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QUESTION: I have, since I was little always hallucinated, someone calling my name. It was always a feminine voice, resembling my mother's voice, except that, every time I'd ask my mum if she had called me, she would simply say "no". Then I moved to Australia and we found an older house to live in. First, it started about two to three years ago. as I was starting to fall asleep, I would "see" (while my eyes were closed) something like a table tennis ball flying towards me. I would feel it and hear it colliding with my forehead. A while later, my dad experienced something rather strange, a few days before his accident, he had a series of warning dreams. My mother, who has been a long time skeptic of the whole ghost and paranormal thing saw two white forms, about the size of  six to seven year old children playing in her room. Around that time, my dad also saw a "child" climbing on his bed, and as he spoke, run to my sister's bed (in the same room). He thought it was my sister who woke up, so he went to check on her and she was sound asleep. After that, as I was asleep, I was awakened by a  mechanical voice, I couldn't make out what it said, I saw a bright orange background with a black spot in the middle. I couldn't breathe for a bit, then I regained breath and I was panting. rather strange considering i was sleeping. Also, quite often, I can hear the floor in my room creak when no one's walking on it. I am trying to understand what is happening to me and if there is a solution for my problem. Thank you for your time,



ANSWER: Hi Vincent,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. It does sound as if there is a haunting happening in your home. There is also the possibility that there may be a hidden psychic ability that seems to run in your family although it appears that you are unaware of it.

  I can offer no comment on the female voice that you heard when you were younger with the amount of information that you gave. Without more to go on I have to fall back on the assumption that it was indeed an audio hallucination as you suggest. Unfortunately there is no way of turning back the clock to see what was really occurring so we'll leave it at that.

  You mention two other incidences where you saw something while in bed. That is the common thread - that you were in bed on both occasions [the tennis ball episode and the black spot episode]. Again, without more to go on I must default to the conclusion that both episodes may have been due to either a hypnagogic or a hypnopompic hallucination. However with the tennis ball episode I do have to question if you were not having an opening of the so called "third eye" as the area where you say you got "hit" does correspond to the psychic center also known as the head chakra or in physiological terms, the pineal gland. With the black spot episode I have to question if the cause may have been due to sleep apnea where you were having difficulty breathing and awoke. The lack of oxygen may have caused the black spot as well as the panting for air upon wakening. If there was a lack of oxygen then there is also the chance that carbon dioxide was accumulating in the blood stream and subsequently the brain. A build up of CO2 can cause an altered state of consciousness and can actually result in a "trip". Some people deliberately practice methods of increasing CO2 levels for such an experience - different strokes for different folks!

  The reason that I stated that your family may have hidden psychic abilities is due to your fathers premonitions and that both he and your mother have seen the apparition of what are likely ghosts. People who are more sensitive to the psychical are more apt to see ghosts.I believe that the children that were witnessed are active ghosts and not residual phenomena as they seem aware of their surroundings.

  If there are no earthly reasons for the creaking of the floor boards such as expansion and contraction of the flooring and/or substructure then you may well have a haunting - apparently by a couple of youngsters. You have nothing to fear from these ghosts. Child ghosts are for the most part harmless although, as children can be, they can sometimes act rowdy and attention seeking. It is common for younger ghosts to not realize that they have died if they passed before they had cognitive awareness of the concept of "death". Understanding of the actuality of death develops with age, maturity and education/experience. The ghosts you describe seem too young to have the knowledge needed to know that they have died or that there is anything out of the ordinary regarding their situation.  Therefore, to them, there is nothing extraordinary about their existence or activities. They have merely adapted to their situation.

  It is usual for children ghosts to come into the home where there are children. Most will leave when the children of the home grow up. That may have been what brought the ghosts into the home in the first place. Why they stay is something only they know.

  I feel sorry for the ghosts of children the most and they do deserve to be helped. It is best if they are lead to the light from their side of the veil. You may request that the spirit guides and guardians of the children come to take their charges home into the white light. This may take time and several requests may have to be made. You might also ask that your spirit guides help in any way that they can to accomplish the rescue. Do make certain that you establish that you only want help from the beings of the pure white light. Keeping the rescue simple without a lot of pomp and circumstance is best when dealing with young ghosts as they will not understand ceremony much. Remember that you are dealing with six or seven year olds - the fact that they are "dead" is incidental. If repeated attempts fail then you may have to go with a more detailed rescue or just accept the ghosts as who they are and share your home with them.

  I must warn you that whenever you attempt to approach the realm of the ghosts for any reason that you ask for the protection of your guides, guardians and gate keepers of the pure white light. The process is as simple as asking. Ask them to keep you, your family and your property safe from any and all malicious and malevolent beings. Ask that they surround you, yours and your home in a protective bubble of white light. Better safe that sorry.

  Vincent, all in all I do not feel that you have anything to worry about regarding your ghosts. I would pity them more than fear them. They are lost and alone, trapped in a realm where they do not belong. If you feel that I can be of any more assistance please let me know. I'm here to help.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I thank you for the insight you gave me. I really wish I could remember more about the calling "hallucinations", however, it hasn't happened in years, and I personally cannot remember much more about it. On the other hand, I can say that the tennis ball incident happened quite frequently and each time I'd wake up in shock and fear, through it never felt like a threatening experience. The orange light and the mechanical voice, again I wish I had more information but I don't want to think too much about it as I might find myself inventing false memories. My father has always told me, back when we were in Mauritius that he always felt a presence in his bed room. However the presence he felt always felt comforting, and when he awakened in the middle of the night, or when he woke up in the morning, he could hear footsteps in the house, leading to the stairs and hear our front door close. My dad's side of the family: both his brother and his sister have strange dreams. His brother is able to sometimes see good fortune in his dreams, and his sister, should she dream of someone, that person has most likely passed away by the morning. But my dad never really had that sort of dreams before. I forgot to mention an important part of his dreams leading up to his accident. He was told by his old friend, who died a few years before to get rid of the car and leave Melbourne. but back to my room, there have been multiple instances where i could hear things fall from tables and shelves when nothing physical could have touched them, and in some of those instances, I'd look on the floor to see what might have fallen and I'd discover that nothing had even moved. thank you for your time,

Hi Vincent,

  Thank you for the additional information. When there are multiple psychical and paranormal events happening it can be difficult to distinguish between what is a normal occurrence and what is beyond the scope of normal. The lines can become blurred. When a ghost is present the common reaction by most people is to start to make the ghost the scapegoat for every little thing that happens. Common sense and rationality get pushed aside. I am glad to see that you have not lost your perspective on this. You seem to be handling the episodes with logic and maturity.

  The noises that you hear are indicative of ghostly activity. Other things that you mentioned support that. If the ghost were of a mean disposition you would have known it by now.

  It does indeed appear that your family has a gift of premonition. When one possesses a true inborn psychic ability they are more likely to notice the activity of ghosts. Psychic ability seems to run in families. I would make it a habit to remind your spirit guides and guardians to keep you and yours protected as a precaution. However I agree with you one hundred percent when you state that you do not want to over think things. There is nothing to be gained by doing so.

  Remember to keep me in mind should you have any further concerns or questions in the future. I am glad that I was able to shed some light on this.

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