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Have you watched this show on APTN? I just saw an epsiode and was blown away. You must see it-'WDM Revisited". In summary, they were able to contact and learn the identity of a ghost in the western development museum using an EMF box one light flash for yes-two for no.. This man did in fact exist and was connected to Saskatchewan. (I wont give it away). Unfortunately, they felt they had to 'seal the box' before getting more info.
What they did learn was this ghost was aware he was dead, knew what was going on, could move around, was aware of humans and other spirits or entities, could hear humans, but could not see them. More information about what the spirit world is like!
Anyway, even if you don't watch this show, what do you think it the conditions are  like on the other side? Or are there many different levels?  Thanks and keep researching?

Hi Bud,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Ghosts and Hauntings with your questions. Believe it or not I do not watch much of the paranormal programs that are presented on television although I have been aware of the production of The Other Side for some time. I will have to wait for reruns before I can watch the episode that you mentioned as it has only recently aired. That being said, I have briefly met Bill C. one of the hosts briefly a few years back.

  The reason that I do not watch many of these programs is because you can only present the paranormal in so many ways before it gets old. It has been over done.  The parade is coming to the end, i.e. most major stations are pulling paranormal programming - and it is about time. Most programs on ghosts have done little more than take the credibility of honest research back to the fanaticism of the 19th century. Another reason I do not watch these types of programs is because most are geared for ratings. You know all of those names in the credits at the end of the program... well they are all expecting a pay cheque at the end of the month. No viewers, no sponsors... no sponsors, no pay cheque. I find it unfortunate that people outside of those involved in caring for the deceased should profit from them. Thirdly I do not appreciate programs that promote a "ghosthunter" attitude regarding the deceased.  And finally, I am too busy with academics and investigations and all that is involved to really give these programs much mind. Those in this area of study must pace themselves else they become fanatical paranormal junkies. I have a life; I have to keep an even keel.

  Now I am not familiar enough about this particular series to accuse it of any of the infractions that I listed above. I just want you to know the reasons why I have not paid any attention to this program to date. I'll take a look at some of the up coming episodes, and then form a more educated opinion based on what I see rather than what I assume. This show may not be like the other 90% of the other series from other networks.

  My group, the Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal and Parapsychology Research and Investigations use pretty much the same equipment as they use in the program. Actually, we also think outside the box and utilize experimental equipment as well. And we have obtained good results and compelling data. But so far despite the evidence, real evidence that suggests a life beyond life NO ONE has empirical PROOF of an afterlife. No one! Yes, we have compelling data that strongly suggests an afterlife. Suggestion is not proof. We have many theories from different avenues of study that suggest an afterlife. Theories are not proof. We have mediums and psychics who believe that they communicate with those in the afterlife. Belief is not proof. It is the lack of substantial, empirical proof that keeps organizations such as mine searching for the TRUTH - whatever that truth is, and then having the wisdom to accept that truth for what it is.

  What are the conditions like on the other side. Well what are the conditions like on this side? They are what you make them. Even more so due to the strong suggestion that free will without restraint rules supreme in the realm of the ghosts and in the realm of the spirits [in the light]. Free will can be a double edged sword.  

  Does the afterlife hold different "levels? The concept is not new. I have read Emanuel Swedenborg's 1758 book, 'De Caelo et Ejus Mirabilibus et de inferno, ex Auditis et Visis' and the suggestions of "levels" or stages of afterlife is presented. The concept is hardly new as one could consider Christ's words of His Father's house having many mansions may be a reference to "levels' in the afterlife. In fact the expression, "seventh heaven" is again a reference to different levels of a spiritual realm. I personally believe that there is some credence in the idea.

  Back to the program... The Chinese have a saying that states a person should do things three times. Once to try it, once to see if you tire of it quickly and once to see if you were mistaken. Based on that I won't have an opinion one way or another for another three weeks! Seriously, I'll give it a look. I hope that I have helped shed some light on your questions.

Take care,

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