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I lived in a second story condo for about 3 years that was haunted.  There were possibly dozens of spirits there at one time, I have several videos of both crazy orb activity and voices.  I had a psychic come over at one point to try and get rid of them, and she was freaked out.  But I actually think she got rid of at least some of them at the time. My condo is new, built after a massive hurricane in SW Florida in 2005. She had thought they could have been attached to the furniture ( place came furnished with either estate bought or Salvation Army type furniture) or the people who lived there before me were playing with Ouija Board. She wasn't sure. Either way, I dealt with the annoyance.  Recently my landlord moved me into a new unit. First floor, down about 10 units.  It seems as though ( at least one - no way to really tell ) of them has followed me to the new place.   I am going to have a nervous break down.  The major thing I was looking forward to about this move was being done with this. For 8 whole days, I thought I was - Then the bed shaking and feeling the little kid running around on the bed started again. NO - I didn't take one piece of furniture with me.  I bought ( and in the process of buying ) all new. I need to know how to make them ( him, her, it ) go away - let them know they can't follow me.  I can't have this with me for the rest of my life. I have done the burning of sage thing a million times - it actually seems to make things worse. I am really at the end of my rope. I don't sense them, I don't think I am sensitive in any way.  I just feel the obvious. I am pretty sure the thing that actually crawls on the bed is a child just by size perception and behavior analysis on my part.  Plus if I yell, he goes away for a while like a scared child. By his voice I estimate him at 4 or 5. I empathize. But I still want him gone.  Plus, if per chance he is alone, I don't want him bringing the others along. I haven't started taping in the new place. It will make it to real and true and I'm not ready for that to hit me in the face yet. Any help you could provide would be great - short of me moving to Iowa.  Even that may not help is what I'm afraid of.

Hello Debi,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings. People are not haunted by spirits, they are haunted by ghosts. I will help you with several of the issues that you have mentioned. I'll start at the error that you have already made and are about to make again. You are calling them!

  I realize that this error was unintentional and believe me it is a common error that many others have innocently made. When you go out of your way to attempt to photograph ghosts or to attempt to record audio phenomena such as RVPs [Recorded Voice Phenomena - the proper term for evp] you are in actuality opening the doors to the other side. In essence that is no different than using a ouija board. Anything that is used as a tool, even if it is as modern as a digital camera or voice recorder [I am willing to bet that you are using a smart phone - another error] is a tool that is being used to make contact with the realm of ghosts - in short, a digital ouija board so to speak.

  I am also willing to bet that you did not ask for protection from your spirit guides and guardians before or after opening the door. The request is not too late, but it must be sincere. If there is a part of you that wants to keep the contact going the guardians will stand aside and allow it to happen. They will not over ride your honest intentions.

  There is a chance that a ghost or two was attached to some of the furniture, most likely from the estate sale. Sometimes one gets more than they bargained for when they buy pre-owned goods. Material people in life find it hard to let go in death. However they would not follow you unless you took what they consider to still be theirs with you. So you can immediately rule them out.

  Could you have a child ghost with you? It is possible. it is equally possible that you also left him behind. One thing that you must consider is that you live in a wood frame [I'm taking a guess on that] multi-unit residence. That means that noises can travel. I have seen time and time again where people have thought they have recorded a phantom voice when the source was earthly but at the time their attention was directed elsewhere. I have witnessed people who have recorded their own voice as they mumble something and insist that it is paranormal. It is common. So unless your RVPs were taken in a controlled situation with proper equipment I would not place much value in them. The same goes for photos/videos, especially of 'orbs'. When one gets photos or videos of multiple orbs the cause is dust. Plain and simple. That is the unfortunate side effect of digital cameras. It has to do with the CCD or CMOS sensors and how they interpret light. The other major issue is focal length. A digital camera tries to mimic what one would get with a 35mm SLR. There is no way the average digital camera with a lens the size of a Smarty candy is going to equal the quality of a lens 1.5 inches in length. What I am getting at is that the situation may not be as bad as you think. There are likely rational reasons for the voice and diffidently a rational reason for any orb activity you have captured. [Besides dust other famous orbs are animal dander, human dander, small insects, plant pollen... just about anything that is small enough to escape being immediately noticed but close enough to a camera lens to reflect or bounce light back to the camera.] Most other paranormal evidence has an earthly cause or is the result of visual or auditory pareidolia.

  Burning sage, if done properly should not make things worse. It may not make things better, but not worse... unless it is done wrong. Sage is just part of the arsenal against unwanted house guests. The worst thing that you can do is to use religion against a ghost as in the majority of cases that will make things worse [exceptions do apply].

  I wouldn't put much concern about what the psychic said [or guessed]. Psychics are a dime a dozen, and even then I'd ask for change. There are those with true abilities, but they are few and far between.

  There is a possibility that a child ghost followed you. Usually they are attracted to other children, but will occasionally follow an adult [usually female]. I have read reports that children who were aborted will stay with who would have been their mother in life. I do not put much credence in that theory. However there is another possibility that could explain the playful presence you are encountering. And it might be difficult to get rid of. There is a good chance that you are being haunted by an animal! Dogs and cats are known to share an afterlife existence. If you have lost a pet in the past that is something to consider although sometimes an animal ghost will come with the property or belongings. The reason that they are harder to get rid of is , well, because they are animals. Humans one can reason with. Animal ghosts may account for most of the low shadows and more playful ghosts. The good news is that they are harmless, some have even protected their living owners. It may even be keeping more unsavory ghosts at bay.

Debi, I do not give out the methods of properly cleansing your atmosphere or protect oneself on a public page. I encourage you to write to me at
and I will get the information out to you. In the mean time, worrying and fretting about the situation will only make matters worse. Any ghost around will gain strength and you'll eventually wear out. Let's see what we can do about giving you back your home. I hope to hear from you personally.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

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