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I am 20 years old. Since I was 7 I have seen a black mass and I believe it is still with me. I used to see it in the hallway of my childhood home. It is not a shadow person, there is no humanoid silhouette of any kind. It would just appear as a 8ft tall dense, huge, black mass and would fill up the entire hallway. It did not hide in the dark it stood there multiple times in broad daylight, long enough for me to stare at it head on. I always saw it in the daylight. It tormented me for 10 years, feeding off my energy and contributing to my fear and depression during the time of chaos and hostility in my life when my parents were divorcing and on drugs.

I am still afraid of the dark because of it, I slept with the TV and light on until I met my boyfriend at the age of 16. It used to turn lights on and off and fill up my cats water bowl with food and weird stuff like that. It also used to mimic me screaming to my dad when I wasn't home, he would hear my voice scream bloody murder.

Then I moved to Vegas when I was 14, after my mom went to prison for 17 1/2 years and I saw it once in the hallway. When I was 16 I moved here to California and in broad day light, it appeared as a black ball the size of a softball and it flew toward me and went past my head and into the wall like a small, black whiffle ball. It made a noise like wind whistling thru the air. My cats jumped up and chased it.

Then I moved in with my boyfriend and one night he and his friend saw a silhouette of a black figure sitting on the couch. I was 2 months pregnant and my boyfriend and I were the only ones home. We were both in the bathroom because I had morning sickness, and again in BROAD DAYLIGHT we heard a loud "Boom!" We walk into the living room and my couch had been flipped, but it wasn't flipped backward or forward, it was standing straight up and down like it had been pushed up onto it's side. Again this was in the daytime.

Months later we woke up one morning to discover that it BENT my car key in HALF to where it snapped! I asked it to please not do that again to me, but then the next night after I had my new key made, it bent it again! And that time to my key that was in the car, the time before it was in the house. But this time it only bent it to the point to where it was about to snap, but didn't. This time I could bend it back into place. Also, it used to mess with the sheet that we had hanging in our living room doorway, it would move it back and forth as if a finger was behind the sheet poking the sheet out one way, then it would do the same thing back the other way as if someone was switching back and forth from one side of the sheet to the other and poking it with their finger.

Recently it mimicked my voice to my brother when I was not there, my brother texted me panicked asking if I was okay because he heard me screaming his name at his house! That hasn't happened since I was a young child. The activity will stop for a long time like, a year or two, so I think its gone then it does random stuff out of no where. One night, about 6 months ago, it started knocking on my bedroom wall when I was home alone and my boyfriend was at work. It began mimicking my boyfriend coming home repeatedly. I heard the car pull up and the front door open and foot steps walking in over and over until I stopped caring. My dogs were flipping out! They both were following it with their eyes watching the same thing, they were very worried.

Just two nights ago my brother stayed the night and saw this black thing moving down my hallway, which is scary because I have not seen it in 5 years. I thought it was gone and that I was crazy. I thought it was all in my head, until my brother just saw it. I asked him if it was the same thing from our house in Phoenix when we were kids, and he said yes it was the exact same thing.

There is a lot more to this, but its hard to explain. It keeps me anxious and guilty all the time and makes it difficult to feel positive. It feels like it takes too much energy to be positive. It psychology affects me in many many ways, more then I can count. I didn't believe it and just pretended I was crazy until I did a lot of research. I had a miscarriage, and have had constant problems with money, my family, cars, my boyfriend and addiction. It is hard for me to eat for long periods of time, then extremely hungry for periods of time.

What it has done to me psychologically is constant, more than anything physical its ever done. My anxiety, lack of motivation, anger with my family and panic attacks are because of it. Also I have frequent sleep paralysis where I am fully aware but cannot move.

Although I'm still growing spiritually despite its attempts to keep me down. I believe I am very spiritual and am into the law of attraction, love and light. I am sent here to save animals and change the world. Thank you for hearing me out and giving advice! I really don't know what to do.

Dear Shealee,
      How are you feeling now? I am not sure it is a paranormal activity or not. In my believe and knowledge sometimes certain energies in the nature can affect us positively and negatively. in your case you went through a lot of negative things when you were young. So it is possible that all that sufferings and sadness brings some negative energy attached to you or your spirit. Hearing things and moving light objects are possible by energies in nature. This just a possibility or an opinion.
      The second possible explanation is that you have call to learn the energies and powers of nature. If that's the case it will continue until you show some interest.
      Bending your keys are very strange and ninety  nine percent it is not a paranormal activity and unfortunately i do not have an answer for it.
      There is a way to get rid of unwanted energy from a person's life and it is not hard. It's more like cleansing your mind and body. It takes nine days to do, but it is very effective. First I need your Date of birth and Birth time to see what is the best for you. Also I can understand more about life if you can provide me your parents date of births and time. Feel free to contact me anytime. (Suggestion only: Practicing some yoga will help your mind to relax and understand more about yourself.) Don't forget to pray to God everyday. r.
         God bless you

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