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My family moved to this home 3 years ago. In this time doors have shut and I have seen a very tall dark shadow moving from room to room. I have horrible dreams and have repeatedly woke up saying get out. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and it seems that things have increased. My 7 year old son talks to an imaginary friend named Jeremy. My 5 year old daughter was sitting right in front of me while I was studying for a test one day. When I got up to fix us lunch she had a mark on her arm and we could not figure out where it came from. A week ago I was sleeping I woke up to see the dark shadow above my stomach. At first I thought it was my husband crossing over me. I laid there for a few seconds before I realized he was sleeping next to me. I sat up gasping for air which woke him up. The shadow just slid back and was gone. His grandmother gave me a jar of holy water. Yesterday I sprinkled the water as I walked around the house praying. This morning my husband and son were gone and my five year old daughter and I were eating breakfast. The house was completely silent with no TV's on. There was a loud deep voice that said GET AWAY. My daughter and I both looked at each other shocked. She asked who was here with us hiding in the house. I walked around and checked the house. I am currently looking for a new house. My questions are can this follow us to a new house? Will this harm us? What could this be???

Hello Amy,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your questios. The concerns that you have about the activity are just. However, I do not believe that you or your family will be in any danger once you have moved. I'll explain by giving you a profile of the ghost that seems dominant in your current home.

  I can sum up the likelihood of this entity following you to a new residence in two words, "GET AWAY". This indicates to me that this ghost does not want you around. It does not want people in general around. When ghosts display an attitude towards being a hermit, so to speak, then it wants to keep to itself. It sees you and your family as intruders. It will see anyone in it's space as intruders. Therefore, the last thing that it will do is to tag along with people when it prefers solitude. I will go as far as to say that while alive this person was not a "people person" and likely despised children. As in life, so in death. Once the residence is empty, this ghost's ambition will have been accomplished and it will be happy. Once the home has residents again it will be back to it's antics. Whether those antics are noticed or not will depend on the new residents.

  Ghosts like yours are territorial. Like a jungle cat, it has marked it's territory and woe to those who trespass upon it. In all likelihood, this ghost is alone in the home where-as in the majority of cases, if one ghost is present there are usually a few "groupies" in the background. This ghost's attitude is such that the ghosts are likely afraid of this ghost.

  I will say that his presence has made itself known by the energy that it is feeding off of in your home. The biological, physiological and psychological changes that are occurring as a result of your pregnancy is what it is feeding from and what has given it the extra boost to become noticed. It has probably been in the home for quite some time and has not had the energy until now to become active. Depending on who has lived in your home prior to you, he may have made himself known before. I can not say for certain unless I had input from the other residents. Anyway, hormonal changes in a person has been known to start activity. Examples of this occur in cases of Stress Induced Psychokinesis [SIPK] and of Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis [RSPK]. Both are examples of poltergeist-like activity that are caused by a living agent. I do not feel that this is the situation for you as you have had children before. So stress, although present, did not cause you problems in the past. This activity is bordering on actual poltergeist activity meaning that it is being caused by an entity.

  I must warn you to put the holy water away. It is a common error for people to use holy water or other religious icons to rid themselves of such an entity. You have no idea of how many "experts" in this field will put their religious beliefs ahead of what is the truth and tell people to throw religion in the face of such an entity. It has been documented for a hundred years that doing so does little more than to make the situation worse. I do not blame you for doing so - after all if you were an expert in this field you would not have contacted me. By all means if you wish to use religion as a personal defense do so. Keep it all private and internal and not directed towards the entity. Pray for yourself and your family but not to rid your home of the entity. Remember to him it is his home, not yours, and attempting to kick him out will tick him off. Doing so with religion will only add to the fuel, especially if he is without any, or of another faith. You may wish to use the holy water to mark a cross over your stomach at night. Again, what ever you do keep it personal.

  Also ask your spirit guides, guardians and gate-keepers [astral bouncers] for continued protection. Personally invoke the protection of Michael the archangel as well. Above all else, try not to play into his hands by feeding him with fear, stress and worries. The calmer you are the less he has to feed on. Tell him out loud that you are moving and until you do so if he would consider calming down so that you can do so. It may work.

  I have a feeling that the person that your son is speaking to is the same entity presenting as someone else. That is a common ghost trick. It is meant to 1- cause stress and 2- separate families. It creates alliances. When your child encounters this specter, tell him to immediately walk away, tell you and then occupy him with something to keep his mind off of it. Also tell him that you will be moving and that "Jeremy" will stay behind to live in your current house. This will build up a belief that your son can put into his subconscious mind helping him to keep the ghost behind. I would not be surprised if there has also been tension between family members resulting in an increase in arguments. Another ploy to create stress for food.

  Amy, if you could, would you write to me personally at
and I will send you information on how to invoke protection. I do not put that information on this public web site. I hope that this reply has helped to abate most of your concerns. You have nothing to fear about this ghost following you to a new home. Please let me know immediately if the situation worsens or dramatically changes. I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

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