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My name is Kay and as long as I can remember I have been haunted by a child named Caroline. She has done things like make my music boxes play and moving items around. I have had three serious relationships and every time the guy has been so freaked out by seeing a child and moving or missing items(i.e. keys, books and shavers) that they have broken off the relationship and wanted nothing to do with me. I have recently moved in with my fiancee and now after four years of nothing she has followed me to his house and is making him think that he is going insane. I have learned to deal with it but it makes me wonder if she is upset about my relationship or just angry. I have in the past two month had glasses fly off the counter and items move from the basement to the closet in the basement. She has scared my fiancee while he has been in the basement. The only thing I can think is that since all of my possessions are in the basement that is where she is except when I bring my family photo book up to show friends my family history or get a picture for my mother. There are no pictures of her and no family history of her. The only other thing I can think is that I have always had dreams of this house in 1700 England and a family ripped apart. I have written about it in my diary and drawn pictures of the house. My family just thinks it has always been an overactive imagination. Can you please help me? I have run out of places to turn.

Hello Kay,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. There may be more than one explanation for the occurrences that are happening to you and being witnessed by those around you, particularly those of whom you are in serious relationships with. I am going to go with my first hunch, that being that the activity may be caused by SIPK [Stress Induced Psychokinesis]. SIPK is phenomena that is poltergeist-like and may mimic a haunting. That is not to say that there may not be the ghost of a child attached to you, as apparently the apparition of a child has been seen. It is not uncommon for different types of paranormal and/or psychical phenomena to happen to one person or be located to one location. When that happens it is usually the "ghost" that gets all of the credit [or blame] for the activity, an astral scapegoat so to speak.

  First, let me explain SIPK as it may relate to you. From what I gather, nobody in your immediate circle of family and friends seem to have witnessed your activity. The activity seems to be specific to either you or someone you are in a deep relationship with.[To save time I will hereon refer to those romantic encounters as "X"] Being in close relationships can be stressful. It is important to realize that even positive changes cause stress [eustress] along with negative changes [distress]. In some people, stress builds up and can release itself as psychic energy. Usually it is an abrupt burst of energy, rather like a psychic sneeze, but it can also be drawn out. You will have to sit down and contemplate your feelings and emotions regarding your current relationship and explore your feelings, both good and bad. Anxiety and fear of commitment, however repressed, may be factors. If this is the case, and SIPK is involved, you may be subconsciously scaring off all of the "X" people. This may be why nobody else is witness to the activity - you are not in "X" relationships with them. The "X" factor does seem to be the common thread. And can the apparition of a ghost result from SIPK? Yes, the "ghost" may be a psychic projection by you, and may even represent you.

  I want to touch on this briefly as a possibility for the activity, albeit a rare occurrence. If stress, anxiety, fears and what have you are underlying factors there is a possibility that you are unconsciously [not subconsciously] moving the items yourself. This is more of a psychological action than a paranormal one. There are cases where people do things without being aware of doing them. "Mediums" have been caught throwing stones and moving objects without conscious awareness of doing so and then blaming the ghosts for the activity. Perhaps you are feeling apprehension during your "X" relationships, and you are acting out unaware as a defense or safety mechanism.

  Now let's move on to the assumption that all of what is happening is being caused by the ghost of a disincarnate child. This is a possibility. If I were to profile the ghost, jealousy would be the main emotion that this ghost projects when you are in "X" relationships. But if a ghost were responsible it would only make sense that she be jealous from the very get go of any relationship, not just the ones where the bond between you and "X" become close. A jealous ghost would be jealous of any close relationship such as those between you and family and you and close female friends. This is not the case with your ghost [which points me back to SIPK].  

  If a child ghost is present, we have to ask why is she attached to you? Despite your dreams of a 16th century house I am going to say that this ghost is fairly modern. When a child ghost is attracted to someone there is usually a bond. Sometimes it is a deceased twin or other sibling that passed in infancy or birth that the living child was never told about. Sometimes, it is a the soul of an aborted child or one that was stillborn of the person being haunted [I'm not big on that theory as apparently ghosts do not age and mature as spirits can - and spirits do not haunt]. Sometimes a person is followed home by a ghost - if they have spent any time in a hospital for example.

  Kay, I cannot help but to think that this is a case of SIPK. My reasoning is that this "ghost" is not an attention seeker unless the "X" factor is present. As she is not seeking attention from you on an ongoing basis, she can hardly be jealous of losing it when you are in a relationship - no more than I can be jealous of you. The common factors are you, a loved one, and a close committed relationship.

  I would ask that you get back to me with a follow up reply as I am only assessing your situation from the information that you have supplied thus far, and I may be way out in left field with my opinion. If there is more activity that has happened that you consider being caused by a ghost, I will need to know. I do, however, feel that the situation as described is more parapsychological, psychological and psychical than paranormal in nature. If there is anymore that I can help you with, please contact me and I'll look into it. Until then, take care and don't let stresses get to you.


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