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QUESTION: I was sitting on my bed and I have this long mirror that's been against a wall for forever and never have I seen or felt something off of it well while I was sitting on my bed I seen a black shawdow pass thru the mirror then I go to leave the room and then the mirror starts shaking on its own then falls and breaks. My question is what do you think this is ? Why do you think it would break the mirror?


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your question. In a word, "yes" ghosts can break a mirror [spirits are evolved beings and wouldn't do so, it is outside their nature.]

  But a good many other things can break mirrors if the circumstances are just right. Therefore I need some additional information before I can offer an intelligent answer.
1- Exactly how was the mirror positioned to the wall? Was it held up on the wall by a hook or nail or swrew?
2- Was it leaning against the wall sitting on the floor? If so, approximately what angle? [Think of the upright mirror as the minute hand of a clock. How many minutes was the lean if straight up were noon]
3- What was happening around the house during the eveent? Ex., clothes being washed?
4- If the mirror was held by a hook or nail, was there a hole left in the wall?
5- Can you send me a photo of the wall where the mirror sat?

I look forward to your reply.

Greg Pocha
Ghosts and Hauntings, All Experts

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The mirror is a medium sized floor mirror that was positioned leaning against the wall like this > / which hasn't been moved for a couple weeks

Nothing was happening around the house at the time

The mirror wasnt held up by a hook or nail  and the glass was broken from top to middle

Yes I can send a picture of the wall

Thanks for your reply


  Sorry for the late follow up. Anyhow, I am at a loss to find a rational reason for the event. As nothing else in the room vibrated except the mirror, I am going to rule out infra-sound as a possibility. Infra-sound is sound that is below human's low range of hearing
[20hz.- 20,000hz.] so although it can not be heard, its influence can be felt.

  I do not feel, although possible, that a sudden change in temperature caused it to crack, at least not as one would think. I imagine that it is fairly warm in Florida, hence the mirror would be as warm as the room. I'll get back to this in a moment...

  Mirrors and reflective materials have been used since antiquity as a method of spirit contact, scrying, looking into the future and other "occult" reasons. The Greeks used the Psychomanteum to contact the dead, Nostradamus used the same rites and methods, and even today Dr. Raymond Moody [the man who coined the phrase Near Death Experience after years of dedicated research - pioneering modern research in that field] uses a mirror in his Theatre of the Mind, a modern psychomanteum using a mirror to contact the deceased. With that in mind I return to the temperature issue...

  Ghosts as a rule are known to cause cold spots, most likely because they exist in a cold environment [although hot spots are also common - both work in this hypothesis]. Had the shadow you saw just before the incident came through at a temperature greatly different from that of the glass [thermo stress in scientific terms], the glass would break. Therefore, it is possible that something used the glass as a method or doorway to get through to this realm. I personally do not believe that they need "passages", but that's a personal belief, shared by many.

  The only other theory that I can come up with is that you had a "psychic hiccup". People can hold psychic energy inside like a capacitor holds electic charge. Sometimes in a time of stress they release the charge and something similar to what happened to your mirror happens. It is often mistaken as poltergeist activity. It is called RSPK or Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis, but as it is a one time event it may have been SIPK or Stress Induced Psychokinesis.

  If I had to choose one over the other, I would go with the entity through the mirror answer. Not to worry you, whatever came through likely just used the mirror as a convenient entrance. I highly doubt that it stayed around your home.

  I hope that this helps clear up some of your concerns. If you need any more help now or in the future feel free to contact me.


Greg Pocha,
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for responding I dont believe in mirror portals myself but also my family and I have been experiencing scents of perfume when no one in the house has used any that day. I had attached some pictures for u to look at  I had took inside are back house a while back. This lady had passed away in the back house also the person that lived in the house that we are staying in now passed away in the hospital and most of there belongings were still here when we bought the place. Also i believd we found there dead cat outside under the stairs when wevjust moved in so idk if that has to do with anything going on in are house tho. Do you think what I captured cam are real? The one is in are back house. It looks like someone is standing by the door then someone else walking away from the room i dk if u can see it but these are not photoedited or anything. Just wanted to share these with you. My fam also had  tried to use dragon blood and this black coal that we had bought from a spiritual store to clear any negative energy in the house doesnt really seem like it works tho. If that's the case.

Hi there,

  The information in your latest response is important and changes the whole perspective about the events that are happening in your home. Thermo stress and/or RSPK/SIPK are no longer possibilities. Your home is haunted, it's that simple.

  I am confused regarding who died where and when. Did someone die IN the house and another die in a hospital? Also I did not receive any attachments such as your photo[s]. This is likely due to the fact that All Experts will only accept certain formats. Please send the photos directly to me at :

  The three cats are likely a sad coincidence. I remember having a wasp nest under my back stairs in a place I rented long ago. There were big gaps so animals could easily come and go. The not too bright manager used arsenic to kill the wasps. A week later a dead cat was found underneath.  However, three is more than an unfortunate accident or mere coincidence. I suspect some one with socio/psychopathic personality disorder is responsible. A wanna-be satanist? Maybe. I am fairly certain that the haunting and the cats are unrelated - unless you know of a satanic group near you.

  The attempt to cleanse the home is useless without a ritual. Most people don't know that so they walk about the house purposely while the ghost is wondering what the purpose is. I can give you the information that you need, ingredients and ritual but I do not give that out on this site. When you send me the photos I can get that info out to you personally in reply.

  I look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Pocha
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