the ghost, he was contently going about his business [to him the door was open and unbolted] when something [you] shut and locked his door. I wonder if he thought a "ghost" did it???

  Well Gus, there is no definitive, absolute answer and that is unfortunate. That is why people like I and my team search for them. That being said I hope that I have helped you in some small way to try to explain some of the the possibilities of the event. If I can ever be of any more help, or you have more to add to the above question, you know how to get a hold of me.

Warn Regards,

Greg Pocha / Ghosts and Hauntings / All Experts

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your opinion sir. I never did think of the event as a sort of nexus point between two seperate, subjective realities.
I thought that, perhaps, I unwittingly moved the object through my own fear induced expectation.
Yes, no other unusual event ever took place in that house that I experienced. Following the death of my father 6 years ago, however,  my mother claimed to have heard footsteps and a flushing toilet in the middle of the night several times. (She no longer lives there.)
What brought this whole episode back to my attention was an experience where I felt watched one night in the hospital where I work in the same way that I remember from my childhood.

Again, thank you so much for your opinion and, yes, the Fall was gorgeous here in Ontario.

All the best,

Hi Gus,

  Sure, the lock may have been moved by ISPK on your part, but the feeling of presence proceeded it and was either the catalyst of your momentary power, or the cause of the event itself. As you do not seem to have a history of psychokenises I'm placing my money on the latter.

  That would explain the feeling that you received at work. If you continue to work in a hospital expect it more than once.  Although usually kept under the table for professional reasons by medical staff, many who work in such places suspect the presence of ghosts.  Custodians and security are more open about it - I have heard accounts from both. In short, hospitals remain one of the most haunted places around.  

  One of the team members of the Eidolon Project Canada works in a hospital. During a chat with others who worked in the palliative care ward, she was told that sometimes the place feels "crowded" - not because of the staff but rather by unseen presences. Usually one of the patients dies soon after. The "crowd" is most likely those who have come to take the soul into the light.

  Places where people die are usually haunted and the reason for hospitals being so is that people go in expecting to eventually get released. Those who die are usually not expecting it. They remain behind, often confused as ghosts. Hospice centers are the opposite as people there expect to die so it does not come as a shock. Other places associated with death such as morgues, funeral homes and cemeteries are very rarely haunted, and then by only one or two ghosts. In the case of morgues and funeral homes, the ghost may follow its body place to place so the "hauntings" are more like brief visitations.

  I hope that you do not have to go through the feeling again, but if you do remember that it is just a lost, lonely and confused human being who has shed his or her body. You have nothing to fear, they do no intentional harm.


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