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Hi there, I really hope you can help me figure this out.  A few weeks ago my mom had an encounter with what we believe to be an incubus demon. In her sleep, she said she felt herself being caressed by what felt like a human and at one point she felt it penetrate her, she said it felt loving and amazing, not at all violent. She's never had sexual dreams before and she said it felt so real, nothing like even her most realistic dreams. Also, she was at a point of being half asleep and half awake, she said she had just had a dream where she was putting cuffs on someone and she woke up as something grabbed her hands and moved them.  After this we did research and found out a lot about the incubus and everything seemed to fit. Even though she enjoyed it while it was happening she felt really gross afterwards. The next night something started happening again, she felt her sheets move up on her leg and something rubbing her leg, but she started praying and it stopped. This happened again the very next night. After this however, nothing has happened. I'm thinking she cast it away but it seems like it was too easy. The thing that's concerning me is after her attacks, she's been a lot more drained lately. When she's at home she's always falling asleep during the day, she'll have plans to get all this stuff done but after eating she'll just fall into this drowsiness and nap all day. She's been complaining about it because she's not tired like that at work and it only seems to be when she's alone. She has a lot to get done and is very frustrated that she keeps sleeping all day even though she has no desire to. She wasn't like this until after the attacks, do you think demons could be trying to attack her in a different way since they couldn't get her sexually? Or is this related in any way? And if this is demon related, what can she do to get rid of it? For more back up info on her, she's dealt with depression before and has been taking medication for over a year which has helped dramatically, she's divorced and hasn't dated in quite a while so she is lonely and she does have a relationship with god, but not as strong as she would like. Thank you so so much for any help or advice, I'm sorry this was so lengthy.

Hi Brianna,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns regarding your mother and the problems she went through. I am going to give you the most logical explanations possible. There are others on this web site who will be glad to exploit the para-normality of the situation and a few who will take hold of the "demon" aspect and blow it completely out of proportion. If you have a need to have a "spooky" justification then you may wish to contact them for a second - and definitely a different, opinion.

  Bells and whistles immediately go off in my head as soon as I see that the situation is bed related. It is because of the amount of reports of various phenomena that occurs while one is in bed that I have studied the science, physiology, psychology and disorders of sleep in my overall studies of the paranormal and parapsychology. I have also studied mental disorders for pretty much the same reason, to expand my knowledge of what is "normal" to help me differentiate between that and the para-normal. Therefore, I will also expound on the possibility that the depression your mother is going through may in part be a reason for the events.

 The phrase that you used to describe the first "attack" is important, "...she was at a point of being half asleep and half awake, she said she had just had a dream...". This indicates to me, and likely to others familiar with the symptoms, that your mother was in a hypnopompic state [akin to a hypnagogic state but occurring coming out of a sleep stage rather than sleep onset]. Medically, this is classified as a Sleep-Wake Transition Disorder.  Bear in mind that being half wake is not being fully, functionally, awake. The sense of an entity, usually demonic,  is not at all uncommon during a hypnopompic hallucination, as are feelings of being touched. These types of hallucinations can be extremely vivid. This realism attributes the apparent assaults by "paranormal" entities as an actual event. [Nielsen, 1991; Hufford, 1982; Fukuda/Inugami, 1987].

  Although your mother may not remember dreams of a sexual nature they most likely occur if she is otherwise in good health. Whether they are remembered or not, or repressed, is another matter. Women become sexually aroused at night just as men do although the outward indications are not as, shall we say, obvious. Measurements taken by vaginal pulse amplitude [VPA] tests of female genital arousal during sleep indicate this in one study [Rogers / et. al., 1985].
A continuation of a sex theme, remembered upon waking or not, may be a major cause of the incident reported by your mother.

  It appears that this short lived series of events is acute in nature and not a chronic condition. Therefore, one would have to look at the circumstances at the time of the occurrences that may have triggered the issue. Triggers can include stress and/or anxiety. A brief change in sleep habits or patterns may be a cause of isolated incidents as can chronic sleep disorder. Interactions with drugs can be a factor. This leads to the possibility that the depression and the medication may have had a contributory effect.

  Depending on the type of medication used in your mothers treatment, the neurotransmitters of the brain and the biochemical reactions of the same will be affected. Serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan levels are changed and the result may not only be changes in sleep but also psychical type hallucination. Actually, DMT is a drug from the tryptamine family that has been used to induce "spiritual" encounters and experiences. Some of the research of this drug was actually done in the name of science, and the rest, well....

  Brianna, in honesty and in my opinion, your mother is not being subjected to a demonic assault on any level except perhaps in her own mind, where incidentally most demonic attacks occur - in the imagination. Fuel this by the fact that the research you did lead you down the wrong path - toward a "spooky" cause and not a scientific one and one begins to assume that the explanation of incubus attack has merit. The problem can then escalate due to suggestion and subconscious conditioning which will result in convincing oneself that they are under demonic attack and even possession - all self induced.

  Should the problem persist I would highly suggest that your mother get in contact with her doctor to rule out adverse drug effects. This should always be your first line of defense when psychological or physiological conditions exist. When the normal has been ruled out, and the normal can seem strange at times, then seek answers and solutions from the paranormal field.

  Please write to me directly at
and I will get you out some information on how your mother can protect herself in the event that there is some underlying entity influence present. I would not use religion at this time to rid the home of any negative energy, it seldom works and often backfires making matters worse.

  If there is anything else that you feel that I can do to help you in this situation please let me know. I hope that this has helped shed some light on what has happened to your mother.

Warm regards,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings

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